Rejuvenation guest

Ms. Nibedita, 14-04-19

Having been a regular at ayurvedic spas wherever I go, I got this from google search. Once I availed their services, I became sure it's the best one. The staff, ambiance, products, location and everything else is simply amazing. It's a delight to visit them and you always look forward to your next visit. However, I haven't any idea about doctors, whom I have never consulted.

It's worth your time, money and more importantly your health. Wonderful job guys, God bless.

Slip disc / disc herniation patient

Mr. Rajinder, Hyderabad, 24-03-19

Slip Disk Problem- Blessed to get cured from Charaka Ayurveda. I am sharing my experience so that other people can also get benefited from Charaka Ayurvedic Treatment. I was suffering from acute lower back pain and pain was radiating to my full left leg, my left leg was getting numbness with the continuous pain. It was so painful that I could not stand or sit straight. As per my MRI report it was a case of Slip Disk L5, S1. Doctors at Apollo Jubliee Hills and other Ortho doctors also recommended for Spine Surgery.

Came to know about Charaka Ayurveda through my friend and started my treatment. Doctor Shri. M. Chadra Shekhar ji at Charaka is very experienced and detailed with the treatment. After my 47 days of Panchkarma treatment, I am recovered 95% and able continue with my daily routine work with some precautions. The treatment is very scientific and the therapists are very experienced.

My sincere thanks to the entire team of Charaka for their support, I know what mentor depression I went through during the initial days and how they worked with me for my recovery. Thank you again sir.

Infertility Patient

Anil, Hyderabad, 31-01-2019

My wife was having urinary tract infection, we were taking allopathic treatment for more than a year. It was reduced but not completely cured. Also, I was having low sperm motility. Because of these reasons my wife was unable to conceive.

We thought of trying Ayurveda and came to know about Charaka. We consulted Dr Soujanya and Dr Chandrashekhar, they prescribed some medicines for both me and my wife. It took only 1.5 month to get the result and my wife was able to conceive. She faced no difficulties during pregnancy and had a normal delivery. We are blessed with a baby boy. He is now 4.5 months old and is very active and healthy.

We are very much satisfied with the treatment. Sincere thanks to Dr Chandrashekhar and Dr Soujanya.

Muscular Dystrophy Patient

Niraj, Hyderabad, 15-01-2019

“I have came to know about Charaka from one of my friend who was taking the treatment there. I have visited for consultation for my chronic (muscular dystrophy) condition . The experience has been brilliant and the results are great. Dr. Chandra Sekhar (Chief Vaidya) is an expert and can put you on best possible treatment for such illnesses. He monitors the treatment in person to ensure the best results. I used to go to many reputed hospitals before for treatment but the condition was progressive and after starting the medication at Charaka my condition is Stable, it’s been now an year. The current facility is fantastic and so are the therapists. I strongly recommend charaka to all who is suffering from chronic conditions.”

Diabetes Patient

Mr. Praveen, Andhrapradesh, 19-01-2019

At first I don’t have a good opinion on Ayurveda but I took my father who is diabetic to Charaka and to my surprise I have seen positive result. I know that allopathy will have negative effects for sure but I trusted that it will give result but later I came to know that it will have huge side effects when someone use it for long time. But Ayurveda is not that kind. The results were slow but worth it. No loss in strength and you look more healthier. Dr Chandra Sekhar gaaru is a very cool man and will guide you in every aspect. If you are looking for the better treatment for your problem, give a try. You never regret. But the medicines are quite expensive but not more than allopathy meds. I personally loved the ambience 


Disc Protrusion patient

Ms. Nisha, Hyderabad, 13-12-2018

I had problem in L4 L5 disc i had a disc bulge and was in very critical stage i got treatment done in charaka ayurveda hospital for 45 days had gt amazing results happy with the treatment and service thank you charaka hospital for such a great service

Slip Disc / PCOD / Hypothyroid Patient

Lakshmi Aparna, Hyderabad, 01-12-2018

I was experiencing severe back ache which wouldn't subside on taking rest, I suspected it to be something more than normal back ache. On my next appointment with doctor I informed him about the pain [I had already undergone treatment for PCOS (which is now cured 


