I am a 34 yrs businessman. I had severe CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS with dragging pain in my left hand and numbness in my fingers.I have been advised to undergo immediate surgery after taking MRI. Then one of my friends suggested to take ayurvidic treatment and given the address of CHARAKA.

I consulted the doctor and he advised me to take 4 wks of Panchakarma therapy. Then I have taken opinion of my friends and family members and taken different opinions of different doctors. Finally decided to take treatment from CHARAKA. In first week I found very marginal relief but from second week onwards there was a marked improvement. I found total of around 80 to 85% improvement after finishing therapy. Then I was advised by doctor to continue medications for about another 3 months. Now it is almost 2 months after finishing treatment and I am 99% alright. I am very thankful to the doctor who has given a wonderful gift in my life and appreciate this staff for their committed work.