nasal insufflation treatment, one of the five panchakarma therapiesNasya therapy is a process whereby the required medication is administered through the nostrils. Since the nose is the gateway of the head, this form of therapy is highly effective in treating a number of diseases related to the head & neck area, if systematically performed.

Ayurveda has given prime importance to shiras (head), considering it as one of the three principle vital organs of the body, where prana i.e., life resides and seat for all indriyas, hence considered as uttamanga (prime part). The therapy cleanses and opens the channels of the head, thereby improving the process of oxygenation (prana), which has a direct influence on the functioning of brain.

Nasya, primarily cleanses accumulated Kapha dosha but can be tridoshahara depending medicine administered.


Classification of Nasya is done in various manners depending upon various factors like form of drug, mode of action etc

According to the functions the nasya karma is of 3 types.

  1. Virechananasya
  2. Brihmananasya
  3. Shamana nasya

According to the quantity of the nasya drug used it is of 2 types.

  1. Marshanasya
  2. Pratimarsha nasya

According to the method of administration :

  1. Navana
  2. Avapidana
  3. Dhmapana
  4. Dhuma
  5. Pratimarsha

Patient who regularly undergoes Nasyakarma does not become victim of diseases of eyes, ears and nose. His hair and beard does not turn gray. His hair doesn‟t falls but instead grows faster. The joints, sinus, tendons and bones of his cranium acquire great strength. His face becomes cheerful and plump and his voice becomes mallow, firm and stentorian. He gets clarity of senses, good smell of mouth etc. He never suffers from the premature appearance of wrinkles and Vyanga. There will be no sudden invasion of disease above the clavicle (Urdhvajatrugata) of the body.

Effective in treating urdhwajatrugata rogas (ENT & Eye disorders), sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia, facial palsy, paralysis, insomnia, pre-mature graying of hair, hair fall, headache of various origin, frozen shoulder, stiffness of the neck, cervical spondylosis, slip disc, most of the neurological problems related to brain and also improves memory & eye sight.