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Our Clients Say

Results oriented massage therapy..

Herniated Disc Patient

Nagesh, Hyderabad, 2022

I'm very satisfied with the treatment, very happy. We had severe disc hernation problem, all doctors suggested surgery. With our relative suggestion took treatment in CHARAKA FOR 45 days and today we are completed cured. 100% satisfied and facilities here are very neat, clean and hygienic. Thanks to doctors and supporting staff.

Rejuvenation Guest

Pradeep, Hyderabad, 2022

5 star experience. Awesome place with good people.

Wellness Guest

Manasa, Hyderabad, 2022

I have visited this place twice and it's brilliant. The first time was a full body massage and the second time was for head and shoulder massage. Service is amazing and the place is very clean.

The full body massage is performed in Ayurvedic style where two people massage in sync. It was weird at first as it was my first time but my body loved it.

Psoriasis Patient

Kishore, Vizag, 2021

I noticed minor symptoms of psoriasis in 2017 and took allopathic treatment. With allopathic treatment the symptoms became recurring and searched for the best treatment available. I have choose Charaka the super speciality Ayurveda hospital Hyderabad. The treatment is extremely well and got cured totally.

The treatment is also so simple and especially based on food control,few medication both internal and external. Since 2 1/2 years no small symptom is noticed. The expense of the treatment is also very much affordable and the doctor Sri Chandrasekhar is so cool, courteous and friendly that we feel speaking to a family member.

Pan Colitis / Spondylosis Patient

Binod, Hyderabad, 2021

Hi, my name is Binod. I was diagnosed with Pan Colitis mayo stage 3 last year April 2020. I was on high dose of steroids and allopathic medicines for 2 months. I stopped all allopathic medicines after 2 months as It had lots of side effects. I started trying with alternative medication like Naturopathy, acupuncture treatment which gave me some relief but I wasn't completely cured. During this time I lost weight and had issues with my spine which restricted my moments. In March 2021 I came to Charaka, after starting my treatment under Dr.Chandrashekars guidance my Spine issue was cured within 2 months and I was able to move freely and to my surprise my Pan Colitis had complete disappeared. My allopathic doctor who had challenged that I will get into multiple complications if I followed Ayurveda treatment was completely shocked on seeing my reports. If you have the time and the will to get well in a healthy way without any side effects pls visit Charaka.

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

Goutham, Hyderabad, 2021

The doctor is very polite and helpful. Took the medication given by doctor for over 6 months and my health has improved a lot. Clinic's ambiance is very nice and calm.
Highly Recommended.

Wellness Guest

Yuvraj, Hyderabad, 2021

Been at Charaka today for 1 hr Abhayangam session. Total bliss. Decent pricing (Rs**** for standard room) with utmost quality. Mr Ganesh and Mr Srilesh having superb pair of hands.

Wellness Guest

Rohith, Hyderabad, 2021

This experience is amazing. I visited few other centres for body massage, pain relief and stress relief but Charaka is wonderful. The best part of the session is there are two people who massage and they are very polite, gentle and very sensitive to feedback. The pressure on the muscles and the relief was amazing. I will definitely visit once in a quarter!

Wellness Guest

Vinay, Hyderabad, 2021

Its such a bliss! Amazing relaxing experience...Thank you..

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

Ganesh, Hyderabad, 2021

Good place and good treatment

Wellness Guest

S K, Hyderabad, 2021

Great location, with a parking facility. Sparkling clean Interiors. Most important of all, a very well informed doctor, patient, kind and good at his trade.
It is not a cheap treatment, but so far the money I have spent is worth every penny.
The staff is polite, and really care for your health.
I highly recommend this clinic.

Multiple Health Concerns / Wellness Guest

Lavanya, USA, 2021

I was a very active person previously. But sedentary life and stress took a toll on my health. I had borderline thyroid and hormonal imbalance. Dr. Chandrashekhar garu listened to me and my problems very carefully. The stress that I had for long increased my doshas. Imbalance of these doshas made me fearful and anxious all the time. I developed acne on my face. Dr Chandrashekhar advised me to go for Vamana therapy. I went ahead with Vamana. Dr made me understand the procedure of Vamana in a very nice way. Slowly I felt confident. Dr Chandrashekhar is very encouraging person he and his wife (both doctors) made sure I felt confident and good while doing the therapy. I did completed the Vamana process. Dr Chandrashekhar provided me some medicines for my acne issue too.
After Vamana therapy I felt very good, relaxed and calm. I feel thankful that I met Dr Chabdrashekar he is the best. He loves his work and that is why we patients get benefits. I stay in USA & still is in his contact for whenever I need medicines or advice on my health. I have not met any doctor who care for and advice patients even after an year of their treatment was completed.
The cleanliness of this place is just awesome, the girls who provide massage, facials all are very professional. I’m very glad that I found Charaka in Hyderabad. I know whenever I visit India this will be my to go place to feel better and treat myself with awesome level of treatment and massage.

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

Buchi Ramulu, Hyderabad, 2021

We are very thankful to the doctor. It is a life changing experience for our family. Place is very clean and well maintained.

Back Pain Patient

Sudhakar, Hyderabad, 2021

Words can not describe how grateful I am to you, I do believe without your diagnosis and help, I would not be as healthy and happy as i am today. The years long back pain problem got cured to a greater extent and the way you explain the problem and just a call away for us at any point of time is just AWESOME!! Dr. Chandrashekhar Sir, you are truly talented and gifted!! Coming to the therapists it was really a great and expert team at CHARAKA who knows in and out of what they are doing and provides high quality care at every step of the interaction.Thank you, just seems so insufficient and so inadequate when it comes to all you have done for me and all you have given me in terms of “quality” of life! But, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Spondylosis Patient

Jagan, Hyderabad, 2020

Great experience as a first timer. Doctor is understanding and listens and takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues. Outstanding quality of medical care.

Sciatica Patient's relative

Devine, Hyderabad, 2020

The true essence of Ayurveda has been shown in the treatment. The Doctor provides customized solutions for each and every patient. The cause of the health issue is identified and medicines that suit the patient's body are given. Health issues are treated by providing guidelines for diet and lifestyle. Ayurvedic medicines given by the doctor are beneficial to cure all issues of body. One can find amazing results in just few days of the treatment. The patient was suffering from sciatica and couldn't stand properly and walk but the Medicines and Panchakarma treatment cured all his pain and issues. Really liked the way doctor manages the clinic and patients.

Lumbar Spondylosis / Slip Disc Patient's Son

Prakash, Hyderabad, 2020

My mother is 87 yrs and at the age of 61 yrs she was operated for Lumber spondylitis and 3 months back she was fallen in bath room and the problem re occurred she was enable to walk even with walker and was taken for allopathy doctor and it was suggested for operation but due to age factor there was no guarantee and later shown to several doctors.The treatment was rendered by this doctor and now she is able to walk as results are beyond our imagination.The care rendered by the staff cannot be expressed.The doctor takes much care about the patients and we are free to call 24x7.

Wellness Guest

Ammara, Hyderabad, 2020

I was about to go Ka***li but landed up here. And im totally happpy!! The place is beautiful.. located on 5th floor with beautiful Natural light and plants. The place is neat the room is perfect
Loved the service.. They takecare if the person needs more massage and which targeted area. Archana and Nibiya 7 stars to you both.
please keep up the service
You guys truly gave me an amazing experience!

Ulcerative Colitis Patient's Son

Srinivas, Andhrapradesh, 2020

My Father was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, Initially we have consulted Gastro entrologist and treatment started with Steroids, as my father is Diabetic, the sugar levels increased drastically which resulted in further illness. Then we have moved to Ayurvedic treatment and continued Avurvedic medicines for 2 years and my father is feeling better now and no issues further. I strongly recommend Mr. Chandrasekhar Garu and Charaka for this kind of issues if anyone is facing.

Autism Patient Parent

SK, Hyderabad, 2020

Our daughter is diagnosed with mild autism when she is 2 years old with a developmental pediatrician. We have a family member who got greatly benefitted from treatment from Charaka Hospital(Dr chandrasekargaru) for Rheumatoid arthritis. It was then we decided we will go Ayurveda route to treat her autistic symptoms and went ahead with pancha karma for 26 days. Dr Chandrasekar and his wife Soujanya along with their team went above and beyond to help our daughter. She almost recovered great deal although we have couple of attention issues. We owe a lot to Chandrasekar garu and his team for incredible services. Chandrasekar garu is very down to earth and one of finest doctors i have ever seen. Ayurveda is ray of hope for kids with disabilities if we do not want to go allopathy route. We definitely recommend their facility for anyone looking for Ayurveda treatment.

Wellness Guest

Srinivas, Hyderabad, 2020

It’s truely worth for Ayurvedic the way which they are maintains its excellent and the way of massaging is truely worth

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

A Raghavendra, Hyderabad, 2020

The best doctor

Slip disc Patient

Sathish Krishna, Hyderabad, 2020

Very kind and polite Doctor, very knowledgeable and down to earth, staff is well trained and the treatment will be very sensible simple. overall amazing experience.

Cervical / Lumbar - Slip Disc / Spondylosis Patient

B Shankar, Hyderabad, 2020

Very good treatment available,which is safe and effective.
Had issues with back nd neck, suffering since many yrs
Now after getting treatment here lot of improvement is there.

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

Khaja Mohammed, USA, 2020

One of the best doctors in the city. He really helped me in curing the pain related to the stomach and abdomen. I was suffering from the pain for a long time and consulted many doctors both allopathic and ayurvedic and tried many medicines but none helped in curing. A friend of mine referred me to Dr Charaka and with his vast experience and knowledge in the field of Ayurevda he helped me in getting cure. I couldn’t be happier or more thankful to Dr Charaka. He is highly professional and cool. He’s very respectful. Dr Charaka takes his time and explains everything to you. He is caring, professional and compassionate to his patients. I have already recommended him to my family and friends. The City Hyderabad is blessed to have such a great Doctor 🙂

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient

Ritu, Hyderabad, 2020

I was rhumetoid arthritis patient from Hyderabad (jan 2019).My RF factor was above 21.I was not able to seat.I had a pain in whole body.The pain used to get migrated from one joint to another joint.I took treatment from Charka for 4 to 5 months.i.e.Panchkarma therapy.After treatment,I got 60 to 70percent relief.All therapist are very caring and polite.The hospital is very neat and clean

Dr. Sir speaks very less but high power of optimistic.
Thank you so much charka.

Severe Osteoarthritis Patient

Pulak, Hyderabad, 18-08-2018

My mother had severe knee problem. She had so much pain that she was unable to even walk by herself. Doctor Chandra from Charaka advised "panchakarma" and knee treatment daily, for forty days. The treatment worked very well for her. After one month she was able to walk properly without any support. She can even climb stairs occasionally without any support. We were lucky that we got to know about Charaka in time and did not go to any other english medicine doctor.

Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient

Rohith, Andhrapradesh, 26-09-2018

"I got to know of Charaka and Dr. Chandrasekhar while browsing for Ayurvedic treatment in Hyderabad. I went through the numerous testimonials and decided to give it a try. I was suffering from pain in my lower back and SI joints which was quite irregular. There were about 4 instances of such severe pain in the last 10yrs which became a little more frequent starting Feb' 18. My symptoms included stiffness in the lower back, pain in the SI joints, stiffness in the chest area in the mornings which would subside during the day, and reduced appetite. 

I was pretty impressed with the facility on my first visit itself - friendly staff, beautiful interiors, relaxing music in the background, airy and lit rooms, the whole ambience is soothing. I met with the doctor and since my HLAB27 test was positive, I was treated on the lines of Ankylosing Spondylitis. After assessing my condition, I was prescribed Panchakarma Therapy for a period of 2 months along with medication and very strict diet, the reason being certain foods cause inflammation and avoiding them is a must. The treatment was done in a professional manner by therapists who are warm and friendly. The treatment lasted 64 days and I am currently taking medicines. I was prescribed the same strict diet for another six months after which the restrictions would be lifted depending on my condition. It's been a month since I completed the treatment and so far I am feeling good. Although it is too early to tell, I believe the treatment and care given would help me come through this. I will revisit to detail my progress after six months. 

In the end, a few words about the doctor. Dr. Chandrasekhar is a very friendly doctor and easily approachable. He is always ready to answer your queries very patiently and inspires confidence in his patients. I have seen many people recover from more severe conditions because of his skill and care. I would definitely recommend Charaka to my near and dear."

Slip Disc / PCOD / Hypothyroid Patient

Lakshmi Aparna, Hyderabad, 01-12-2018

I was experiencing severe back ache which wouldn't subside on taking rest, I suspected it to be something more than normal back ache. On my next appointment with doctor I informed him about the pain [I had already undergone treatment for PCOS (which is now cured 


) and currently undergoing treatment for thyroid at Charaka]. He then diagnosed it accurately and on doing MRI scan it confirmed that I had two mild disc bulges in the neck and excessive curvature of spine. Doctor suggested 40 day Panchakarma treatment) which I undertook as I knew Doctor would cure it. I started recovering fairly from the 2nd week but being me I did mess up a little in between by over-straining myself. Doctor then told me to be careful during the treatment period as your body is quite sensitive at that time. After shirodhara and pizhichil sessions I felt major relief of about 50% and slowly the pain started reducing further. By the end of last week I was relieved upto 85%. Now its 2 months since the treatment and I have been relieved upto 90% (I know I should've recovered by now but my bad! Too much of strain). Hopefully in another month or two I'll recover completely. 
Apart from all of this, Dr. Chandrashekhar is one of the very few doctors in these days who are dedicated to their profession and honest with their patients. I am extremely thankful to him for the treatment and the motivation that he gives me (as I tend to get depressive and extremely stressed up quite sometimes 


) . Also, thanks to all the staff who have been extremely supportive and caring


Muscular Dystrophy Patient

Niraj, Hyderabad, 15-01-2019

“I have came to know about Charaka from one of my friend who was taking the treatment there. I have visited for consultation for my chronic (muscular dystrophy) condition . The experience has been brilliant and the results are great. Dr. Chandra Sekhar (Chief Vaidya) is an expert and can put you on best possible treatment for such illnesses. He monitors the treatment in person to ensure the best results. I used to go to many reputed hospitals before for treatment but the condition was progressive and after starting the medication at Charaka my condition is Stable, it’s been now an year. The current facility is fantastic and so are the therapists. I strongly recommend charaka to all who is suffering from chronic conditions.”

