I am aged about 70 years, quite hale and healthy. Around last week of September 2014, I lifted a water brass vessel and after 10 days pain started in the lower portion of spinal cord.

Then I have gone to my allopathic physician who after examination informed me only due to muscle disorder pain is there and advised me to use pain killers.

There is no result and then I contacted my Ayurvedic Doctor Dr. Chandrashekhar who is our family doctor. He immediately started treatment with medicines for few days and massages. Even then pain was mounting on the spine due to which I was not able to walk and had to take support to walk. After seeing my serious position Doctor advise me to get MRI report.

After going through MRI scan and report, Doctor advised me to undergo massages (Panchakarma) for 45 days, use medicines, follow diet and also advised from time to time. At that time the position was, I was able to walk only with the help of two legs and two hands. To be precise, it is only like a goat or buffalo.

The treatment was started with massages, medicines and advises. It is like DEVOTION without break. Then comparable improvement was found week by week. Doctor was enquiring regularly, changing medicines, techniques in massage.

As on date I am in sound health position leaving 5% only to be recovered. I am highly thankful to Dr. Chandrashekhar and his CHARAKA team who are all devoted to duty, treating patients with care, diligence and kindness.

“Om dhanvantharaya Amrutha Kalasa Hastaya Sarvamaya Vinasanaya Trilokya Rakshakaya Om Narayanaya vidmahey Dhanwi Putraya Dheemahee Thanno Vaksha Prachodayat”