Slip disc / Cervical Radiculopathy patient

Mr. N. Srinivas, Hyderabad, 12-05-19

I’ve been visiting this Ayurveda hospital since a decade or more ... dedicated doctor and staff !! I’m very much satisfied with the treatments they have given. In the year 2006 I got severe spondylitis, went to several multi speciality hospitals and was told has to be operated.. but here I got treatment with out operation and got cured perfectly.. it is happens almost 13 years back...still I’m fine and did not got any problems with that.

Mr. T. Arun, Chennai, 10-05-19

I have undergone treatment for 4 years for ulcerative colitis and now I am completely cured.

Mr. Ravi, Hyderabad, 28-04-19

In December last year I visited Charaka Ayurveda with severe backpain and in a state where i was unable to walk . My problem being Disc bulge at l5,severe nerve compression and annular tear, after failing to get any relief from allopathy as a last resort before getting spine surgery I visited charaka ayurveda .After 45 days of panchakarma treatment and great efforts ,personal care by Dr. Chandra sekher ji and staff now i recovered 95% and i am able to carry on with my daily routines with out any pain I recommend this place for other problems as well ,from the feedback i got from co patients who came for treatment with other problems. Apart from the best treatment the place is very hygienic and the staff are very friendly and dedicated Sending my gratefulness to the best doctor I’ve ever seen. You’ve given me a new life. Thank you for your excellent treatment and also grateful for your friendly staff members.

Ms. Nibedita, 14-04-19

Having been a regular at ayurvedic spas wherever I go, I got this from google search. Once I availed their services, I became sure it's the best one. The staff, ambiance, products, location and everything else is simply amazing. It's a delight to visit them and you always look forward to your next visit. However, I haven't any idea about doctors, whom I have never consulted. It's worth your time, money and more importantly your health. Wonderful job guys, God bless.

Mr. Rajinder, Hyderabad, 24-03-19

Slip Disk Problem- Blessed to get cured from Charaka Ayurveda. I am sharing my experience so that other people can also get benefited from Charaka Ayurvedic Treatment. I was suffering from acute lower back pain and pain was radiating to my full left leg, my left leg was getting numbness with the continuous pain. It was so painful that I could not stand or sit straight. As per my MRI report it was a case of Slip Disk L5, S1. Doctors at Apollo Jubliee Hills and other Ortho doctors also recommended for Spine Surgery. Came to know about Charaka Ayurveda through my friend and started my treatment. Doctor Shri. M. Chadra Shekhar ji at Charaka is very experienced and detailed with the treatment. After my 47 days of Panchkarma treatment, I am recovered 95% and able continue with my daily routine work with some precautions. The treatment is very scientific and the therapists are very experienced. My sincere thanks to the entire team of Charaka for their support, I know what mentor depression I went through during the initial days and how they worked with me for my recovery. Thank you again sir.