Infertility Patient

Anil, Hyderabad, 31-01-2019

My wife was having urinary tract infection, we were taking allopathic treatment for more than a year. It was reduced but not completely cured. Also, I was having low sperm motility. Because of these reasons my wife was unable to conceive.

We thought of trying Ayurveda and came to know about Charaka. We consulted Dr Soujanya and Dr Chandrashekhar, they prescribed some medicines for both me and my wife. It took only 1.5 month to get the result and my wife was able to conceive. She faced no difficulties during pregnancy and had a normal delivery. We are blessed with a baby boy. He is now 4.5 months old and is very active and healthy.

We are very much satisfied with the treatment. Sincere thanks to Dr Chandrashekhar and Dr Soujanya.

Multiple Health Concerns Patient

Rama Krishna, Hyderabad/USA, 15-03-2020

The best experience I ever had. He is simply the best doctor in the city.

Rejuvenation Guest

Vineela, Hyderabad, 08-03-2020

The spa sessions are so calming

Rejuvenation Guest

D Kor, 15-02-2020

Excellent service and massage. . spanking clean and updated clinic.Heavenly experience!

Multiple health concerns patient

Tejas, Mumbai, 15-02-2020

This place and doctor has a life changing experience for me. Doctor is very kind and caring. I would definitely recommend this place for a healthy life consulting. Things are explained very nicely and you are given enough time to explain your problems and understand the suggested treatment procedure.
Thank you Charaka and Dr. Chandrashekhar. 🙂

Sciatica / Severe Osteoarthritis Patient

Vijay Kumar, Hyderabad, 25-01-2020

My wife is suffering with pain in right knee n some pain in the waistline n back n shoulders n our well wisher doctor n prof. Ramasastry garu recommonded Dr. Chandrasekhar's name for total relief bcos pain is not relenting with the tablets.

I visited charaka panchakarma ayurveda hisoital with X Ray of both the knees n after checking Dr. Chandrasekhar said 'as per xray n initial checking there is ni big problem with the knee but she is experiencing severe pain n advised to go for MRI n knee screening'. After seeing MRI n knee screening doctor said some problem in L5 & S1 n sciatica nerve is troubling her n at knee it's palpitating, he suggested panchakarma therapy for whole body with special attention for knees.

Today she has completed 45 days therapy n her back, shoulder n waist pain is totally vanished but knee pain reduced 50% n for the total relief he has prescribed followup therapy every fortnight for some more time n I hope knee pain also will be relieved with this followup treatment..

Psoriasis Patient

Venkata Suresh, Hyderabad, 17-01-2020

I am happy to share my experience. Dr Chandra Shekhar sir is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. i am suffering from psoriasis past from 3years. he is the best in diagnosing and root cause of diseases. his hand is good(hastha vasi). now I am relived for this disease and living happy. my hole hearted thx u doctor sir. my suggestion is simple follow doctor sir sayings, what he says. u will rock and u will enjoy ur beautiful life. ??

CVA (Multiple Strokes) / Cerebral Atrophy / Parkinson Plus patient (daughter)

Dr. Shanti, USA, 05-01-2020

This review is long overdue. Our family benefited immensely from the treatment we received at Charaka Ayurvedic Hospital. Our treatment lasted four weeks, and as Dr. ChandraShekhar indicated at the very beginning of the treatment, given the advanced nature of our health conditions, we would have seen even more improvement with longer duration of treatment.

My father is 93 years old. He suffered a series of mini-strokes over past three years, and became very weak, unsteady on his feet, developed speech problems and lost the use of his right arm. Being a physician myself, after several months of allopathic treatments, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, I started looking at other options. It became clear to me after a few weeks of research that Ayurveda can actually bring about return of neurologic function better than any other modality. I tried booking treatment at a famous center in Kerala that specially deals with neurological diseases. And they politely told me that due to the advanced age of my father, they are not able to offer him treatment.

When I wrote to Dr. ChandraShekhar, I was quite skeptical. He immediately responded and informed me that all three members of my family can receive effective treatment at Charaka.

And we did. I suffer from Autoimmune disease, and obesity. My husband has psoriasis. And my dad had neurologic decline. All three of us returned from Charaka healthier than when we went there.

From initial consultation to the final recommendations at the end of treatment, Drs. ChandraShekhar and Sowjanya were excellent physicians. They not only provided highly effective treatment, but made sure that EVERY detail was taken care of, in order for us to succeed. We travelled from US for the treatment, and were not following the nutrition or the activities per treatment plan, mostly due to not having control over either matter. They thought of every detail and asked every day how we were going to make things work, and went above and beyond in helping us out in many ways. In my 30 years of career, I have seen the passion to heal in a handful of physicians, and they both certainly are top notch in that aspect.

The facility is pristine, and a haven for the people from Hyderabad as well as for those coming from out of town. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that there is no other facility in Hyderabad that provides such authentic ayurvedic treatments. It was such a relief for me that I did not need to go to Kerala with my 93 y/o father in order to receive treatment.

I did not go to Charaka to lose weight. I wanted to get a handle on my autoimmune disease. However....and I know people get excited about such things..I did lose significant amount of weight with the treatment, even in a short duration. And it was not 'water' weight. More importantly, I did not feel deprived, or tired. It was actually amazing! I felt light, healthy, and joyous, after a long time. Felt so energetic, I wanted to exercise again! Trying to stick to the principles I learnt from Dr. ChandraShekhar, so that the improvement continues.

My dad was able to move his right arm. On the days he rested according to the recommendations, his speech was clear. He was so wobbly at the beginning of the treatment, and by the end of it, he was able to walk with the help of a cane!

My husband was the toughest patient I think. He did not want to commit to the diet recommendations. But even without the Panchakarma treatment, he benefited from the medications Dr. ChandraShekhar prescribed.

The place is quite busy, and from the conversations with other patients, it is likely to get busier. And that is my wish for Charaka. In my opinion, Lord Dhanvantari definitely oversees the healing practices at Charaka. It is the best combination of professionalism, compassion and expertise.

Long live Charaka, and may it prosper and continue to bring good health to many more.

Fibromyalgia patient

Mrs. Debara, Hyderabad, 02-01-2020

This place is run with thorough professionalism. The doctors and staff are caring, thoughtful and so very patient. I underwent a 60 day Panchkarma treatment for Fibromyalgia and slip disc and I was guided clearly and realistically from the beginning to the end on what to expect and how much relief I'd get. And I'm satisfied enough to give the place 5 star rating.

Cervical Spondylosis / Disc bulge patient

Mr. Anil, USA, 30-12-2019

I underwent panchakarma at Charaka in September 2019 for my cervical spondylitis. The treatment was great and y spondylitis is completely cured and I can feel more rejuvenated. The doctor was great and the staff was skilled and professional. Thanks to the doctor and his team for their quality of service.

Slip Disc / Disc Herniation patient

Mr. Vamshi Sagar, Hyderabad, 25-12-2019

In my case I was suffering with disc bulge/slip resulting in lower back pain and visited many specialty hospitals for around 8 months i couldn't get a solution. All doctors were suggesting for a surgery. During one of our team conversation in office our colleague suggested charaka Ayurveda & Dr Chandra Shekhar.

The treatment was for 45days, I could see an improvement in the first 10days, Its been almost a month from the treatment and now i am relived from the back pain. By following the diet guideline & Medication shared by the doctor, we can cure disk slip and disc bulge cases.

Charaka is 100% genuine Ayurveda center offering natural treatment and a solution.The support staff are cooperative and well trained in various aspects of panchkarma.I would highly recommend this center to people.

Spondylosis (Cervical / Lumbar) patient

Ms. Pallavi, Hyderabad, 22-12-2019

I went here at a position where I was not able to move my left side given my early spondylosis. I haven't ever seen a more humble and hospitable doctor and the staff. The treatment started and in no time I could see my health improving. The care that the staff showed made me recover at high speed. The medication is minimal based on the requirement only. Glad that I got treated by the best doctor. Kudos. To charaka speciality Ayurveda. Thank you. Ever grateful.

Serious health concerns patient

Mr. Ravi, Usa, 20-12-2019

True ayurveda clinic and one of best in India. Admire passion and dedication of Dr Chandrashekar. Have been taking treatment for a serious condition since 2013 and always thankful to his patience and care.

Slip Disc / Disc Herniation - Cervical / Lumbar patient

Ms. Pavani, Hyderabad, 07-12-2019

I am a 26 yr old IT employee. I had disc bulge/herniated disc at multiple places from neck to lower back. This made me restrict to bed. It was a serious condition which required surgery. But even the doctors were not ready to go for it considering my age and complexity as that was not the permanent/complete solution. Understood the situation and started researching on various options to get solution to my problem.
Then I found ayurveda has solutions for this and choosed Charaka Ayurveda.

As i was not able to move from bed and go to hospital, we have taken the home consultation. Dr. Chandrashekar has gone through the MRI reports and explained the severity of the problem. He then suggested a procedure that can be done at home because of which I gained strength to travel to Charaka.

Panchakarma was prescribed for 45 days.
Diet to be followed is explained to me.
Dr.Soujanya used to closely monitored me during the course and instruct the team accordingly.

Staff are well experienced and very friendly.
Now i rejoined my work and doing well with certain precautions. All this is made possible with the experience of Dr. chandrashekar and Dr. Soujanya and their motivation helped me to come out of that condition. They were always available on mobile whenever I required to speak to them.
Many thanks to Dr.Chandrashekar and Dr Soujanya.

I would definitely recommend Charaka Ayurveda for any kind of medical illness as this is natural way of curing by understanding the root cause of the problem.

Parkinson's disease patient

Mr. X, Hyderabad, 03-12-2019

3 Months back, we admitted our dad(75) for Parkinson's & Stooped posture.
Before:He was unable to walk with out WALKER, unable to tend his chores, need 24/7 help.

Treatment : 45 days Panchakarma.

After : Today his hand & legs shaking(Parkinson) is gone. Every morning he is able to walk on his own to community (2 Km) park and meet his old friends. He goes out to get Grocery (like good old days)

Satisfaction: We can say he is cured 90%, Dr. Chandrasekhar & his ever polite staff are AWESOME. Thank you for all your help, my dad is completely a new person now.

Slip Disc / LBA / Sciatica patient

Mr. Lokesh, Hyderabad, 17-11-2019

Inspite of all advancements in modern medicines, Ayurveda still holds key to treatment of various diseases. Moreover it strives to remove ailment from root. However it is quite important to go for genuine Ayurvedic center.
Charak is one such genuine center offering h treatments of host of diseases. Dr sir himself is very cordial and listens to problems very patiently. The support staff are also very cooperative and well trained in various aspects of panchkarma and massage.
In my particular case I had disc problems causing excruciating pain in my lower back. There were days when I was confined to bed. However on account of treatment from Charak comprising of panchkarma and medicine my situation has returned back to normal in a matter of 3 months.
I would highly recommend this center to people.

Sports injury - Knee - multiple Ligaments tear patient

Mr. Vishal, Hyderabad, 09-11-2019

I met with accident 6 years back and I have been suffering from knee pain since then, doctors advised me for surgery but i didnt accept then, later i have heard about Dr.Chandra shekar and have gone through the Panchakarma treatment at Charaka Ayurveda as advised by Doctor, now i have no pain and feeling very comfortable, Thank you Sir

Multiple health concerns - Family

Mrs. Archana, Hyderabad, 29-10-2019

The best place for Ayurveda. Doctor is very patient and helpful! I recommend to all the people, who are looking for genuine ayurveda treatment!

Ankylosing Spondylitis patient

Ms. Rajashree, Orissa, 24-10-2019

I was suffering from morning stiffness and pain at various joints like knees, shoulders, ankles, neck pain, back pain for the last 8-9 years and diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in the year 2017.
I had been prescribed by my rheumatologist a variety of painkillers, biologics and other medicine during the treatment. It seems like it was only suppressing the pain and once I stop taking the injection my condition will be back to square one.
So after failing to get any relief from allopathy I was looking out for some good ayurveda treatment and came to know about CHARAKA 'The Speciality Ayurveda' from google search.
I visited Charaka and consulted Dr. M Chandra Sekhar. Doctor suggested for a 90 days panchakarma therapy and to follow a proper & timely diet during and after treatment. I got the treatment done and must say I have recovered nearly 90%. Now I am able to carry on with my daily routines without pain.
Not only me my mother got tremendous relief after taking the prescribed medicine by Dr. M Chandra Sekhar for frozen shoulder and my sister also consulted him as she was suffering from severe allergic and breathing problem and the prescribed medicine has done wonders and now she don't have to use Seroflo inhaler on regular basis.
Apart from the best treatment the most impressive thing about the clinic is the excellent hygienic conditions and truly dedicated professional therapists & staff. Really worth to get treated here. I strongly recommend CHARAKA 'The Speciality Ayurveda' to those who look for long term and no side effects treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Chandra Sekhar & Dr. Soujanya. Keep up the good work.

