Multiple health concerns - Family

Mrs. Radha rani, Hyderabad, 08-09-2019

A Holistic approach in the treatment. We consider doctor Chandra sekhar as " God " in disguise. Charaka should be the first choice when anybody wants an alternative medicine without side effects.

(Slip Disc / Radiculopathy / Osteoarthritis patient)

Mr. Raghram Sharma, Hyderabad, 05-09-19

Dr. Chandrasekhar is one of the best doctors I have been to thusfar. He is the best in diagnosing the root cause of the problem. He is candid and professional in his communication with the patients. We have got the treatment recently for OA and Ulnar nerve compression. The traetment they provided gave us good relief. The medicine prescribed were safe and we have not experienced any side effects of it. Their team is very disciplined and professional. Regular monitoring by the doctor during the treatment gave us good confidence. My sincere thanks to the doctor for all his help and advice.

(Slip disc / Disc bulge patient)

Mr. Nagaraju, Hyderabad, 01-08-19

Awesome treatment and good staff. No doubt! Dr. Chandra Shekhar is a good gentleman in his profession. He has lot of patience to explain about roots of the health problem. He gives you Good diet and good medication. If you want to make your body relief and strengthen, it’s 100% worthy.

Disc Herniation - post surgery complications patient

Mr. Dhanunjay, Hyderabad, 03-07-19

Very authentic, neat, professionals, more human. Treatment is very good and customized with respect to your problem, Dr M Chandrashekhar Is very experienced and He knows how to treat the specific problem and checks though your problems thoroughly. Staff is very good and friendly, maintenance is simply superb, A temple of ayurvedic treatment and medicine and I pray GOD to give full abilities and power to Doctors(Dr M Chandrashekhar Dr B Soujanya) to cure all complicated problems people face. All The Best.. I

have been recovering with the treatment and continuing to get more better life. Thank You.

Spondylitis / Hyper acidity patient

Mr. Enock, Hyderabad, 27-06-19

Charaka is Very very good hospital dr chendrashakr is very good Doctor

Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) patient

Mr Sathish, Tamilnadu, 24-06-19

My name sathish kumar from tamilnadu. I am facing severe nervous issue. Name of the issue is SCA. it is genetic issue. The proplem i am facing is complete walking writing and speech and lifting items. Mainly balancing and speech is main proplem i am faced. I wisited all the best doctors in chennai they told genetic cannot curable and controllable. I taken one month medice it created full side effects. Now i am in hydrabad. I checked through online for ayurveda. Charaka hospital i wisited. Sir checked and treated for this genetic proplem. The treatment time is 50 days i health compltetly improved by walking and very genuine and treatment given correctly as per the issue. I recommend the doctor all the issue mentioned. Thank you sir for my better health improvement.

Back Pain / Sinusitis / Gastric ulcers patient

Mr. V. Srinivas, Vijayawada, 15-06-19

We are very happy with the treatment received. Dr Chandra Garu is the finest doctor we ever came across. He listens to you patiently and diagnosis is accurate. 3 of our family members received treatment from him and all are happy. Thank you for taking care of our family

Slip disc / Cervical Radiculopathy patient

Mr. N. Srinivas, Hyderabad, 12-05-19

I’ve been visiting this Ayurveda hospital since a decade or more ... dedicated doctor and staff !! I’m very much satisfied with the treatments they have given. In the year 2006 I got severe spondylitis, went to several multi speciality hospitals and was told has to be operated.. but here I got treatment with out operation and got cured perfectly.. it is happens almost 13 years back...still I’m fine and did not got any problems with that.

Ulcerative Colitis patient

Mr. T. Arun, Chennai, 10-05-19

I have undergone treatment for 4 years for ulcerative colitis and now I am completely cured.

Slip disc patient

Mr. Ravi, Hyderabad, 28-04-19

In December last year I visited Charaka Ayurveda with severe backpain and in a state where i was unable to walk . My problem being Disc bulge at l5,severe nerve compression and annular tear, after failing to get any relief from allopathy as a last resort before getting spine surgery I visited charaka ayurveda .

After 45 days of panchakarma treatment and great efforts ,personal care by Dr. Chandra sekher ji and staff now i recovered 95% and i am able to carry on with my daily routines with out any pain I recommend this place for other problems as well ,from the feedback i got from co patients who came for treatment with other problems.

Apart from the best treatment the place is very hygienic and the staff are very friendly and dedicated Sending my gratefulness to the best doctor I’ve ever seen. You’ve given me a new life. Thank you for your excellent treatment and also grateful for your friendly staff members.