Diagnosis : Autism Spectrum Disorder.

My Son was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2.5 years. We tried the traditional therapies including speech therapy and occupational therapy with 0 improvement. We were told there is literally any cure for this disorder.
As days passed by, it became difficult for us to handle his hyperactivity. We found out about charaka through friends and approached Dr. Chandrasekhar. He told us he has to undergo panchakarma therapies for 45 days and take medication for 2 years. We were skeptic about the treatment at first, due to personal reasons. but later decided to give a try.

When we consulted Dr. Chandrashekhar and Dr. Soujanya, their positive words gave us immense energy to do the panchakarma therapies for a 4 year old, who was very hyper and couldnot understand what was going on with him. But the staff, doctors, treated him like their own kid and dealt with him. Doctor used to answer my questions regardless of time and his busy schedule. About after 15 days into the treatment, I could see him bonding more with me, his eye contact improved, his hyperactivity decreased (a bit)!

Its been almost 1 year since we started the treatment, He has come a long way through.! His communication skills improved, He can understand and follow directions now. We are indebted to the doctor and the therapists.

I know, Many are in the same boat as me, finding ways to help their children with spectrum. Going the Ayurvedic route is the best thing they could do.