Multiple health concerns patient

Mrs. Fairoza, Hyderabad, 07-10-2019

I found this doctor in 2016 and was treated perfectly well where all allopathy failed. Dr.Chandrasekhar never gave up on me. He is very knowledgable and knows the best for his patients. We need to have patience and trust and rest his magic works. Thank you doctor

Anosmia & General health concerns patient

Eric Perez, Mexico, 22-09-2019

One of the best clinics for Ayurveda treatment in Hyderabad. I have been coming here for three years while I was leaving in Hyderabad and always got results. My last treatment was a complex Anosmia that I treated with four different otorrino with no success until doctor Chandra Shekar suggested a treatment that really helped. Thank you doctor you are amazing!

Multiple health concerns - Family

Mrs. Radha rani, Hyderabad, 08-09-2019

A Holistic approach in the treatment. We consider doctor Chandra sekhar as " God " in disguise. Charaka should be the first choice when anybody wants an alternative medicine without side effects.

(Slip Disc / Radiculopathy / Osteoarthritis patient)

Mr. Raghram Sharma, Hyderabad, 05-09-19

Dr. Chandrasekhar is one of the best doctors I have been to thusfar. He is the best in diagnosing the root cause of the problem. He is candid and professional in his communication with the patients. We have got the treatment recently for OA and Ulnar nerve compression. The traetment they provided gave us good relief. The medicine prescribed were safe and we have not experienced any side effects of it. Their team is very disciplined and professional. Regular monitoring by the doctor during the treatment gave us good confidence. My sincere thanks to the doctor for all his help and advice.



Your center has been recommended by one of my local friend for its dedicated massage application. It is my personal observation, after having visited number of ayurvedic centers, that CHARAKA has been very very intensive and dedicated care while doing the massage. It has reduced my stress levels, which have been quite high earlier.

This service has been an energizer for me whenever I am in deep stress levels. I have observed that my ACTIVE LEVELS have increased. Surprisingly I have not found my self taking any medicines since I came here.


Mrs.Vanaja, Hyderabad. 10-07-2005

I am a PARKINSON’S DISEASE patient. I am teacher in a school. I have been suffering with disease since last 5 years and my age is 41 years. Presently I am on allopathy treatment since then. Iam a strong believer of Ayurveda & yoga. Occasionally I was using Ayurvedic medicines. One of my relative suggested me CHARAKA AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL.

I visited this hospital and doctor suggested me Panchakarma therapy, some internal medication and Pranayama. I have taken full course of Panchakarma therapy.

I have my self as a new person. I am much better now. Intensity of my symptoms have come down drastically and my body is much free than ever. Now I am using lesser doses of allopathic medications. I feel that my suffering has been reduced by at least 65 to70% and I feel very much rejuvenated.

I will be thankful to Ayurveda and this hospital.


G.VENKATESH, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad. 18-12-2006

I am 36 years old and working in a temple in Secunderabad as electrician. Suddenly I was affected with PARALYSIS. I was taken to sigma hospital in secunderabad and I was treated there for about 1month a got partial recovery less than 10% and I was completely bed ridden after discharge and doctors told me that I will recover slowly.

Then my relatives and friends advised me to take ayurvedic treatment and I came to CHARAKA AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL. There I was given 34 days of vigorous Panchakarma therapy. I am now 80% recovered and am able walk and do all the activities on my own without any support. I am able to speak clearly.

Iam thankful to dr.chandrashekhar and his staff for their sincerity because if I have not taken this treatment on right time, I would have been bed ridden in my entire life.


Sangeetha. Hyderabad 11-12-2005.

I Sangeetha aged 21yrs. I was suffered with FACIAL PALASY, which does not occur in young age. Then I became so panic I thought that it never recovers in my life. Then I heard about CHARAKA.I had taken treatment of 1 month. Dr. M.Chandra shekhar and his dedicated staff has taken care of me in such a way that my problem was cured with in 25 days only. I think that problem will not occur in lifetime. I am very thankful to Doctor and also his well experienced therapists. Now am very happy in my life.


Sushil Ramchander. Hyderabad. 09-02-2006

I am from a family of Medical profession for the past 5 decades. I had suffering from SCIATICA pain on my right side back hip and the leg for the past 1 yr .I happen to see an advertise in deccan chornical and my friend advised me to consult Dr.. M.Chandra shekhar in CHARAKA for Ayurvedic treatment. I have joined there and gone through the treatment and in just 14 days I didn’t know where my SCIATICA pain had gone.

I wish them all success in their sincere work.


P.Roopeshwari Hyderabad 08-11-2005

I was suffering from BACK PAIN for the last 5 yrs. I have heard about CHARAKA from one my relative and decided to join for the treatment. I had taken treatment for 29 days. There was an improvement in my pain during the 1 week itself. Gradually as week passed by my pain has also been decreasing gradually. Now I have been cured by almost 90% .I am very thankful to the Dr. M.Chandra shekhar and very dedicated staff.


Gurumeeth Singh 17-09-2006

I was advice by Dr. M.Chandra shekhar to have KAYA KALPA CHIKISTHA treatment which will help me to reduce my BACK PAIN. By getting this treatment the advantages I got are • My back pain has been reduced

• My hair fall was also reduced
• My stress and strain has been reduced
• My skin has became smooth
• My memory has increased
• My weight was reduced

So, I feel that the treatment has given me a new meaning. I have prolonged for quite a long time. Now the end product is I am very satisfied by the treatment.


B. Shanthi. Ameerpet, Hyderabad. 20-10-06

I have been taking a panchakarma therapy from Dr. M. Chandra Shekhar in CHARAKA for past 13 days and am totally released and relieved of all my pains that were associated with CHIKUNGUNYA fever .I have found the services here are very good and the staff is also very efficient and dedicated in their work.

(Shirodhara massage)

Lydia Hoelistra, Holland. 17-02-06

First time I came to CHARAKA but had already Experienced Ayurvedic massage before. Shirodhara was the first time .I enjoyed it very much, totally relaxing. The staff that massaged me was very experienced, dedicated and friendly in nature. It was a much better experience than I had in Delhi. They really took the time to give me a perfect massage. I feel like borne again.


B. Bharadwaj UK 09-06-2006

I, B.Bharathwaj, 30tys old, been suffering from LOWER BACK PAIN for long time close to1.5yrs, visited CHARAKA for consultation undergone for treatment almost 21 sittings, found quite relief and satisfied. Really appreciate.

I would recommend for any individual with the support of treatment under gone. Highly appreciate the staff that has done the KAYA KALPA CHIKISTHA, and also Dr.M.Chandra shekhar.


M.PRABHAKAR Bapubagh colony, Secunderabad. 27-08-2005

I am Mr.Prabhakar. My age is 38 yrs and I am a cloth merchant. I am suffering with ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS since last 4 yrs. I have consulted several allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurvidic doctors and even taken rural herbal medicines but no where I got relieved of my problem. There used to be some relief and again after some days the problem is same as original.

Then I visited CHARAKA. Initially doctor gave some Ayurvidic medicines and advised me to take Panchakarma therapy for 1 month. it took almost 6 wks for my treatment and advised me of strict diet and asked me continue internal medications.

Now I am almost totally all right and occasionally I get few symptoms. Doctor assured me that even those would disappear in some days.

I am very thankful to the doctor and his staff for their sincerity towards treatments and patient care. I will be very grateful to god because he has shown me the way to CHARAKA and gifted me new life.


Mrs. Subbalakshmi Hyderabad 08-03-2004

I am Mrs. Subbalakshmi, 52yrs, housewife. I am a diabetic patient since last 13 years. I underwent surgery in 1992 in NIMS hospital, Hyderabad for LUMBAR SPONDYLITIS. Now again I was diagnosed as having Slip disc at L4-L5 after taking MRI scan and advised for surgery again.

This time my family members and I were not willing to undergo surgery because of complications. My son in law is an Anesthetist and he suggested me to take Ayurvedic treatment. We were suggested to CHARAKA hospital by one of our relative.

We met Dr.Chandrashekhar in CHARAKA hospital and after consultation doctor advised for Panchakarma therapy. I underwent total Panchakarma therapy for about 28 days. After the therapy now I am almost normal and am able to walk without any discomfort. I am very very thankful to CHARAKA hospital and my hearty wishes to all of them.


ARUN KUMAR Adilabad. 21-08-2005

I, Mr.Arun kumar, 21 yrs student from Adilabad, am suffering with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS since last 10 yrs. Initially I got fits in Oct’1993 and I was taken to NIMS hospital, Hyderabad and I was diagnosed as TBM with R.focal seizures and I was given ATT for 9 months. Then I got left optic neuritis in Nov’1993, left HEMIPARESIS in Mar’1994, right optic neuritis in Sept’1994, left Hemiparesis in May’1997

In 1997 in NIMS hospital, Hyderabad, I was diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis patient. Since then onwards I was having on or other problem recurrently and was getting Hemiparesis attack almost every year and I was given treatment in Care hospital, Hyderabad.

Then I visited CHARAKA Ayurvedic Panchakarma centre on the advice of my brother Mr.Kiran kumar, who is an ayurvedic student in Govt. Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad. I have treaded successfully in this hospital. I was given Panchakarma therapy for one month. By the completion of treatment I got my vision improved by 70%. I was feeling much healthier and I got strength and stamina in my entire body. I was given oral medication for about 6 months.

Now it is almost 2 years after completing Panchakarma therapy. Till now I am perfectly alright. I came here to take Kayakalpa therapy for preventive purpose.

I am very thankful to this hospital and staff. Special thanks to Dr.Chandrashekhar for his dedicated work in saving my life.

(MND Patient)

Rattaiah Ongole 07-02-2004

My name is Rattaiah, 45 yrs. Iam a farmer from Ongole district of Andhrapradesh. I was suffering with MND since last 6 months. But since last one month I developed rapidly progressing muscle wasting, started in left upper arm and extended to Lt. Shoulder and half of the chest. Then I was brought to Hyderabad and shown in Apollo hospital and they confirmed it as MND and said that my prognosis is poor and advised physiotherapy.

Then I consulted Dr.Chandra shekhar in CHARAKA AYURVEDIC CENTER for taking treatment. I have given 1month Panchakarma therapy. I was totally cured and regained additional 2 kgs wt. doctor suggested me to continue medication for 6 months.

Iam very greatful to the doctor as he has given me new life.


N.SRINIVAS REDDY Dishuknagar, Hyderabad 02-10-2005

I am a 34 yrs businessman. I had severe CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS with dragging pain in my left hand and numbness in my fingers.I have been advised to undergo immediate surgery after taking MRI. Then one of my friends suggested to take ayurvidic treatment and given the address of CHARAKA.

I consulted the doctor and he advised me to take 4 wks of Panchakarma therapy. Then I have taken opinion of my friends and family members and taken different opinions of different doctors. Finally decided to take treatment from CHARAKA. In first week I found very marginal relief but from second week onwards there was a marked improvement. I found total of around 80 to 85% improvement after finishing therapy. Then I was advised by doctor to continue medications for about another 3 months. Now it is almost 2 months after finishing treatment and I am 99% alright. I am very thankful to the doctor who has given a wonderful gift in my life and appreciate this staff for their committed work.


Saroja kukatpally, Hyderabad. 19-12-2005

I am N.L.Saroja, aged 44 yrs and working in a bank for the last 23 yrs. I have enjoyed good health and vibrant life till the age of 38 yrs. But later slowly and steadily I have observed that I have started body pains and when I went to Physicians, the problem was diognised as RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS WITH EARLY OSTEOPOROSIS, and medicines were given. But the problem persisted and became more and more severe. I have consulted Dr.Rama Sastry from Govt.Ayurvedic Hospital and he had advised me to consult Dr.Chandra Sekhar at Charaka Hospital, P.G.Road, Secunderabad.

In 2005 I underwent extensive PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT wherein treatment was given initially with powder, oil and herbs, medicated oil and finally with milk and rice flour for 8 weeks and I was prescribed certain medicines and tonics also during the treatment period. Once the PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT is completed, certain medicines, capsules and also some tonics were prescribed for regular usage. I have started recovering slowly and steadily once I started taking the treatment and the impact became more and more prominent as the time passed. I could not do my daily chores without using pain killers daily, prior to the treatment, whereas the usage of pain killers has been totally stopped after the treatment. The movement of the body has become more comfortable and natural. The pain in the joints i.e., in every joint of the body has reduced steadily and now it is almost nil. With the prescribed medicines used regularly and with the diet suggested by Dr.Chandra Sekhar I am very happy to regain my health to a large extent and I am feeling very normal and free from sickness, which would have crippled me a lifetime.

I am really impressed by the treatment given and the commitment shown for the treatment by Dr.Chandra Sekhar and his team in treating me effectively.

I am thankful to the girls who helped me to regain my lost health and ever grateful to Dr.Chandra Sekhar and Dr.Rama Sastry for giving me the required Ayurvedic treatment and brought me out of the great mental agony and I am enjoying good health today.

(VERTIGO and ear problem)

Pankaj Hyderabad 03-08-07

I took treatment for my VERTIGO and ear problem at CHARAKA. After taking treatment with Dr.chandra shekhar, I am feeling great improvement in my health. As of now I am better by almost 90%.


Rehana Hyderabad 17-09-07

I have taken treatment at CHARAKA for my INFERTILITY problem. After taking 3 months treatment for me and my husband, I have conceived and we are blessed with a baby boy.

