(VERTIGO and ear problem)

Pankaj Hyderabad 03-08-07

I took treatment for my VERTIGO and ear problem at CHARAKA. After taking treatment with Dr.chandra shekhar, I am feeling great improvement in my health. As of now I am better by almost 90%.



Your center has been recommended by one of my local friend for its dedicated massage application. It is my personal observation, after having visited number of ayurvedic centers, that CHARAKA has been very very intensive and dedicated care while doing the massage. It has reduced my stress levels, which have been quite high earlier.

This service has been an energizer for me whenever I am in deep stress levels. I have observed that my ACTIVE LEVELS have increased. Surprisingly I have not found my self taking any medicines since I came here.


G.VENKATESH, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad. 18-12-2006

I am 36 years old and working in a temple in Secunderabad as electrician. Suddenly I was affected with PARALYSIS. I was taken to sigma hospital in secunderabad and I was treated there for about 1month a got partial recovery less than 10% and I was completely bed ridden after discharge and doctors told me that I will recover slowly.

Then my relatives and friends advised me to take ayurvedic treatment and I came to CHARAKA AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL. There I was given 34 days of vigorous Panchakarma therapy. I am now 80% recovered and am able walk and do all the activities on my own without any support. I am able to speak clearly.

Iam thankful to dr.chandrashekhar and his staff for their sincerity because if I have not taken this treatment on right time, I would have been bed ridden in my entire life.


B. Shanthi. Ameerpet, Hyderabad. 20-10-06

I have been taking a panchakarma therapy from Dr. M. Chandra Shekhar in CHARAKA for past 13 days and am totally released and relieved of all my pains that were associated with CHIKUNGUNYA fever .I have found the services here are very good and the staff is also very efficient and dedicated in their work.


Gurumeeth Singh 17-09-2006

I was advice by Dr. M.Chandra shekhar to have KAYA KALPA CHIKISTHA treatment which will help me to reduce my BACK PAIN. By getting this treatment the advantages I got are • My back pain has been reduced

• My hair fall was also reduced
• My stress and strain has been reduced
• My skin has became smooth
• My memory has increased
• My weight was reduced

So, I feel that the treatment has given me a new meaning. I have prolonged for quite a long time. Now the end product is I am very satisfied by the treatment.


Sushil Ramchander. Hyderabad. 09-02-2006

I am from a family of Medical profession for the past 5 decades. I had suffering from SCIATICA pain on my right side back hip and the leg for the past 1 yr .I happen to see an advertise in deccan chornical and my friend advised me to consult Dr.. M.Chandra shekhar in CHARAKA for Ayurvedic treatment. I have joined there and gone through the treatment and in just 14 days I didn’t know where my SCIATICA pain had gone.

I wish them all success in their sincere work.


B. Bharadwaj UK 09-06-2006

I, B.Bharathwaj, 30tys old, been suffering from LOWER BACK PAIN for long time close to1.5yrs, visited CHARAKA for consultation undergone for treatment almost 21 sittings, found quite relief and satisfied. Really appreciate.

I would recommend for any individual with the support of treatment under gone. Highly appreciate the staff that has done the KAYA KALPA CHIKISTHA, and also Dr.M.Chandra shekhar.

(Shirodhara massage)

Lydia Hoelistra, Holland. 17-02-06

First time I came to CHARAKA but had already Experienced Ayurvedic massage before. Shirodhara was the first time .I enjoyed it very much, totally relaxing. The staff that massaged me was very experienced, dedicated and friendly in nature. It was a much better experience than I had in Delhi. They really took the time to give me a perfect massage. I feel like borne again.


Saroja kukatpally, Hyderabad. 19-12-2005

I am N.L.Saroja, aged 44 yrs and working in a bank for the last 23 yrs. I have enjoyed good health and vibrant life till the age of 38 yrs. But later slowly and steadily I have observed that I have started body pains and when I went to Physicians, the problem was diognised as RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS WITH EARLY OSTEOPOROSIS, and medicines were given. But the problem persisted and became more and more severe. I have consulted Dr.Rama Sastry from Govt.Ayurvedic Hospital and he had advised me to consult Dr.Chandra Sekhar at Charaka Hospital, P.G.Road, Secunderabad.

In 2005 I underwent extensive PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT wherein treatment was given initially with powder, oil and herbs, medicated oil and finally with milk and rice flour for 8 weeks and I was prescribed certain medicines and tonics also during the treatment period. Once the PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT is completed, certain medicines, capsules and also some tonics were prescribed for regular usage. I have started recovering slowly and steadily once I started taking the treatment and the impact became more and more prominent as the time passed. I could not do my daily chores without using pain killers daily, prior to the treatment, whereas the usage of pain killers has been totally stopped after the treatment. The movement of the body has become more comfortable and natural. The pain in the joints i.e., in every joint of the body has reduced steadily and now it is almost nil. With the prescribed medicines used regularly and with the diet suggested by Dr.Chandra Sekhar I am very happy to regain my health to a large extent and I am feeling very normal and free from sickness, which would have crippled me a lifetime.

I am really impressed by the treatment given and the commitment shown for the treatment by Dr.Chandra Sekhar and his team in treating me effectively.

I am thankful to the girls who helped me to regain my lost health and ever grateful to Dr.Chandra Sekhar and Dr.Rama Sastry for giving me the required Ayurvedic treatment and brought me out of the great mental agony and I am enjoying good health today.


Sangeetha. Hyderabad 11-12-2005.

I Sangeetha aged 21yrs. I was suffered with FACIAL PALASY, which does not occur in young age. Then I became so panic I thought that it never recovers in my life. Then I heard about CHARAKA.I had taken treatment of 1 month. Dr. M.Chandra shekhar and his dedicated staff has taken care of me in such a way that my problem was cured with in 25 days only. I think that problem will not occur in lifetime. I am very thankful to Doctor and also his well experienced therapists. Now am very happy in my life.