Herniated Disc Patient

Nagesh, Hyderabad, 2022

I'm very satisfied with the treatment, very happy. We had severe disc hernation problem, all doctors suggested surgery. With our relative suggestion took treatment in CHARAKA FOR 45 days and today we are completed cured. 100% satisfied and facilities here are very neat, clean and hygienic. Thanks to doctors and supporting staff.

Rejuvenation Guest

Pradeep, Hyderabad, 2022

5 star experience. Awesome place with good people.

Wellness Guest

Manasa, Hyderabad, 2022

I have visited this place twice and it's brilliant. The first time was a full body massage and the second time was for head and shoulder massage. Service is amazing and the place is very clean.

The full body massage is performed in Ayurvedic style where two people massage in sync. It was weird at first as it was my first time but my body loved it.

Psoriasis Patient

Kishore, Vizag, 2021

I noticed minor symptoms of psoriasis in 2017 and took allopathic treatment. With allopathic treatment the symptoms became recurring and searched for the best treatment available. I have choose Charaka the super speciality Ayurveda hospital Hyderabad. The treatment is extremely well and got cured totally.

The treatment is also so simple and especially based on food control,few medication both internal and external. Since 2 1/2 years no small symptom is noticed. The expense of the treatment is also very much affordable and the doctor Sri Chandrasekhar is so cool, courteous and friendly that we feel speaking to a family member.

Pan Colitis / Spondylosis Patient

Binod, Hyderabad, 2021

Hi, my name is Binod. I was diagnosed with Pan Colitis mayo stage 3 last year April 2020. I was on high dose of steroids and allopathic medicines for 2 months. I stopped all allopathic medicines after 2 months as It had lots of side effects. I started trying with alternative medication like Naturopathy, acupuncture treatment which gave me some relief but I wasn't completely cured. During this time I lost weight and had issues with my spine which restricted my moments. In March 2021 I came to Charaka, after starting my treatment under Dr.Chandrashekars guidance my Spine issue was cured within 2 months and I was able to move freely and to my surprise my Pan Colitis had complete disappeared. My allopathic doctor who had challenged that I will get into multiple complications if I followed Ayurveda treatment was completely shocked on seeing my reports. If you have the time and the will to get well in a healthy way without any side effects pls visit Charaka.

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

Goutham, Hyderabad, 2021

The doctor is very polite and helpful. Took the medication given by doctor for over 6 months and my health has improved a lot. Clinic's ambiance is very nice and calm.
Highly Recommended.

Wellness Guest

Yuvraj, Hyderabad, 2021

Been at Charaka today for 1 hr Abhayangam session. Total bliss. Decent pricing (Rs**** for standard room) with utmost quality. Mr Ganesh and Mr Srilesh having superb pair of hands.

Wellness Guest

Rohith, Hyderabad, 2021

This experience is amazing. I visited few other centres for body massage, pain relief and stress relief but Charaka is wonderful. The best part of the session is there are two people who massage and they are very polite, gentle and very sensitive to feedback. The pressure on the muscles and the relief was amazing. I will definitely visit once in a quarter!

Wellness Guest

Vinay, Hyderabad, 2021

Its such a bliss! Amazing relaxing experience...Thank you..

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

Ganesh, Hyderabad, 2021

Good place and good treatment