We are very grateful to dr.chandra shekhar. Before we came to him we were very much depressed. But now we are the most happiest persons in the world. Thanks to the doctor.


Rajeev Delhi 06-12-07

I am a software professional working for a MNC at Delhi. I came to CHARAKA for taking treatment for my back. I am suffering with SCIATICA since last 2 years. Allopathy doctors advised me to undergo surgery for my problem.

After taking treatment for 28 days here at CHARAKA, I am feeling 95% better. All my sciatica symptoms have vanished. Strength of my back is improved and feeling very positive.

Over all the treatment is excellent and I am very much thankful to the doctor.

(PSORIASIS and joint pains)

Krishnaiah Nalgonda, A.P. 12-01-08

My wife was suffering with PSORIASIS and joint pains. We came to CHARAKA on suggestion of my relative. She got very good improvement with in 3 month after taking treatment here.

I am very thankful to Dr. Chandra shekhar.

Knee joint pain (OSTEO ARTHRITS)

Chandra bhushan Secunderabad 01-11-07

I am feeling much better after taking treatment here in CHARAKA for my knee joint pain (OSTEO ARTHRITS). Doctor told me that there is no permanent cure for this problem and it can only be maintained. After seeing the improvement in my knee condition, I am feeling much confident.


Krishna Hyderabad 26-10-07

I am marketing manager, working for a reputed publication. Because my hectic activity and stress, I have got effected with back pain (LUMBAR SPONDYLITIS).

I know Dr.Chandra shekhar for the past 3 years and always use to take suggestions from him regarding all my health problems and life style queries. I became a great fan of Ayurveda because of him.

For my back pain, doctor suggested me to undergo Panchakarma therapy after seeing my back x-ray. I took Panchakarma therapy for 25 days and the result is amazing. I am almost cured. I am feeling better by 99%.

My sincere thanks to the Dr.Chandra shekhar and his staff. I would recommend all others to switch to Ayurveda.


Praveen Hyderabad 15-11-2007

I was suffering with severe HAIR FALL. I have used all sorts of medicines, lotions for this. But of no use. I took treatment at CHARAKA for 18 days.

I am really impressed with the result. I am totally satisfied and thanks to the doctor.

(PSORIASIS patient )

Prashanth Hyderabad 21-02-2008

I am a software engineer suffering from PSORIASIS since last 1 year. I have tried different medicines before coming to CHARAKA.

After taking treatment from Dr.Chandra shekhar, my problem almost (90%) got cured. I am continuing the medication given by doctors and following all the principles. I am very happy by the treatment I received at CHARAKA.


Prathap Ananthapur, A.P. 17-11-2007

I am a patient of MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY since 6 years. 2 years back I took panchakarma treatment in CHARAKA for about 40 days. Since then I am continuing the medicines given by Dr.Chandra shekhar. My condition remained stable. Further growth of the Disease has stopped after the treatment. But there is no improvement in earlier condition.

I am satisfied by the treatment.


Sathish Hyderabad 25-03-2008

I am suffering with LUMBAR SPONDYLITIS since last 5 years and CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS since last one year. I came to CHARAKA and consulted doctor on one of my friends’ suggestion. Doctor advised me to take MRI scan and scan showed multiple degenerated discs.

Doctor advised me to take AYURVEDIC PANCHAKARMA THERAPY and after taking 35 days treatment I am feeling 90% improvement in all my symptoms. I am feeling very much energetic and rejuvenated. Thanks to Dr.Chandra shekhar and thanks to CHARAKA.

Laxmi, Secunderabad. 01-03-2008

I have been suffering with SCIATICA problem since last 4 years. Before I came to CHARAKA, I have already taken Ayurvedic therapy in another center but couldn’t get rid of this problem. One of relative who got cured at CHARAKA, suggested me to consult Dr.Chandra shekhar.

After taking almost one month PANCHAKARMA THERAPY as suggested by the doctor, I have been totally cured of my problem and all my symptoms are cured. I am feeling very active. I am very thankful to Dr.Chandra shekhar and his team and I feel he is one of the best doctors I have ever met.

Show reddy & Sunderi, Hyderabad. 16-11-2007

My son Mr. Joseph vishal is suffering from psychiatric (PSYCHOSIS) problem. He is using allopathic medicine since last 5 yrs and ayurvedic medicine from 2 yrs. We had given him PANCHAKARMA treatment in CHARAKA. My son underwent almost 6 weeks of Panchakarma therapy.

Before this treatment we use face hell every day. By this treatment he had recovered 80%. We are very satisfied by the treatment given at CHARAKA.

We are very thankful to Dr. Chandra shekhar who had given us the peace to our life and new life to my son. And also to his dedicated staff.

Show Reddy & Sunitha, Warangal. 13-11-07

My son Mast. T.Srujan reddy, 12yrs old, is suffering from MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY problem. With this problem my son use to walk but he can’t balance himself. So he use to fall down every time. There was no strength in his legs. We had consulted many doctors in many hospitals but every one had replied that there is no treatment for this problem.

Through one of my relative I heard about CHARAKA in Hyderabad. Last month we have consulted with Dr. M.Chandra shekhar at CHARAKA. After examining, doctor gave my son full course of AYURVEDIC PANCHAKARMA THERAPY for about 1 month.

After the treatment my son got strength in his legs and is walking steadily without falling down, his muscle became strong.

We are very much satisfied with the treatment. I am very thankful to the Doctor and to his well experience and dedicated staff.

(MND Patient)

Ravi, Hyderabad. 19-11-07

I am suffering from MND since last 2 yrs. I have consulted so many doctors and every doctor said there is no treatment. Then I consulted in CHARAKA on the suggestion of my relatives.

After taking treatment in CHARAKA, I find easiness in my body and there is some difference in my body movements. My voice & speech has improved.

I am happy with your treatment and your follow up is also good. It is appreciated.

Julia, Russia. 5-03-2008

I was suffering from MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) since last 15 years. Before I came here, I was feeling numbness in the left side of the head, arm. My both legs were completely numb especially on feet.

After almost 2 months of treatment the numbness subsides and my walk became steadier than before. I still feel slight numbness in the both the feet. But the positive tendency lets us hope for full recovery. We are regularly using the medicine that Dr.M.Chandra shekhar had prescribed.

I’m fully satisfied with the services and the treatment offered at CHARAKA and will recommend others suffering from different types of illness to have treatment here.

Teodora lelia popa, Romania. 02-03-2008

I was suffering from MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) since last 6 years. Before I started taking treatment at CHARAKA, I used to have irregular headache, eye problem and paralysis attacks and I have taken different forms of therapy including Api-Phyto-Therapy.

I have taken AYURVEDIC PANCHAKARMA treatment for around 60 days which had made me feel better. They made me feel very much comfortable while undergoing treatment with their Medical treatment, Medicine and regular observation by Dr. Chandra shekhar about my health issues.

As of now I’m feeling better by 90%. My earlier problems are been slowly reduced with the treatment and improved my health and made me feel good.

Kara Collins, USA.1-12-2007

My experience has been wonderful. Every one at CHARAKA is very helpful and made feel much better, rested and rejuvenated. Even the responsiveness to the issues I had during my treatment was incredible as well.

(MND Patient)

Virmani S, Ranchi.16-12-08

As a patient I felt it satisfactory. I feel that within one month I will get more strength

(HAIR FALL patient)

CS USA. 28-11-08

I have received excellent treatment for my problem. The doctor has been extraordinarily patient with my questions on Ayurveda. I plan to be in regular touch with the doctor while I am away in the U.S. and came back for review later.

Reema ravindranath, Hyderabad. 26-10-08

Suffering from acute knee pain (0STEO ARTHRITIS). I was treated for 22 days for the same, there was considerable improvement in pain being relieved. The service rendered is very good.

Praveen S, Srikakulam. 12-01-09

I have got the information about this Ayurveda center from one of my friend who successfully completed treatment of the same disease (PSORIASIS) and cured properly. For the last three months I am taking treatment, the result till now is satisfactory.

The responsibility shown by Dr. Chandra shekhar is appreciable. He is open to all types of clarifications and very much co-operative, he suggested that it will take some more period to get 100 percent result from the course.

Praveen.M, Hyderabad. 20-12-08

I am suffering from PSORIASIS for the past 3 months and was heavily spread all over my head.

The treatment given and the course of medicines practical were very helpful through which the severity got controlled and finally vanished completely.

I am very thankful to the Doctor who helped me and guided me throughout the course.

Prasad. T.V, Secunderabad. 28-09-08

I have been suffering from PSORIASIS for the past 3 months and I have consulted 3 to 5 dermatologist of reputed firms of Apollo, Challa nursing home. But the results are nil.

Then I have undergone for homeopathy treatment for almost all two months and the results are nil.

I approached CHARAKA in a desperate situation and within one month the results are started and with in 3 months I have recovered fully. Now I don’t have any problem from psoriasis.

Mahesh. S, Hyderabad. 13-12-08

Excellent Doctor’s treatment. We are very much satisfied by this, staff behavior and service was excellent.

Ms. Aman, Hyderabad. 05-09-08

The treatment has been very satisfactory. The condition of my hair has improved to a great extent. The staff is extremely helpful.

All in all, a great experience

(Written by MND Patient’s daughter)

Mr. Bikshumaiah Hyderabad 13-12-08

After joining CHARAKA for treatment, V.Bikshamaiah felt good and he felt the disease will cure.

Before he did not slept, that is recovered mainly and he got courage. Asthama problem also recovered. Treatment is very good.

After consulting so many doctors we find here the hope. We are happy and treatment helped so much. Total massages and medicines are good, all are helped a lot.

Finally we are happy and we are suggesting anyone to take treatment here.

Especially we are thankful to Mr,Dr.Chandra shekar garu. He helped a lot.

Thank you CHARAKA.

Aditya, Secunderabad. 11-08-08

I have been suffering from ANKYLOSING SPONDYLOSIS since last 10 years. Because of this I used to feel pain and stiffness in neck, shoulders, lower back, hip joins. When attack used to come I used t have a tough time in doing my regular activities.

Before coming to CHARAKA I had severe problem in walking and had pain in neck, shoulders, and hip joints. During few days of the treatment, I could see the results and at the completion of the treatment my pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back was gone and it persists some times in only right hip joint.

(HAIR FALL patient)

Ayyannar, Hyderabad. 23-11-08

Really happy with the treatment and able to realize a good hair growth and including this, my digestion also becomes normal after the Panchkarma treatment. Really excited with the treatment.

Dr.chandra shekar really patience with the patient and figures out the exact problem and gives treatment exactly.

Krishna chaitanya, USA 26-03-09

Had a very nice experience at CHARAKA. The treatment seems very helpful and working. The people are very friendly and efficient,

Thanks to CHARAKA staff. Keep up the good work.

Keshava reddy, Karimnagar 14-04-09

I was suffering from PSORIASIS for the last 10 years. Then I contacted Dr,Chandra shekar to solve the problem

Now this time totally cleared. Right now I am happy and the Dr,Chandra shekar care for me.

Hari Prasad, Hyderabad. 12-02-09

To be a victim of HAIR LOSS problem, I would suggest which I have taken treatment is excellent and my hair started growing within a day after taking the treatment without any side effects.

So now I am happy to tell that my hair growing well.

Vijay K reddy, Nellore. 07-04-09

I would like to thank Dr,Chandra shekar ji for excellent Ayurvedic treatment, as I was suffering from BACK PAIN and other problems.

CHARAKA Ayurveda has given me excellent treatment to cure within short period.

Secondly, I would like to thank CHARAKA staff for their co-operation

I wish all the success to CHARAKA.


Sudhakar, Hyderabad. 05-02-09

After 4 months of treatment 90% relief of pain.

Mrs. Fatima, Hyderabad. 15-02-09

I had RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS from past 10 years. Before in the initial stages the pains were very less but as the days passed all the pains increased.

I tried many treatments in Unani, Homeo, but I found not much improvement. Then after that with my relatives view, I started my treatment in NIMS. The treatment is going on from 8 years and still going on. But if I eat the prescribed pills, my pains would reduce, after that till evening the pains were normal. Until I eat those tablets, my pains would not reduce.

I came to know about CHARAKA, they did me messages and I found a good progress in my health my pains reduced and I stopped eating one of tabs which was a pain killer tablet now, I am feeling much better.

A very good improvement in my health since the treatment has started.

(MND Patient)

P. Battacharjee Kanpur, U.P. 05-09-2008

Treatment started from 20th July. After completing the treatment of 1 and ½ months, result is satisfactory. Some improvements came in the legs.

(Written by MND Patient’s son)

Mr. Nawalgaria binod, Calcutta. 13-10-08

My father (Mr,Binod nawalgaria) was suffering from MND disease. The symptoms were from the last 8 months starting from mar-08,

The disease got diagnosed in the month of Aug-08. I took him to CHARAKA in the month of sep-08 and he took the treatment for 30 days.

During the period of 30 days of treatment there was no improvement though none of major deterioration was also not there.

(Written by Parkinson’s patient’s wife)

Mr. BMR Shastry, Secunderabad 11-08-08

My husband has got paralysis in 1994 and PARKINSON’S DISEASE in 2002. Till 2008 we used allopathic medicine, it was ok with lot of side effects. From 04-07-08, we started Ayurvedic treatment at CHARAKA, it was very much satisfactory. He improved a lot and speaking well. The atmosphere here and staff are good. With patience they will service and co-operative while doing the treatment. We believed that the Devotional attitude along with the treatment recovers the patient faster.

We felt that every patient coming here stay with complete health. We expect this will continue in the same way.

We are very thankful to Dr.Chandra shekar. Treatment gave us very good satisfaction.

