Slip Disc / Disc Herniation patient

Mr. Vamshi Sagar, Hyderabad, 25-12-2019

In my case I was suffering with disc bulge/slip resulting in lower back pain and visited many specialty hospitals for around 8 months i couldn't get a solution. All doctors were suggesting for a surgery. During one of our team conversation in office our colleague suggested charaka Ayurveda & Dr Chandra Shekhar.

The treatment was for 45days, I could see an improvement in the first 10days, Its been almost a month from the treatment and now i am relived from the back pain. By following the diet guideline & Medication shared by the doctor, we can cure disk slip and disc bulge cases.

Charaka is 100% genuine Ayurveda center offering natural treatment and a solution.The support staff are cooperative and well trained in various aspects of panchkarma.I would highly recommend this center to people.

Spondylosis (Cervical / Lumbar) patient

Ms. Pallavi, Hyderabad, 22-12-2019

I went here at a position where I was not able to move my left side given my early spondylosis. I haven't ever seen a more humble and hospitable doctor and the staff. The treatment started and in no time I could see my health improving. The care that the staff showed made me recover at high speed. The medication is minimal based on the requirement only. Glad that I got treated by the best doctor. Kudos. To charaka speciality Ayurveda. Thank you. Ever grateful.

Serious health concerns patient

Mr. Ravi, Usa, 20-12-2019

True ayurveda clinic and one of best in India. Admire passion and dedication of Dr Chandrashekar. Have been taking treatment for a serious condition since 2013 and always thankful to his patience and care.

Slip Disc / Disc Herniation - Cervical / Lumbar patient

Ms. Pavani, Hyderabad, 07-12-2019

I am a 26 yr old IT employee. I had disc bulge/herniated disc at multiple places from neck to lower back. This made me restrict to bed. It was a serious condition which required surgery. But even the doctors were not ready to go for it considering my age and complexity as that was not the permanent/complete solution. Understood the situation and started researching on various options to get solution to my problem.
Then I found ayurveda has solutions for this and choosed Charaka Ayurveda.

As i was not able to move from bed and go to hospital, we have taken the home consultation. Dr. Chandrashekar has gone through the MRI reports and explained the severity of the problem. He then suggested a procedure that can be done at home because of which I gained strength to travel to Charaka.

Panchakarma was prescribed for 45 days.
Diet to be followed is explained to me.
Dr.Soujanya used to closely monitored me during the course and instruct the team accordingly.

Staff are well experienced and very friendly.
Now i rejoined my work and doing well with certain precautions. All this is made possible with the experience of Dr. chandrashekar and Dr. Soujanya and their motivation helped me to come out of that condition. They were always available on mobile whenever I required to speak to them.
Many thanks to Dr.Chandrashekar and Dr Soujanya.

I would definitely recommend Charaka Ayurveda for any kind of medical illness as this is natural way of curing by understanding the root cause of the problem.

Parkinson's disease patient

Mr. X, Hyderabad, 03-12-2019

3 Months back, we admitted our dad(75) for Parkinson's & Stooped posture.
Before:He was unable to walk with out WALKER, unable to tend his chores, need 24/7 help.

Treatment : 45 days Panchakarma.

After : Today his hand & legs shaking(Parkinson) is gone. Every morning he is able to walk on his own to community (2 Km) park and meet his old friends. He goes out to get Grocery (like good old days)

Satisfaction: We can say he is cured 90%, Dr. Chandrasekhar & his ever polite staff are AWESOME. Thank you for all your help, my dad is completely a new person now.

Slip Disc / LBA / Sciatica patient

Mr. Lokesh, Hyderabad, 17-11-2019

Inspite of all advancements in modern medicines, Ayurveda still holds key to treatment of various diseases. Moreover it strives to remove ailment from root. However it is quite important to go for genuine Ayurvedic center.
Charak is one such genuine center offering h treatments of host of diseases. Dr sir himself is very cordial and listens to problems very patiently. The support staff are also very cooperative and well trained in various aspects of panchkarma and massage.
In my particular case I had disc problems causing excruciating pain in my lower back. There were days when I was confined to bed. However on account of treatment from Charak comprising of panchkarma and medicine my situation has returned back to normal in a matter of 3 months.
I would highly recommend this center to people.

Sports injury - Knee - multiple Ligaments tear patient

Mr. Vishal, Hyderabad, 09-11-2019

I met with accident 6 years back and I have been suffering from knee pain since then, doctors advised me for surgery but i didnt accept then, later i have heard about Dr.Chandra shekar and have gone through the Panchakarma treatment at Charaka Ayurveda as advised by Doctor, now i have no pain and feeling very comfortable, Thank you Sir

Multiple health concerns - Family

Mrs. Archana, Hyderabad, 29-10-2019

The best place for Ayurveda. Doctor is very patient and helpful! I recommend to all the people, who are looking for genuine ayurveda treatment!

Ankylosing Spondylitis patient

Ms. Rajashree, Orissa, 24-10-2019

I was suffering from morning stiffness and pain at various joints like knees, shoulders, ankles, neck pain, back pain for the last 8-9 years and diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in the year 2017.
I had been prescribed by my rheumatologist a variety of painkillers, biologics and other medicine during the treatment. It seems like it was only suppressing the pain and once I stop taking the injection my condition will be back to square one.
So after failing to get any relief from allopathy I was looking out for some good ayurveda treatment and came to know about CHARAKA 'The Speciality Ayurveda' from google search.
I visited Charaka and consulted Dr. M Chandra Sekhar. Doctor suggested for a 90 days panchakarma therapy and to follow a proper & timely diet during and after treatment. I got the treatment done and must say I have recovered nearly 90%. Now I am able to carry on with my daily routines without pain.
Not only me my mother got tremendous relief after taking the prescribed medicine by Dr. M Chandra Sekhar for frozen shoulder and my sister also consulted him as she was suffering from severe allergic and breathing problem and the prescribed medicine has done wonders and now she don't have to use Seroflo inhaler on regular basis.
Apart from the best treatment the most impressive thing about the clinic is the excellent hygienic conditions and truly dedicated professional therapists & staff. Really worth to get treated here. I strongly recommend CHARAKA 'The Speciality Ayurveda' to those who look for long term and no side effects treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Chandra Sekhar & Dr. Soujanya. Keep up the good work.

Multiple health concerns patient

Mrs. Fairoza, Hyderabad, 07-10-2019

I found this doctor in 2016 and was treated perfectly well where all allopathy failed. Dr.Chandrasekhar never gave up on me. He is very knowledgable and knows the best for his patients. We need to have patience and trust and rest his magic works. Thank you doctor