Problems: RA +ve, HLAB27 +ve, Pains in joints (hip joint, small joints & spine), Raised ESR, SGOT, Low Vit D, Degenerative L4 – L5, Not able to walk or climb a single stair, Totally on bed rest, Increased Knee pain, Not able to walk, get up or stand, Depression, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Rib pain & Stomach pain.

After Treatment: I can walk, bend, work with ease, vitamin deficiency was cured. My ESR became normal. My liver profile report shows all levels normal. My Cholesterol levels are normal.

To my surprise, my glucose test shows no diabetes. Stiffening has come down though sometimes it increases due to season. My knee pain has lessened. My RA shows –ve. These all changes reflected only after completion of treatment. So patience is the only mantra to follow.