Mrs. Vijaya lakshmi, Secunderabad. 02-01-09

I have been suffering from back pain (LUMBAR SPONDYLITIS & SCIATICA) & neck pain and numbness in my hands (CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS) for the past 19 years.

After coming to CHARAKA, I improved a lot. Before starting the treatment I was suffering with numbness in legs, knee joint pains, sleeplessness, anemia and irregular periods. I was unable to do forward bending, sitting on the floor and lifting weights. I was getting tired,

After the completion of the treatment all the above problems reduced to a greater extent. now I am getting good sleep, anemia is improved and my cycle has become regular. Numbness, knee joint pains and neck pain are reduced. Eye sight improved.

This treatment has given me lot of benefits. Doctor’s co-operation and guidance gave me lot of confidence.

Mrs. Yamini Priya, Hyderabad. 12-02-09

My name is Yamini. I am 29 yrs old. I came to CHARAKA as I had severe pain in lower back and left leg. After consultation with Dr. Chandra shekhar I came to know it was SCIATICA and I was dealing with this pain from almost a year.

Dr.Chandra shekhar asked me to take PANCHA KARMA treatment. I took this treatment for almost 2 months. I under gone various massages which included herbs, medicated oils and rice, now I can say I feel better. now I don’t feel the pain in my back and legs, its really good and I can feel the change in my body.

Coming to the services offered at CHARAKA, the team is really good and dedicated, I have to really say thank to Dr. Chandra shekhar and his team.

(MND Patient)

Mrs. Farida Kataria UK. 22-04-09

I have been diagnosed with BULBAR PALSY – MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE in Sep’2008 by UK doctors. I took option of treatment by using alternative medicine because there is no cure in Allopathy medicine.

My first visit to India took me to the accupunturist in aurangabad and this was a two months treatment. I found some benefit from this. I returned to UK and due to the cold weather my condition went back to normal.

Via the internet I researched the Ayurvedic treatments which were available in India and all the testimonials were praising the CHARAKA.

Therefore we came to Hyderabad in Feb’2009 with my family. As a female I respect modesty which was very important to me. This was taken care by the CHARAKA. The nursed treated me well and psychologically I was feeling good.

My backache improved, my speech improved a little and my general health improved. The one thing I have received from this institution is guidance of how to look after myself to reduce the harms of this terminal illness MND.

I found the treatment beneficial to me, the nurses very good to me and treated me with great care.

(MND Patient)

Mr. S.Mahesh, Anantapur. 16-03-09

In the month of May’2008, we have observed stiffness of right hand and shoulder. Immediately we consulted allopathic doctor in Kurnool. After using the medicines, stiffness got released little bit. In Dec’2008 felt further weakness overall and we took him to Bangalore and done the entire tests in BGS hospital which confirmed MND.

In Jan’2009 we thought Ayurvedic treatment is better and we joined treatment in CHARAKA.

After finishing this treatment his voice has improved a lot. Standing and sitting, walking has improved. Muscle re-growth has come. Fasciculations have come done. Breathing has improved a lot. Swallowing is also better. Muscle development is seen even in face and neck.

Staff behavior and service was good, especially Dr.Chandra shekar treatment was excellent. We are very satisfied by this.


Afroz Fatima Dubai. 23-09-2009

Very good treatment. I got relieved from my pains. I am very thankful to Doctor and his staff.

K.Prasad Neredmet, Secunderabad. 22-06-09

I am K.Prasad. I was suffering from BACK PAIN (SLIP DISC) since 10yrs. I have visited to ESI hospital which is in Nacharam and also to NIMS. After we visited Global hospital also. There doctors said that they don’t have hope in doing operation. They didn’t give us 50% chances also for recovery of patient. That’s why by listening to our friends words, we reached to CHARAKA for treatment. We gained little confidence by talking to the Doctor.

Before treatment I suffered a lot with pain. Now after treatment my back has come down. 95% pain has subsided. Before in sleeping position also, I suffered a lot with pain. Now it has subsided almost.

Joseph Karimnagar dist, Andhrapradesh. 14-07-09

I came to your hospital on 29-04-08 as I was suffering with PARKINSON’S DISEASE. Since then I was using the medicines prescribed by you. My health has been stabilized and I am feeling much better now.

VENKAT SURESH, Hyderabad. 06-11-09

I Venkat suresh, patient of CHARAKA (THE SPECIALITY AYURVEDA) Institute of Panchakarma and Research.

As I am suffering from PSORIASIS since the year 2008, I have gone for many checks for Allopathic treatment. But regarding Psoriasis, there was no improvement. I was suffering a lot about my skin disease. So I was very much worried and consulted so many skin specialists. But no use of it.

At last by the grace of god I found CHARAKA, that has been found by my brother brother through website, who is in USA. He suggested me to visit CHARAKA. I am so much happy that my disease has been cured. I regularly took the treatment and the disease has been vanished.

I am so happy the CHARAKA has saved from the horrible disease. Thanks to CHARAKA.

R B RAMA CHANDER, Secunderabad. 23-06-09

I was diagnosed with PARKINSON’S DISEASE two years ago. Before coming to CHARAKA I was taking allopathy medication. This gave me many side effects like nausea, vomiting, restlessness & above all I was losing my appetite.

After undergoing treatment in CHARAKA for 45 days all allopathy medications are stopped except for Syndopa. All side effects reduced subsequently. Now I feel I have got back to my normal state. I would like to thank the doctor & his efficient team for executing Panchakarma treatment through CHARAKA.

Mrs. Rekha, Malaysia. 25-09-09

I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS)on 16/07/2009.

My treatment has completed after 45 days. I felt 95% recovered and I am back to my normal weight of 50 kg (lost 10kg) when I was diagnosed with MS.

My finger numbness has almost gone and it’s very minimum.

I am fully satisfied with the doctor’s explanations, treatment and the staff was very supportive. I thank the hospital and the staff for all the help and support given to me.

(Written by MNDpatient’s son)

Mrs. Girija Devi, Patna, Bihar. 17-10-09.

My mother is now so good. She told me that that the treatment given by the doctor is favor of patient. She feels the treatment is better than the treatment given at KOTTAKKAL. Now she can speak clearly and her health is improved.

Doctor has given two months treatment. Hospitality is so good. Doctor and staff are friendly to the patient and attendants also. They are always ready to help the patient.

I think this is the best research center in India, especially for the patients suffering from MND. Now we are so happy.

(MND Patient)

Ajit tungare, USA. 13-11-2009

The treatment was quite rigorous but there were no adverse effects. During the treatment there was no weight loss, my appetite seemed to improve and energy level increased.

My overall condition improved. No additional areas with muscle wastage occurred. On the contrary, there was remarkable improvement of left shoulder / deltoid muscle tone along with similar improvement of left buttock area. The foot drop did not get worse; in fact it showed some improvement.

While fasciculations remained, almost no new areas of the body experienced them. Exception being right deltoid area. But overall their frequency decreased and the length of their duration decreased also. The improvement was 40% in this respect.

I get the sense that the progress of my disease has substantially decreased to a point where at this time it may have been arrested. Of course, time will tell if that is the case.

Great job!! Great staff!

Everybody was very dedicated and treated me sincerely. Thank you.

Mr. K. Krishna Murthy, Hyderabad. 22-02-2010

After a 10 day massage treatment body alignments and weakness have significantly reduced. Now, generally feeling greater vigor in my general movements. I am satisfied with this result.

(Written by MND patient’s daughter)

Appa reddy, Hyderabad, 25-02-2010

After starting the treatment, I am feeling better by 50%. My hands are not shivering as earlier. My food intake has increased.

Voice became 50% normal. Breathlessness is not there. There is a slight improvement in swallowing.

Dr. UMA, Hyderabad, 05-03-2010

Adequate relief. Services were good.

S.V Gangadhar, Hyderabad, 15-07-10

The hospitality of the staff is excellent. The ambience of the premises is very soothing.

My BACK PAIN got completely cured and I am feeling very rejuvenated. The professional and empathetic approach of Dr. Chandrasekhar is commendable.

Thanks a lot.

V. Rajsekhar, Hyderabad, 22-07-2010

I have been having lower back pain (LUMBAR SPONDYLITIS), gone to several physiotherapies, but was not satisfied.

Finally when somebody informed me about Kerala Ayurvedic Massages, I was looking for this facility in Hyderabad and finally got there CHARAKA.

It’s really a blessing, I got really 98% relieved in my pain and this is just therapy for 12 days. I suggest people who have such pain should visit CHARAKA.

Dr. Chandrasekhar and as well therapist were very cooperative, they helped me and guided me.

This the best place for Rheumatic pains.


P. Nagarejswari, Hyderabad, 10-08-2010

Doctor’s approach: Very polite, soft and he has got healing touch quality in his words. His words are very encouraging and his appearance itself will cure half of the problem. He is not commercial and has service motive quality.

Girls who attended me are very cheerful, honest at their work and they have done their duty up to my satisfaction.

Reception is very good.

All are regular and punctual at their duties.

I hope, I will be o.k. in my regular walking with this “Panchakarma treatment”.

I felt that my body became very light and mind became very alert.

Thank you Doctor.


Siva Kumar. T, Chennai. 10-04-2010

I was having pain at my neck (C6 – C7). I have undergone cerrica surgery in 2007. But still I am having pain at neck. Also I have the pain my my low back, MRI shows disc bulge at L4 – L5. After taking 40 days treatment at your clinic, if feel excellent improvement. My pain reduced drastically both my neck and low back. Thanks to one and all of the CHARAKA, who gave such a homely atmosphere.

Not but not least, thanks to Dr. Chandrasekhar. Without him I would have not recovered.
Thanks a lot.

Siva Priya BELGIUM. 31-10-2010

I am very satisfied with the therapy. My condition has improved almost 80-90%. I have also regained my confidence which was sadly affected due to my ill health.

The medicines and therapy were personalized and very effective.

I would recommend this treatment and Dr. Chandrasekhar to all my contacts.

I wish you will all the best.

Mahazabeen M. Mistry, Hyderabad. 05-11-2010

I was suffering with severe back problem (SLIP DISC / SCIATICA) last 20 years, found much improvement (about 50%) by the treatment done at CHARAKA.

Pain started subsiding from the first much onwards and became better by end of treatment. This treatment went on for around 2 months, medicines to be continued.

Thank you Dr. Chandra Sekhar.

O. Satya Srividya,Hyderabad, 30-11-2010

I was having heavy / severe pain in my legs, which was actually migrated from my spinal cord. After taking the treatment, I am feeling more strengthier and comparatively pain has been reduced.

Y.S.V.V. Raghavamma, Hyderabad. 20-11-2010

The treatment in Charaka is good. I felt very relaxing and I had 70% relief in SCIATICA Pain. The doctor is very patient and attends to our problems with utmost care.

Monica Novak Chicago, USA. 06-08-2010

Massage was wonderful. Thank you so much, I feel much better.

K.S. Ravikumar Hyderabad 28-09-2010

Ayur Theraphy is very good. Doctor’s attendance (day to day) is very careful.

(Body pains, sugar, B.P and also numbness of feet)

Mrs. Catherine Secunderabad. 07-09-2010

My name is Catherine. I was coming from one month onwards. Now I was feeling so much of healing from this “Charaka Ayurveda” treatment.

I was healed body pains, sugar, B.P and also numbness of feet. Massage treatment very necessary for sugar and numbness.

Now I am so much relieved for Panchakarma treatment and medicines.

(MND patient)

G.N Thambe Nagpur – (M.S) 04-06-2010

I am suffering from MND for the last three years. I am lucky that I have been diagnosed for the disease at a very early stage, when only my hands were affected. Since then physiotherapy and electrical stimulation treatments are continuing on a regular basis. But not only there is improvement. Actually there is gradual advancement of the disease in both the hands. Other parts of the body are not affected. The strength of my hands is going down and fingers of my hands are not remaining straight.

From internet I found out that in this hospital they are treating MND patients. After undergoing 56 days of “PANCHAKARMA” treatment I found that there is general improvement in my condition. There is also slight improvement in the strength of my hands and flexibility in my fingers is also slightly improved.

(Weakness of hands, muscle movements and slurring of speech)

SUDHAKAR Nalgonda Dist 09-10-10

I have been facing problem with weakness of hands, muscle movements and slurring of speech for more than one year. For this I consulted in khammam hospitals, been referred to NIMS, Hyderabad. After MRI and other testings confirmed my disease and told me that there is no cure of this and asked me to continue medicines.

Then I consulted CHARAKA Ayurvedic doctor. After 60 days treatment, I felt 75% relieved. I felt peace in my mind.


Mrs. Rajeshwari Hyderabad 20-10-2010

My name is Rajeshwari. I was suffering with knee and joint pains from past 3-4 years. I have taken several medicines but of temporary use only.

From past 1 year I am having severe back pain and knee joint pains by which I was unable walk. Doctors suggested surgery for me. As my age was 46 yrs, I was not willing for surgery. In that bad condition I came to CHARAKA.

Now I am feeling lot better. I got 70% relief.

Gurunath and Smitha Bangalore 03-04-2011

We have consulted you for my wife for regularizing menses. As we were trying for child, it was not clicking. After one year of treatment finally my wife conceived and baby is growing well. Thanks for all the effort and support put by you during treatment. I would like to really appreciate the motivation and confidence you provided during treatment.

We are happy.

Thanks and Regards,

(SCIATICA L4 – L5 Disc Protrusion)

V. Susruthi Hyderabad 16-02-2011

I was suffering from Lower Back Pain and SCIATICA (L4 – L5 Disc Protrusion) since 1 ½ years.

