Mr. Rajinder, Hyderabad, 24-03-19

Slip Disk Problem- Blessed to get cured from Charaka Ayurveda. I am sharing my experience so that other people can also get benefited from Charaka Ayurvedic Treatment. I was suffering from acute lower back pain and pain was radiating to my full left leg, my left leg was getting numbness with the continuous pain. It was so painful that I could not stand or sit straight. As per my MRI report it was a case of Slip Disk L5, S1. Doctors at Apollo Jubliee Hills and other Ortho doctors also recommended for Spine Surgery. Came to know about Charaka Ayurveda through my friend and started my treatment. Doctor Shri. M. Chadra Shekhar ji at Charaka is very experienced and detailed with the treatment. After my 47 days of Panchkarma treatment, I am recovered 95% and able continue with my daily routine work with some precautions. The treatment is very scientific and the therapists are very experienced. My sincere thanks to the entire team of Charaka for their support, I know what mentor depression I went through during the initial days and how they worked with me for my recovery. Thank you again sir.

Diabetes Patient

Mr. Praveen, Andhrapradesh, 19-01-2019

At first I don’t have a good opinion on Ayurveda but I took my father who is diabetic to Charaka and to my surprise I have seen positive result. I know that allopathy will have negative effects for sure but I trusted that it will give result but later I came to know that it will have huge side effects when someone use it for long time. But Ayurveda is not that kind. The results were slow but worth it. No loss in strength and you look more healthier. Dr Chandra Sekhar gaaru is a very cool man and will guide you in every aspect. If you are looking for the better treatment for your problem, give a try. You never regret. But the medicines are quite expensive but not more than allopathy meds. I personally loved the ambience 


Disc Protrusion patient

Ms. Nisha, Hyderabad, 13-12-2018

I had problem in L4 L5 disc i had a disc bulge and was in very critical stage i got treatment done in charaka ayurveda hospital for 45 days had gt amazing results happy with the treatment and service thank you charaka hospital for such a great service

Ankylosing Spondylitis / Slip Disc patient

Ms. Sharanya, Hyderabad, 26-11-2018

Treatment for ankylosing spondylitis and slip disc i have a severe pain due to my ankylosing spondylitis and i am unable to stand or walk... and i have visited many orthropedic hospitals where i have take several pain killers and injections which treat me temporarily but as the dose completes i face the similar pain i have heard about charaka hospital and consulted the doctor. chandra shekhar..he immediately noticed my problem and treated me.. i took 90 days treatment..but i can see my improvement after 10 days from the starting date of my treatment.. the staff there were very helpful... although unlike many other ayurvedha hospitals they maintain their cleanliness and hygiene ... it has been 6 month now from my treatment and i am not facing any issues..i highly recommend tis people..i have selected tis hospital by seeing the reviews of this hospital as such i want to let u all know my experience from charaka..


Osteo arthritis patient

Mrs. K Kumari, Hyderabad, 30-10-2018

I have been visiting Charaka for the last 6 years. The experience has been great and the results are miraculous. Dr. Chandra Sekhar is the best that I have ever met in Ayurveda. I used to go to Kerala before for treatment and after starting here, I did not feel the need any longer. The current facility is fantastic and so are the therapists. I strongly recommend charaka to all Of those who look for long term and no side affects treatment.