Wellness Guest

S K, Hyderabad, 2021

Great location, with a parking facility. Sparkling clean Interiors. Most important of all, a very well informed doctor, patient, kind and good at his trade.
It is not a cheap treatment, but so far the money I have spent is worth every penny.
The staff is polite, and really care for your health.
I highly recommend this clinic.

Multiple Health Concerns / Wellness Guest

Lavanya, USA, 2021

I was a very active person previously. But sedentary life and stress took a toll on my health. I had borderline thyroid and hormonal imbalance. Dr. Chandrashekhar garu listened to me and my problems very carefully. The stress that I had for long increased my doshas. Imbalance of these doshas made me fearful and anxious all the time. I developed acne on my face. Dr Chandrashekhar advised me to go for Vamana therapy. I went ahead with Vamana. Dr made me understand the procedure of Vamana in a very nice way. Slowly I felt confident. Dr Chandrashekhar is very encouraging person he and his wife (both doctors) made sure I felt confident and good while doing the therapy. I did completed the Vamana process. Dr Chandrashekhar provided me some medicines for my acne issue too.
After Vamana therapy I felt very good, relaxed and calm. I feel thankful that I met Dr Chabdrashekar he is the best. He loves his work and that is why we patients get benefits. I stay in USA & still is in his contact for whenever I need medicines or advice on my health. I have not met any doctor who care for and advice patients even after an year of their treatment was completed.
The cleanliness of this place is just awesome, the girls who provide massage, facials all are very professional. I’m very glad that I found Charaka in Hyderabad. I know whenever I visit India this will be my to go place to feel better and treat myself with awesome level of treatment and massage.

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

Buchi Ramulu, Hyderabad, 2021

We are very thankful to the doctor. It is a life changing experience for our family. Place is very clean and well maintained.

Back Pain Patient

Sudhakar, Hyderabad, 2021

Words can not describe how grateful I am to you, I do believe without your diagnosis and help, I would not be as healthy and happy as i am today. The years long back pain problem got cured to a greater extent and the way you explain the problem and just a call away for us at any point of time is just AWESOME!! Dr. Chandrashekhar Sir, you are truly talented and gifted!! Coming to the therapists it was really a great and expert team at CHARAKA who knows in and out of what they are doing and provides high quality care at every step of the interaction.Thank you, just seems so insufficient and so inadequate when it comes to all you have done for me and all you have given me in terms of “quality” of life! But, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Spondylosis Patient

Jagan, Hyderabad, 2020

Great experience as a first timer. Doctor is understanding and listens and takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues. Outstanding quality of medical care.

Sciatica Patient's relative

Devine, Hyderabad, 2020

The true essence of Ayurveda has been shown in the treatment. The Doctor provides customized solutions for each and every patient. The cause of the health issue is identified and medicines that suit the patient's body are given. Health issues are treated by providing guidelines for diet and lifestyle. Ayurvedic medicines given by the doctor are beneficial to cure all issues of body. One can find amazing results in just few days of the treatment. The patient was suffering from sciatica and couldn't stand properly and walk but the Medicines and Panchakarma treatment cured all his pain and issues. Really liked the way doctor manages the clinic and patients.

Lumbar Spondylosis / Slip Disc Patient's Son

Prakash, Hyderabad, 2020

My mother is 87 yrs and at the age of 61 yrs she was operated for Lumber spondylitis and 3 months back she was fallen in bath room and the problem re occurred she was enable to walk even with walker and was taken for allopathy doctor and it was suggested for operation but due to age factor there was no guarantee and later shown to several doctors.The treatment was rendered by this doctor and now she is able to walk as results are beyond our imagination.The care rendered by the staff cannot be expressed.The doctor takes much care about the patients and we are free to call 24x7.

Wellness Guest

Ammara, Hyderabad, 2020

I was about to go Ka***li but landed up here. And im totally happpy!! The place is beautiful.. located on 5th floor with beautiful Natural light and plants. The place is neat the room is perfect
Loved the service.. They takecare if the person needs more massage and which targeted area. Archana and Nibiya 7 stars to you both.
please keep up the service
You guys truly gave me an amazing experience!

Ulcerative Colitis Patient's Son

Srinivas, Andhrapradesh, 2020

My Father was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, Initially we have consulted Gastro entrologist and treatment started with Steroids, as my father is Diabetic, the sugar levels increased drastically which resulted in further illness. Then we have moved to Ayurvedic treatment and continued Avurvedic medicines for 2 years and my father is feeling better now and no issues further. I strongly recommend Mr. Chandrasekhar Garu and Charaka for this kind of issues if anyone is facing.

Autism Patient Parent

SK, Hyderabad, 2020

Our daughter is diagnosed with mild autism when she is 2 years old with a developmental pediatrician. We have a family member who got greatly benefitted from treatment from Charaka Hospital(Dr chandrasekargaru) for Rheumatoid arthritis. It was then we decided we will go Ayurveda route to treat her autistic symptoms and went ahead with pancha karma for 26 days. Dr Chandrasekar and his wife Soujanya along with their team went above and beyond to help our daughter. She almost recovered great deal although we have couple of attention issues. We owe a lot to Chandrasekar garu and his team for incredible services. Chandrasekar garu is very down to earth and one of finest doctors i have ever seen. Ayurveda is ray of hope for kids with disabilities if we do not want to go allopathy route. We definitely recommend their facility for anyone looking for Ayurveda treatment.