I am a patient of chronic Ulcerative colitis, suffering from 7.5 years. I have shown in many different hospitals like Apollo, Arogya, Vidyasagar, Asian Institute and also took treatment from Dr.B (Homeopathy). But nothing was cured and I began steroids. I suffered from other side effects like Skin, Liver problems and I became Diabetic.

After coming to CHARAKA, within 1.5 months I got cure and reports became normal. It’s really a good Ayurveda treatment. The systematic step by step treatment benefited me.

Thank you Dr. Chandrashekhar for helping me and treating my case very curiously which has benefited me and got relief from different problems which I was suffering from long years.

I have no words to say but only I can thank you and give blessings to you, that you save my life and made me a normal person and given me smile and hope for curing me 100% from my disease.