Completely satisfied with the treatment. I thank Dr. Chandrasekhar and the staff of CHARAKA for their support.

85-90% recovery.

(Knee pain and Pratika)

V. Mangala Gowri Kurnool 24-05-2011

Dr. Chandrasekhar suggested a 40 day treatment plan for Knee pain and Pratika. With the powered massage treatment, careful administration of Ayurvedic drugs, personal attention by the doctor and attendants. There is a remarkable improvement.

A big thanks to the staff at CHARAKA.

(Back pain)

K. Aruna Kumari Hyderabad 24-05-2011

The treatment given at “CHARAKA” and personal care by the doctor was really great. The prescription made and the diet suggested helped a lot in the recovery.


Rajnish Kumar Hyderabad. 08-06-2011

Very good and friendly doctor. He gives correct advice. I had PSORIASIS for last 6 years. But none other treatment worked. It has been good time since last 6 months, when I started treatment.

The disease is almost in control and I can feel difference in general health as well the staff is also cordial.

(Fatly Lever, High BP, Sugar and Thyroid problems)

O.S.R Murthy Hyderabad. 11-06-2011

We are very happy to write the following:-

The undersigned is a patient of Fatly Lever, High BP, Sugar and Thyroid problems. Banding was done two times. After that in that bad condition, the patient is brought here. The Doctor has seen all the reports and firstly has developed confidence in us.

As he has said, liver is working very satisfactorily.

With continuance of allopathic medicines he also has given some medicines. Always I have seen betterment in my health condition with less medication.

My thanks and high regards to Dr Saheb and hospital staff.


Mrs. G. Nagamani Hyderabad. 28-04-2011

I have been suffering from Neck, back and Knees (SPONDYLITIS & OSTEO ARTHRITIS) pain for the last 22 years. Taken lot of medication, had surgeries and other treatments.

After coming to Panchakarma Institute with two weeks treatment, I felt better, and reduced pain. Treatment gave me lot of benefits.

The doctor and his staff are excellent, and very dedicated to their work.

I have to really thanks to Dr. Chandrashekhar and his staff.

(Ailments relating to numbness in the legs )

P. Subba Reddy Hyderabad 30-04-2011

I have undergone treatment at “CHARAKA” Ayurvedic Clinic for the ailments relating to numbness in the legs and weakness in the pelvic region.

The treatment called “Panchakarma” involved various kinds of massages and medication. My treatment lasted for nearly two months. After the treatment I felt greatly relieved and rejuvenated. The head of the clinic, Dr. Chandra Sekhar is well experienced and very kind person.

All the staff working in the clinic are well trained, caring and courteous to the patients. For those who believe in Ayurveda, “CHARAKA” is the best destination in Hyderabad.

I wish “CHARAKA” great success in future.

(MND patient)

Mr. Khirud Sonawal Assam 11-12-2010

I am suffering from MND since last one and half years. I admitted “Charaka Hospital” and Doctor has given two month treatment. My treatment has completed on 11/02/2011.

I feel 10 to 20% recovered. Hospital is so good Doctor and staff. I thanks to Doctor and all staffs.

Slip Disc patient

Mrs. S. Vishwanda, Hyderabad, 26-09-2018

Very scientific way of treatments. Excellent doctor & efficient staff. I will recommend everyone to visit charak specialty ayurveda. Really worth to get treated here. Thank you so much Dr Chandrashekhar & Dr Soujanya.

Osteo arthritis patient

Mrs. K Kumari, Hyderabad, 30-10-2018

I have been visiting Charaka for the last 6 years. The experience has been great and the results are miraculous. Dr. Chandra Sekhar is the best that I have ever met in Ayurveda. I used to go to Kerala before for treatment and after starting here, I did not feel the need any longer. The current facility is fantastic and so are the therapists. I strongly recommend charaka to all Of those who look for long term and no side affects treatment.

Ankylosing Spondylitis / Slip Disc patient

Ms. Sharanya, Hyderabad, 26-11-2018

Treatment for ankylosing spondylitis and slip disc i have a severe pain due to my ankylosing spondylitis and i am unable to stand or walk... and i have visited many orthropedic hospitals where i have take several pain killers and injections which treat me temporarily but as the dose completes i face the similar pain again..so i have heard about charaka hospital and consulted the doctor. chandra shekhar..he immediately noticed my problem and treated me.. i took 90 days treatment..but i can see my improvement after 10 days from the starting date of my treatment.. the staff there were very helpful... although unlike many other ayurvedha hospitals they maintain their cleanliness and hygiene ... it has been 6 month now from my treatment and i am not facing any issues..i highly recommend tis people..i have selected tis hospital by seeing the reviews of this hospital as such i want to let u all know my experience from charaka..


Disc Protrusion patient

Ms. Nisha, Hyderabad, 13-12-2018

I had problem in L4 L5 disc i had a disc bulge and was in very critical stage i got treatment done in charaka ayurveda hospital for 45 days had gt amazing results happy with the treatment and service thank you charaka hospital for such a great service

Diabetes Patient

Mr. Praveen, Andhrapradesh, 19-01-2019

At first I don’t have a good opinion on Ayurveda but I took my father who is diabetic to Charaka and to my surprise I have seen positive result. I know that allopathy will have negative effects for sure but I trusted that it will give result but later I came to know that it will have huge side effects when someone use it for long time. But Ayurveda is not that kind. The results were slow but worth it. No loss in strength and you look more healthier. Dr Chandra Sekhar gaaru is a very cool man and will guide you in every aspect. If you are looking for the better treatment for your problem, give a try. You never regret. But the medicines are quite expensive but not more than allopathy meds. I personally loved the ambience 



Ali Arif, Dubai,UAE, 04-11-2010

CHARAKA clinic is run professionally. Housekeeping is good.

Dr. Chandrasekhar personally supervises all the operation. Staff is trained and services are good. In my 36 days treatment for Parkinson’s, I feel good improvement. Stiffness has gone, posture has improved and body energy level has increased.

The walking still has not improved. Overall it is good experience and feeling.

This Ayurvedic treatment has improved the overall body system.

(Written by MND patient’s brother)

Mr. Veer singh, Haryana, 06-02-11

Doctor’s attitude is very very good. Doctor is very intelligent in his field. All staff is also very good. Therapists are also well trained.

“May god gives some extra energy to Dr. Chandrasekhar to do more research and work on much”.

(Written by MND patient’s son)

Banambar P,Orissa, 28-01-11

My father (Mr. Banambar Pradan) was suffering from MND disease. The symptoms were from the last 4 months starting from Sep-10. I took him to CHARAKA in the month of Dec’10 and he took the treatment for 60 days. During the period of 60 days treatment, there was little bit improvement.

After completing the treatment of 60 days, result is satisfactory. Especially we are thankful to Dr. Chandrasekhar.


Mrs. Farzana Begum, Secunderabad, 23-06-11

Treatment for suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis slipdisc Joints pains and Sciatica nerve problem. I am very thankful to Dr soujanaya and Dr Chandrashekhar for giving me excellent treatment I got 70percent relief through this treatment and 30 percent through medicine which Dr chandrashekhar use to prescribe and Dr soujanaya was very humble she use to tell girls to handle me gently at the time of treatment. Both of them are good doctors I took allopathy treatment but my health was deteriorating. I was prescribed pain killers and sleeping pills and physiotherapy still my condition was worsening so my own brother and my father brought me to Charaka for treatment.

(MND patient)

Ajitesh Patna, Bihar, 16-07-2011

I am 24 years old. I am suffering from motor neurons disease. I am came to know about my disease in 2009. When I was in Jamshedpur. MND attacks in my left hand and stuffiness in muscles, fasciculation and wasting of muscles increased. After that I visited AIIMS, and get confirmed about the disease and started treatment there and also known that there is no cure of this disease. . But my condition gets more worsted there with the side effect of “RILUZOLE” medicine prescribed by the Doctors of AIIMS. Then I was very upset. My muscles were getting stiffer. Then I reached on internet and came to know about CHARAKA. I consulted doctor CHANDRASHEKHRA on phone and get date for visit. I got my treatment started there in July 2010.

There was improvement after Two months treatment, result was Positive. And till date I am under treatment. Due to effective treatment muscles stiffness and wasting has near to stop. I feel relieved.

I was grateful to DR. Chandrasekhar


Mrs.Vimala Madavan, Secunderabad, 29-08-2011

The treatment is very good. I am feeling better now.

(PARALYSIS patient)

M. Shankar Yadav, Hyderabad, 20-07-2011

I am M. Shankar Yadav. My problem is right hand and right leg weakness. I am taking speciality Ayurveda in CHARAKA. I took 15 days treatment and used medicines for one month. I got good recovery.

Doctor is very good.


Mr. Vikram, Secunderabad, 15-11-2011

Very good service and treatment. I am glad, I have come for this treatment. 95% of my pain has been relieved.

Thanks to Dr. Chandrashekhar.

(MND patient)

Dr. N. Mani, Kottauyur, Tamilnadu, 04-11-2011

The treatment began on 05-09-2011and conducted in 3 stages. Each stage ran for 20 days with a duration of 1.5 to 2 hrs each day.

After the completion of every stage, I could observe certain improvements in my minor ailments in small measure. Right hand palm gained strength. The improvements observed were not permanent. One day positive and the other day reverse. However, I could feel that buttoning of shirts, holding objects in right hand can be done with more ease than before. The weight has come down by 2 kgs.

The muscle movement has been minimized to a larger extent. But there is no improvement with respect to speech impairment and excessive / salivation. Upon comparison of photographs taken before and after the treatment, it can be observed that there is some amount of muscle growth in the body and slight widening of the tongue leading to a small protrusion outside the mouth.

The doctor has informed that certainly the body weight will improve by 3 kgs slowly and also other problems.

The doctor has been very much regular in supervising the treatment everyday and kind enough to hold consultation with us as and when required.


Pavan J, Malakpet,Hyderabad, 15-10-2011

I am a patient of A.S. I have been suffering with this for 15 yrs. I came to CHARAKA in the month of June’2011. I took the treatment for 100 days.

Before the treatment I had very long stiffness in the morning hours and it was very difficult to do my daily activities without taking pain relief medicine.

Now, I have stopped taking the pain killers completely and able to go to work and continue my activities with less strain.

The stiffness is reduced very much. Able to do jogging.

Hoping I would be relieved completely from this in a year from now.

Slip disc / disc herniation patient

Mr. Rajinder, Hyderabad, 24-03-19

Slip Disk Problem- Blessed to get cured from Charaka Ayurveda. I am sharing my experience so that other people can also get benefited from Charaka Ayurvedic Treatment. I was suffering from acute lower back pain and pain was radiating to my full left leg, my left leg was getting numbness with the continuous pain. It was so painful that I could not stand or sit straight. As per my MRI report it was a case of Slip Disk L5, S1. Doctors at Apollo Jubliee Hills and other Ortho doctors also recommended for Spine Surgery.

Came to know about Charaka Ayurveda through my friend and started my treatment. Doctor Shri. M. Chadra Shekhar ji at Charaka is very experienced and detailed with the treatment. After my 47 days of Panchkarma treatment, I am recovered 95% and able continue with my daily routine work with some precautions. The treatment is very scientific and the therapists are very experienced.

My sincere thanks to the entire team of Charaka for their support, I know what mentor depression I went through during the initial days and how they worked with me for my recovery. Thank you again sir.

Rejuvenation guest

Ms. Nibedita, 14-04-19

Having been a regular at ayurvedic spas wherever I go, I got this from google search. Once I availed their services, I became sure it's the best one. The staff, ambiance, products, location and everything else is simply amazing. It's a delight to visit them and you always look forward to your next visit. However, I haven't any idea about doctors, whom I have never consulted.

It's worth your time, money and more importantly your health. Wonderful job guys, God bless.

Ulcerative Colitis patient

Mr. T. Arun, Chennai, 10-05-19

I have undergone treatment for 4 years for ulcerative colitis and now I am completely cured.

Slip disc patient

Mr. Ravi, Hyderabad, 28-04-19

In December last year I visited Charaka Ayurveda with severe backpain and in a state where i was unable to walk . My problem being Disc bulge at l5,severe nerve compression and annular tear, after failing to get any relief from allopathy as a last resort before getting spine surgery I visited charaka ayurveda .

After 45 days of panchakarma treatment and great efforts ,personal care by Dr. Chandra sekher ji and staff now i recovered 95% and i am able to carry on with my daily routines with out any pain I recommend this place for other problems as well ,from the feedback i got from co patients who came for treatment with other problems.

Apart from the best treatment the place is very hygienic and the staff are very friendly and dedicated Sending my gratefulness to the best doctor I’ve ever seen. You’ve given me a new life. Thank you for your excellent treatment and also grateful for your friendly staff members.

Back Pain / Sinusitis / Gastric ulcers patient

Mr. V. Srinivas, Vijayawada, 15-06-19

We are very happy with the treatment received. Dr Chandra Garu is the finest doctor we ever came across. He listens to you patiently and diagnosis is accurate. 3 of our family members received treatment from him and all are happy. Thank you for taking care of our family

Slip disc / Cervical Radiculopathy patient

Mr. N. Srinivas, Hyderabad, 12-05-19

I’ve been visiting this Ayurveda hospital since a decade or more ... dedicated doctor and staff !! I’m very much satisfied with the treatments they have given. In the year 2006 I got severe spondylitis, went to several multi speciality hospitals and was told has to be operated.. but here I got treatment with out operation and got cured perfectly.. it is happens almost 13 years back...still I’m fine and did not got any problems with that.

Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) patient

Mr Sathish, Tamilnadu, 24-06-19

My name sathish kumar from tamilnadu. I am facing severe nervous issue. Name of the issue is SCA. it is genetic issue. The proplem i am facing is complete walking writing and speech and lifting items. Mainly balancing and speech is main proplem i am faced. I wisited all the best doctors in chennai they told genetic cannot curable and controllable. I taken one month medice it created full side effects. Now i am in hydrabad. I checked through online for ayurveda. Charaka hospital i wisited. Sir checked and treated for this genetic proplem. The treatment time is 50 days i taken.now health compltetly improved by walking and speach.doctor very genuine and treatment given correctly as per the issue. I recommend the doctor all the issue mentioned. Thank you sir for my better health improvement.

Spondylitis / Hyper acidity patient

Mr. Enock, Hyderabad, 27-06-19

Charaka is Very very good hospital dr chendrashakr is very good Doctor

Disc Herniation - post surgery complications patient

Mr. Dhanunjay, Hyderabad, 03-07-19

Very authentic, neat, professionals, more human. Treatment is very good and customized with respect to your problem, Dr M Chandrashekhar Is very experienced and He knows how to treat the specific problem and checks though your problems thoroughly. Staff is very good and friendly, maintenance is simply superb, A temple of ayurvedic treatment and medicine and I pray GOD to give full abilities and power to Doctors(Dr M Chandrashekhar Dr B Soujanya) to cure all complicated problems people face. All The Best.. I

have been recovering with the treatment and continuing to get more better life. Thank You.

(Slip disc / Disc bulge patient)

Mr. Nagaraju, Hyderabad, 01-08-19

Awesome treatment and good staff. No doubt! Dr. Chandra Shekhar is a good gentleman in his profession. He has lot of patience to explain about roots of the health problem. He gives you Good diet and good medication. If you want to make your body relief and strengthen, it’s 100% worthy.


Mrs. Neha, Secunderabad, 02-12-2015

I have been suffering from Arthritis since one year. At first I took Allopathy medicines but they were only pain killers. So only temporary pain relief. But then I came to know about Dr Chandrashekhar and I started treatment.

Firstly I went through Snehapan kriya. After this (Vaman) treatment 50% of my pains were gone. Later I went through Panchakarma treatment with following proper diet and the results are amazing. All pains got minimized.

Overall 95% of pain relief. I am feeling much better now. Moreover I reduced my weight also to much extent.

Thank you Sir and the team of Charaka


Mr. Kumar, USA, 13-03-2016

My condition before treatment: I had a back pain which became severe after lifting some weights, I had pain in lower back as well as sciatica pain radiating in to my left leg and right shoulder. Dr Chandrashekhar did an accurate diagnosis and later MRI scan also confirmed a fairly large disc protrusion at l4-l5.

During Treatment: I had a 45 day Panchakarma treatment and medication. Dr monitored my progress and changed the medication accordingly throughout the treatment. After 2 weeks my pain reduced by about 20-30%, by 4th week I was better by 50%, I noticed a very good progress in 5th, 6th week of the treatment where I got 80 – 90% better and I could also sit comfortably without sciatica pain my leg.

After treatment: Two weeks after the treatment I am feeling 90% better and I feel confident about further improvement.

Overall Experience: I thank God for leading me to Charaka, I want to thank Dr. Chandrashekar for the treatment and I greatly appreciate his commitment towards improving the health of his patients. Also I want to thank the therapists and staff at Charaka every one were very helpful and committed. The facility is very clean and well maintained, all the oils and medication used during the treatment are of best quality.



Mr. Aditya, Hyderabad, Telangana, 19-03-2016

I have had AS (HLA B27+) for 22 years now. I am diagnosed when I was 10 and right now am 32. My Rheumatologist put me on NSAIDs (sulfasalazine) and as I grew, the disease took a toll on me and the dosage has been gradually increased and there came a saturation point where even pain killers weren’t helping me. I was then put on modern expensive biologic -Enbrel and literally survived on it for close to 8 years. Over the years the disease affected my ankles, knees, hip, neck, shoulder, lower back, spine and not to forget the unbearable butt pain. There were days where I literally used to cry all alone unable to bear the pain and have had countless sleepless nights. The only saving grace was that none of the joints got fused as I tried maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle throughout. Swimming helped me big time.

I got to know about Charaka and Dr. Chandrasekhar through a friend and colleague of mine who himself got cured of Rheumatic Arthritis and I visited him in Oct’2015. I was never a firm believer of Ayurveda having tried allopathy for 22 years, homeopathy for 3 years and also naturopathy. Initially, I was apprehensive to try the Ayurveda regime – treatment and the diet having had a prior bad experience with naturopathy. But all my thoughts were brushed aside within a few days I started the treatment.

Chandrasekhar sir is very approachable, patient enough to hear all what I had to say and gave me enough belief that my life is going to change for good. He has such a wonderful team of trained therapists who made me feel at home during the course of the treatment. And I’ve been 100% true to prescribed diet since I started my treatment at Charaka and have undergone about 110 days of Panchakarma treatment.

At this point I am off of biologics for 5 months now – never before in my last 8 years and I am about 85-90% symptom free except for manageable neck and hip pain. It’s been 2 months since I completed Panchakarma process and I feel that I am in the right path of symptomatic cure.

It is with deep sense of gratitude I thank Chandrasekhar sir and would strongly recommend Charaka to all those ailing from chronic diseases. Thank you Charaka!!!”

(PSORIASIS patient)

Mr. Rao, Hyderabad, Telangana, 11-04-2016

On my left ankle a patch of psoriasis appeared in the beginning of 2013. First I consulted a dermatologist who said the cure would be a long process and the medicines may give some side effects. Scared of side effects, I tried with Homeopathy without any success.

Then I decided to have treatment with Ayurveda and consulted Dr.M.Chandra Shekhar of Charaka (The Speciality Ayurveda and Institute of Panchakarma & Research) in July 2013. Dr.Chandra Shekhar assured me that the psoriasis would be cured with Ayurveda medicines without any side effects and started the treatment from July 2013, with some simple food restrictions during the treatment. I had a regular treatment from July 2013 to October 2015 from Dr.Chandra Shekhar and after that the patch of psoriasis on my ankle completely disappeared.

I am thankful to Dr.Chandra Shekhar for his wonderful treatment and also I appreciate his assuring and humane approach towards me during the treatment.


Mr. B. Rao, Hyderabad, Telangana, 08-06-2016

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease Stage-1 (in Allopathy). The major external symptoms at that time were: tremors in one hand, stiffness of most of the muscles of that hand and cog-wheel movement of the joints of the hand.

As other streams of medicine mostly have only palliative approach to this condition, I chose to go for a holistic treatment. Ayurveda utilizes the best holistic approach to the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease where the external symptoms are addressed by treating and rejuvenating the internal systems of the body and the brain.

So, I immediately visited “Charaka Institute of Panchakarma and Research” for a detailed diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of my condition. I was treated for 50 days. Various required treatments and procedures were utilized in the process.

Dr.Chandrasekhar, the chief Vaidya has done wonderful diagnosis and prescribed and executed remarkable treatment. He is assisted by a group of very efficient therapists (who are all trained in Kerala system of Panchakarma, Kaya-kalpa-chikitsa etc.).

There was a gradual improvement in my external symptoms: the stiffness of muscles of the hand is gone — all the muscles of the hand got back their tone and became supple. Soreness in the joints of the fingers, wrist and shoulder reduced considerably and almost total flexibility returned. There is a marked reduction in the tremors both in the frequency of their episodes as well as in the amplitude of each episode.

In Ayurveda, since food is also considered as medicine, there are some restrictions on the food that I am supposed to take. I have been following all these instructions strictly and taking all the prescribed medicines systematically. A follow up checkup is scheduled after a month and more reviews might be taken in future.

In summary, I went for this therapy as Ayurveda gives time-tested improvement for Parkinson’s patients. I am very happy with my selection of “Charaka Institute of Panchakarma and Research” as the place of treatment.


Mr. G. P. Rao, Hyderabad, Telangana, 27-07-2016

Is there any medicine for Rosai Dorfmans disease(auto immune disease)? No. Not at all. But a miracle happened in Charaka Ayurveda. Here is the success story.

My wife smt.Padmaja was suffering from complete blockage of nose since January 2011. We approached ENT specialist in KIMS. Doctor has suggested to undergo surgery for sinusitis. Thinking that it may reoccur she started taking Homeo medicine. For sometime there was relief, but in August 2012 she suffered from high fever and a small lymph node started growing on the neck. Temperature came down after taking Antibiotics, but the lymph node started enlarging with no pain. By February 2013 problem became severe with 5- 6 enlarged Lymph nodes on the neck. She could not breath without nasal drops at least two times a day.

We approached ENT specialist in KIMS again in February 2013. Suspecting Cancer biopsy was done. But surprisingly that was not cancer and was diagnosed as Rosai-Dorfman’s disease ,a very rare Auto immune disorder. There is no established medicine till now we were told. Then we consulted ENT specialist in CARE Hospital. In May 2014 CTScan was done again and the readings were shocking. Para nasal sinuses were completely filled with mass and the mass growing around the orbit of eye pushed it 4mm. Then endoscopic surgery was done to remove mass from para nasal sinuses. He could not approach orbit as there was a risk involved for loss of sight. He suggested us to consult Doctors in L.V.Prasad Eye Institute. There a Dr specialist in Occuloplastics prescribed High doses of Cortico steroids(500ml every 21st day in 6 cycles). After treatment CT scan was done and there was only 10 percent improvement. He suggested her to try immuno suppressant medicine.

At this time on the suggestion of our well wishers we approached Charaka Ayurveda that is in March 2015. Initially we were hesitating to start treatment. But we did not have any other option she started taking medicine. Up to August 2015 swelling on the neck remained same. From August 2015 size of the lymph nodes started decreasing. So we continued the treatment. By April 2016 ,90percent of the size decreased. Now all the doctors we approached earlier are telling that a miracle happened. She is able to breath normally and there is no swelling on the neck now. I am very thankful to Dr. Chandrashekhar who treated my wife. Thank you very much.

Jai Ayurveda our own ancient form of medicine!!!

(SLIP DISC patient)

Mr. Dinakar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 12-08-2016

I have seen a miracle with treatment at Charaka. I want to share my experience below.

“My Dad suffered with ‘Lumbar Canal Stenosis’ or ‘disk bulge’ at four sections on spinal cord. We have taken three opinions at three different hospitals. The only option left for us is go for a surgery to ensure the issue does not deteriorate further.

My dad’s age and complete recovery for this issue were holding me back from going for a surgery. Before giving a commitment for surgery, I checked Internet for options to fix this issue without surgery. I found Charaka.

It took 45 days for the treatment to complete. A person who was half bend while walking with severe pain in the abdomen area and frequent gastric trouble is now walking & sleeping straight with no pain or gastric trouble.

It is a recovery of more than 90% without operation or steroids. It is a miracle indeed. Thank God for Charaka. My heart felt gratitude to Dr.ChandrasHekhar and the entire staff. God bless.”


Mrs. Meena, Australia, 29-01-2017

I have been suffering from spondylitis and sciatic pains for a very long time. Most recently the base of the neck got swollen and there was severe pain from my neck downwards into my spine and extending to the left side of my body. I also had severe back pain and twitching in my legs. I felt numbness in my arms and fingers. The doctors in Melbourne diagnosed this as Osteoarthritis and prescribed strong pain killers to manage the pain. However, the pain persisted and could only be controlled with Morphine. Obviously, these medicines had very strong side effects.

I visited Hyderabad and decided to undergo Ayurvedic treatment. My son found this clinic on Google and found it had very good reviews. I met Dr Chandrashekar and discussed my problems. The doctor gave me some pills and oil to apply and recommended that I undergo 45 days of Panchakarma treatment. After the treatment, the spinal pain, back pain and numbness in my arms and legs vanished. My left arm which had restricted movement, was also cured, so that I now have full movement.

The doctor and the staff were very professional and provided excellent treatment. I highly recommend the clinic.

(SLIP DISC patient)

Mr. Rajashekhar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 19-02-2017

Condition before treatment: I had a low back pain which used to radiate in to my left leg. The pain used to get severe after lifting some weights and car driving. Dr Chandrashekhar went through MRI reports and suggested Panchakarma treatment.

During Treatment: I had a 45 day Panchakarma treatment and medication. Dr monitored my progress and changed the medication accordingly throughout the treatment. After 2 weeks my pain reduced by about 30%, by 4th week I was better by 50%, and by the end of 6th week I got around 80–85% better and I was able to carry out daily tasks with much lesser stress on my back.

After treatment: Two weeks after the treatment I am feeling 90% better.

Overall Experience: I am happy to get myself treated at Charaka. I want to thank Dr. Chandrashekar for the treatment and I appreciate his hospitality and commitment towards improving the health. Also I want to thank the therapists and staff at Charaka who were extremely helpful professional and committed. The treatment center is extremely well maintained and feels like home. Would suggest everyone to get treated here for any health issues.

(Rheumatoid Arthritis patient)

Mrs. Sudha, Hyderabad, Telangana, 01-03-2017

I was rheumatoid arthritis patient (August 2015) from Hyderabad. My RH finding is almost more than 120. I suffered a lot like, unable to sit, stand or sleep. Moving my body one place to other place was a hell to me. I use to close the door and shouted due to unbearable pain. The pain use to get migrate one joint to another joint. Those joint parts gets swollen with reddish. A well-known orthopaedic doctor started Steroid Treatment. Due to this steroid I observed many side effects like, highper tense, too much hungry, gained heavy weight, drowsiness etc…which were damaged my total health and caused lot of disturbance at workplace. I went to depression, If I stop Steroid RH pain will kill me, if I continue other disorders devastates my life. My family members worried a lot about me. Two months i have seen the real hell.

