I was severely suffered from joint pains ever joint like neck, knees, hand (fist), index finger, right fore finger, left hand shoulder. I was unable to walk those pains were very severe. since I’m pursuing Btech in hyd normally I used to walk from bus stop to home I used to take 10 mins home but with these joint pains I used to take nearly 35-40 mins.

After approaching CHARAKA I found What is the problem in me, then the treatment (Panchakarma) started. The treatment will be around 2-3 months and coming to our food activities food plays a main role for this problem, we should avoid outside food, junk food, bakery items, non veg, alloo, bendi, pickles etc food items should be avoided without fail otherwise we cannot have any result .

Now I m good with this problem , I can walk, run like before.