) and currently undergoing treatment for thyroid at Charaka]. He then diagnosed it accurately and on doing MRI scan it confirmed that I had two mild disc bulges in the neck and excessive curvature of spine. Doctor suggested 40 day Panchakarma treatment) which I undertook as I knew Doctor would cure it. I started recovering fairly from the 2nd week but being me I did mess up a little in between by over-straining myself. Doctor then told me to be careful during the treatment period as your body is quite sensitive at that time. After shirodhara and pizhichil sessions I felt major relief of about 50% and slowly the pain started reducing further. By the end of last week I was relieved upto 85%. Now its 2 months since the treatment and I have been relieved upto 90% (I know I should've recovered by now but my bad! Too much of strain). Hopefully in another month or two I'll recover completely. 
Apart from all of this, Dr. Chandrashekhar is one of the very few doctors in these days who are dedicated to their profession and honest with their patients. I am extremely thankful to him for the treatment and the motivation that he gives me (as I tend to get depressive and extremely stressed up quite sometimes 


) . Also, thanks to all the staff who have been extremely supportive and caring


Ankylosing Spondylitis / Slip Disc patient

Ms. Sharanya, Hyderabad, 26-11-2018

Treatment for ankylosing spondylitis and slip disc i have a severe pain due to my ankylosing spondylitis and i am unable to stand or walk... and i have visited many orthropedic hospitals where i have take several pain killers and injections which treat me temporarily but as the dose completes i face the similar pain i have heard about charaka hospital and consulted the doctor. chandra shekhar..he immediately noticed my problem and treated me.. i took 90 days treatment..but i can see my improvement after 10 days from the starting date of my treatment.. the staff there were very helpful... although unlike many other ayurvedha hospitals they maintain their cleanliness and hygiene ... it has been 6 month now from my treatment and i am not facing any issues..i highly recommend tis people..i have selected tis hospital by seeing the reviews of this hospital as such i want to let u all know my experience from charaka..


Osteo arthritis patient

Mrs. K Kumari, Hyderabad, 30-10-2018

I have been visiting Charaka for the last 6 years. The experience has been great and the results are miraculous. Dr. Chandra Sekhar is the best that I have ever met in Ayurveda. I used to go to Kerala before for treatment and after starting here, I did not feel the need any longer. The current facility is fantastic and so are the therapists. I strongly recommend charaka to all Of those who look for long term and no side affects treatment.

Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient

Rohith, Andhrapradesh, 26-09-2018

"I got to know of Charaka and Dr. Chandrasekhar while browsing for Ayurvedic treatment in Hyderabad. I went through the numerous testimonials and decided to give it a try. I was suffering from pain in my lower back and SI joints which was quite irregular. There were about 4 instances of such severe pain in the last 10yrs which became a little more frequent starting Feb' 18. My symptoms included stiffness in the lower back, pain in the SI joints, stiffness in the chest area in the mornings which would subside during the day, and reduced appetite. 

I was pretty impressed with the facility on my first visit itself - friendly staff, beautiful interiors, relaxing music in the background, airy and lit rooms, the whole ambience is soothing. I met with the doctor and since my HLAB27 test was positive, I was treated on the lines of Ankylosing Spondylitis. After assessing my condition, I was prescribed Panchakarma Therapy for a period of 2 months along with medication and very strict diet, the reason being certain foods cause inflammation and avoiding them is a must. The treatment was done in a professional manner by therapists who are warm and friendly. The treatment lasted 64 days and I am currently taking medicines. I was prescribed the same strict diet for another six months after which the restrictions would be lifted depending on my condition. It's been a month since I completed the treatment and so far I am feeling good. Although it is too early to tell, I believe the treatment and care given would help me come through this. I will revisit to detail my progress after six months. 

In the end, a few words about the doctor. Dr. Chandrasekhar is a very friendly doctor and easily approachable. He is always ready to answer your queries very patiently and inspires confidence in his patients. I have seen many people recover from more severe conditions because of his skill and care. I would definitely recommend Charaka to my near and dear."