(Infertility patient)

Mrs. Shailaja, Hyderabad, Telangana, 16-01-2018

We are immensely happy couple to share this feedback.

Before consulting in CHARAKA, we took treatment for infertility from various hospitals for nearly 5 years. We tried IVF also but couldn’t be successful. We tried Homeo and Ayurveda as well.

After approaching CHARAKA, doctor advised us to take Panchakarma and Uttara vasti treatment. In 9 months time I conceived and now we are blessed with a baby boy.

We don’t have words to describe how happy and satisfied we are. We are very thankful to Dr Soujanya madam for her professional approach and excellent results.

(Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH) patient)

Dr. RK, Hyderabad, Telangana, 13-12-2017

Dr Chandrashekar Iam thankfull to u and ur Charaka team for the support and the treatment at Charaka. Before I visited u I was in immense discomfort and backpain,as there is no specific treatment to arrest the progression of the rare disease DISH in our allopathy other than exercise, physiotherapy an fitness regime, I thought of alternative option an approached u .

After the Panchakarma treatment etc, now Iam fine by 80 percent. Finally results matter. Iam really thankfull to u dr Chandrashekar.

(Ankylosing Spondylitis patient)

Mr. Koushik, Hyderabad, Telangana, 11-11-2017

I was severely suffered from joint pains ever joint like neck, knees, hand (fist), index finger, right fore finger, left hand shoulder. I was unable to walk those pains were very severe. since I’m pursuing Btech in hyd normally I used to walk from bus stop to home I used to take 10 mins home but with these joint pains I used to take nearly 35-40 mins.

After approaching CHARAKA I found What is the problem in me, then the treatment (Panchakarma) started. The treatment will be around 2-3 months and coming to our food activities food plays a main role for this problem, we should avoid outside food, junk food, bakery items, non veg, alloo, bendi, pickles etc food items should be avoided without fail otherwise we cannot have any result .

Now I m good with this problem , I can walk, run like before.


(Slip Disc patient)

Mrs. Prashanthi, Hyderabad, Telangana, 14-09-2017

Sir/madam! I am your patient with slipped disc problem.when I came there on 2-8-2017,I was unable to stand for more than 5min and unable to walk.Today I got 100%relief from that..I am very happy to convey my sincere thanks to doctors and staff of Charaka.I find the best treatment with atmost care.Also maintained good hygiene..l hope our Indian Ayurvedic treatment will again stand high in this world because of Charaka Doctor’s excellence in handling all types of diseases.Thank you once again..

(Slip Disc patient)

Mr. Vinod Kumar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 27-08-2017

I was experiencing unbearable pain in my lower back, which I consulted at various reputed hospitals and also visited many of the prominent physiotherapists who suggested me to undergo therapy which included Cold and Hot packs and indicated that it’s a muscle spasm which will be alright in some days. Things moved from bad to worse for me as I was unable to do my routine work and was feeling helpless with no ray of hope from any of the treatment I was undergoing.

I then decided to find ways through which backache can be treated effectively and one of the way I found was through Ayurveda and then my search for the best Ayurvedic expert lead to Dr.Chandrasekhar at Charaka, As soon as I explained my story of pain to Doctor, he advised for an MRI report, which clearly indicated a Disc Bulge which either would need a surgery or can be controlled through Panchakarma treatment. I decided to undergo the Panchakarma treatment under the supervision of Dr. Chandrasekhar with aptly skilled team regularly for next 40 days.

Today after 4 months I can say that I have recovered around 90-95%, which allows me to do my usual work and I can now play sports like badminton, cricket, running and so on. It gives me immense pleasure to get to back to my normal routine post my treatment. I am indebted to Dr. Chandrasekhar for his prompt diagnosis and recommending the most suitable treatment to handle the ailment in an efficient way under his constant guidance.

Once again, Thank you Doctor!