During that time, my elder brother Bhanu suggested me “Ayurveda- Panchakarma” which is giving great cure to RH. I did not believe and due to his force, I treated a trial before a final call and visited “CHARAKA” an Ayurveda Hospital. I met Dr. Chandra Shekar who is having divine healing hand (11th October 2015). He starts his treatment by healing our mind from disease initially. Later I took 120 days “Panchakarma” treatment. Treatment will be done in 4 segments. 1. Giving oral medicine 2. External treatment by different types of Body massages 3. Clearing of internal Toxins with scientific processor called “Vamanam” and “Thaila Vasti” and 4. Mandated Diet control.

After this treatment I can say its really second life to me, I lost 12 KGs of weight, no swelling and pains in joints and feeling very lite till today (Feb 2017). I am having my routine life with strict diet instructions and periodical checkups.

Hospital ambience is full of divinity, all medical staff are very cordial and caring and Dr. Chandra Shekar speaks very less but high power of optimistic.

Thank you so much Charaka for boon of this life again

(Ankylosing Spondylitis patient)

Mr. Santhosh babu, Hyderabad, Telangana, 17-03-2017

I G Santhosh babu, aged 38 yrs old have been suffering with Ankylosing spondylitis from the last 10 yrs. I used get pains at various joints like fingers, arms, knees, shoulders, ankles, neck pain, back pain. etc. The pains will be very high.

Earlier to undergoing treatment at Charaka I did not taken any treatment except homeopathy for 2 yrs. But, i felt that it is not shown any result.

Recently, I came to know about Charaka. I have taken pancha karma therapy for 80 days. I found a lot of change in my pains. The result is very good. Now after this treatment at charaka, i am feeling very well. I am thank full to Dr. Chandrasekhar garu for what he is done. The staff at charaka is also very nice.

I recommend every body to compulsory visit at least once in a year to have a genrl check up. Because prevention is brtter than cure.

Thank you Charaka, thank you Chandrasekhar sir.


Alok M, Secunderabad, 25-07-2011

It was a tremendous experience with CHARAKA and its classical PANCHAKARMA treatment.

Before this treatment in CHARAKA, I was badly feeling severe pain in my neck, lower back and hip joints. After this therapy, now my body shape is in a good posture and overall the pain is 80% reduced. As per the doctor, left 20% can be completely out once the medicines continued.

Apart from all, the staff are good, very helpful and friendly in nature. So my best wishes to CHARAKA.

Thanks to Dr. Chandrasekhar and his team.

(MND patient)

Tejas T, Pune, 20-09-2011

I am 20 yrs old, suffering from ‘MND’. I have wasting in my hands prominently right hand. There is a bit weakness in legs too.

I took treatment at CHARAKA for 2 months, and I feel a bit strength in my hands and legs. My weight has also increased by 2.5 kg. Fasciculations have been decreased. Now my appetite is good as compared to earlier. I am satisfied with the treatment.

Thank you doctor and all the staff member for giving me so much love and care. Special thanks to Doctor for giving me the hope to live a better life.

(MND patient)

L. Pandurangarao, Hyderabad, 31-10-2011

A good institute for MND treament.

Earlier we approached allopathy for my father but they said that there is no cure. After joining at CHARAKA we gained lot of confidence by treating such patients especially my father. He has recovered a lot.

Earlier he was very weak. After this treatment he gained 1.5 kg weight.

At the same time my mother has also got confidence. She had a problem with her left ear thought that she can only hear with her right ear but now she’s able to hear little sound even from her left ear after the treatment.

Also all the staff of CHARAKA has is a good reception. Especially Dr. Chandra Sekhar, he is very helpful and suggested us a good treatment.

Thank you one and all.

(PSORIASIS patient)

Chandrakala, Secunderabad, 03-11-2011

From the past 4 years I am suffering from PSORIASIS. I have taken treatment. Now problem is totally solved.

(PSORIASIS and Arthritis patient)

Vijayalakshmi, UK, 14-11-2011

PSORIASIS is getting better. Arthritis is under control. Feeling lot better and able to perform my day to day activities.

Staff is friendly. Doctor was always been available over the phone when needed.


PLN Murthy, Hyderabad, 22-11-11

I underwent 21 days course at CHARAKA. Now I am able to walk to my satisfaction. Now I am able to dress my pant in standing position instead of sitting on a chair previously.

Now there are no pains in my knees.


AMARNATH REDDY, Hyderabad, 23-11-11

I had a L5/S1 disc protrusion problem with mild nerve pain in the left leg. I had undergone Panchakarma treatment under the guidance of the Dr. Chandrashekhar. Treatment duration took 40 days.

I have got 90% to 95% strength to spine for normal activities. I felt very better. I felt that it was very good treatment for “Disc problems”.


SREELATHA, Warangal, 02-12-11

I have Lumbar Spondylitis. I got 90% relief through Panchakarma treatment.


HARITHA, Hyderabad, 16-12-2011

I was suffering with severe Spondylosis neck pain. I could not even sit, stand or walk before coming here. After taking the treatment I am like a normal person. There is no pain at all. I am glad that I came to “CHARAKA”. I can not explain my satisfaction in words.

Thanks to the doctor and the supporting staff.


PRASHANTH, Hyderabad, 27-12-2011

Had therapy done for 45 days. Treatment was good, came with lot of pain (Leg Sciatic Nerve). Now feels lot better. Almost relief of 90%.

Treatment was done professionally and impressed with the performance of the therapists.


RUCHI P, Hyderabad, 03-01-2012

I was suffering from ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS for 7 Years came to know there is a treatment here from internet.

Treatment was very good. Therapists are very dedicated in their work. Though my treatment didn’t go as it was expected to, I feel much better in the end.

The effect of the treatment lasts for a long time and there is an improvement.


RAGHU, Hyderabad, 29-01-2012

Received good treatment from CHARAKA. My hair has completely grown back on the bald patches.

Really happy. Many thanks to the Dr. Chandrashekhar

(ALLERGY and ACIDITY patient)

BHAVANI, Bangalore, 10-01-2012

I had been suffering from various ailments, and I have got very good relief from them after getting treated at “CHARAKA”. To list a few:

I was suffering from a very different kind of ALLERGY for which i was treated and now I do not have the problem.

I have ACIDITY problem, which was not improving after taking various Allopathy medicines, but after using the medicines given by the doctor at CHARAKA and also following his suggestions, the problem has subsided considerably. Even during pregnancy, I had used these medicines and they helped me a lot.

PREGNANCY and POST DELIVERY: I had used medicines prescribed by the doctor at CHARAKA during my pregnancy and have faced no problems and I have a very healthy baby girl. Now I am still using post delivery recovery medicine which is really very helpful in my daily life and has helped me recover from the delivery strain.

These are a few instances, there are a few more but one thing I would like to do is to say Thanks to the doctor and also to my friend who has suggested CHARAKA.

P. MALATHI, Hyderabad, 31-01-2012

I am suffering with NECK PAIN, LOW BACK PAIN and SCIATICA pain since 2010.

Dr. Chandra Shekhar is a very good Doctor. He is treating the patients very responsibly and properly, timely guidance per day by day. I am so glad to Dr. Chandra Shekhar’s treatment and generosity. He is a humble and dynamic doctor.

The staff are also very good, very patience. They are with service motive.

I am satisfied with the treatment and service to the patients is excellent.

(ECZEMA patient)

RAMESH KUMAR, Hyderabad , 05-02-2012

I have been facing the problem of ECZEMA for the past 8 years. After taking treatment at CHARAKA for nearly one and half years, now my problem is completely cured.

I am immensely happy and very very thankful to the doctor.


KISHAN GOUD, Karimnagar, A.P. 13-02-2012

My name is Kishan, am 26yrs old. I am suffering from ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS disease since last 2 years. Initially I got swelling & pain in joints all over my body, then I consulted Rheumatologist. He took my blood test and confirmed me as HLA-B27 positive with AS and prescribed the medicines. For 1 year I have used Allopathy medicines. Even after using the medicines, my situation has not cured completely.

With the scare of side effects of Allopathic medicines on long term usage, I wanted to try Ayurveda and found CHARAKA – INSTITURE OF PANCHAKARMA & RESEARCH by searching on the internet.

I joined this center and after taking PANCHAKARMA treatment, the swelling & pain in all my joints has completely gone. Now, I am able to walk normally without any pain, like how I used to before getting effected with this disease. So, I am still continuing Ayurvedic medicines.

I am grateful to CHARAKA Ayurveda center for bringing me to normal life.

After treatment, I have felt 90% improvement. Thank you Sir.

(PARALYSIS patient)

M. KALYAN, Hyderabad, 02-03-2012

Had a paralytic attack on the left side of the body, effecting left eye vision and both the left limbs.

Have taken Customized PANCHKARMA Treatment from CHARAKA INSTITUTE, as advised by Dr. Chandra Shekhar. It was an approximately 40 day’s treatment which included specific eye treatment as well.

Now, at the end of the treatment, I feel very relaxed and have regained power in both my left limbs completely. My eye vision as well has improved drastically and feel very confident and fit to rejoin my duties and the daily core. ALL THANKS TO THE DOCTOR AND THE TREATMENT.

I personally recommend such therapies and especially from CHARAKA INSTITUTE, and by Dr. Chandra Sekhar.


ANJANA DEVI, Mahaboobnagar, A.P. 06-03-2012

Treatment is excellent. I felt more than 80% relief after finishing 40days treatment. All the staff are very co-operative, my sincere thanks to all.

(Severe OSTEOARTHRITIS patient)

S. MUKHERJEE, Secunderabad, 17-05-2012

Excellent treatment for KNEE PAINS and homely disposition.


PULKITH P, Hyderabad, 12-05-2012

I underwent an intensive 3 months treatment at CHARAKA AYURVEDA for my long standing ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS. I have derived considerable benefit from it. Earlier, I used to take pain killers daily. Now, it has dropped to a pain killer every 5 days. I have yet to see such a drastic improvement in my mobility/flexibility though.

All in all, I strongly recommend CHARAKA for all AS patients and possibly other patients as well.

P.S.:- All the staff members were very sincere and dedicated. I am very grateful to them all.

(PSORIASIS patient)

N. PREMDAS, Hyderabad, 18-05-2012

I, Sri N. Premdas, s/o late N.Abraham, age 59 years and I was suffering with PSORIASIS since 1995 onwards. I have been treated with Allopathy, Homeopathy and so many others. I have been treated at Vellore Hospital as inpatient twice for about 15 days at each time. Lastly I have been treated with Homeopathy Intl at Kukatpally before coming to CHARAKA but in vain.

Lastly I have come to Dr. ChandraShekhar, where I have been treated now. 15-20 years disease has been cured within 15 days treatment. The scales were completely disappeared from my skin. All hair on my body used to grow in normal way.

I got wonderful treatment. I am very much thankful to my doctor and I am conveying this to all of my friends and my family members who are being surprised with this treatment, with great Joy and Happiness.


Ms. Ashwini, Hyderabad, 17-05-2012

I have been suffering from Congenital MYASTHENIA GRAVIS since my birth. Although there is no known cure for this disorder in Allopathy, I wanted to minimize the disorder as much as possible.

The treatment in CHARAKA has been quite satisfactory. It has yielded good results and my condition has been improved from its present state.


INDIRA, Hyderabad, 25-05-2012

I am very much satisfied with the treatment. I have 85% improvement. I am very happy with the hospitality of your staff.


GOKUL, Hyderabad, 05-06-2012

I have been suffering from LOWER BACK PAIN and SCIATICA for the last 3 years. I have taken 40 days Panchkarma treatment at CHARAKA AYURVEDA HOSPITAL. It has improved my condition a lot. I have recovered almost 70 % now and I will continue to take regular Ayurvedic treatments.

I thank Doctor and staff very much. The treatment constitutes lot of hard work for the staff at CHARAKA and it is really worth.

(MND patient)

THANGGOULUM GANGTE, Manipur, 02-07-2012

I am 19 year old and had a complaint of numbness in my left arm and its becoming smaller for the last 2 to 3 years. I consulted doctor and diagnosed me as Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

After going through internet I came across this CHARAKA centre and I approached this centre for treatment. it took 2 months. During my treatment my health and arms are improved. The numbness became better, my left hand stopped thinning.

I feel much better and now I am happily leaving this centre. Thanks to CHARAKA centre and Dr. Chandra Shekhar.


SHAMA S, Hyderabad, 01-09-2012

As I was having heavy pain in slipdisc and leg pain. At that time CHARAKA AYURVEDA had given me excellent treatment with oil massage (panchakarma) and medicines to cure within 3 months up to 80%.

So I would like to thank Dr.M.Chandrashekhar for very good treatment, through which I got relief from my pain.

I was very much satisfied by the staff behavior and their service was excellent. I am grateful to the staff of CHARAKA and especially to Dr.M.Chandrashekhar for helping and suggesting good treatment.

(MND patient)

Srinivas (Son of patient Mrs. Veeramma), USA / Hyderabad, 25-09-2012

After I learnt that my Mom has MND, I checked online and found out about CHARAKA online. I was a little anxious about the treatment and the service that is being provided at CHARAKA. I discussed with the doctor about the treatment and got a good feeling about the treatment and started the PanchaKarma treatment for my Mom. My Mom took 2 months treatment and she felt better every day as the time passed by.

I was constantly kept in touch with Doctors and the doctors provided me suggestions, direction through out the entire treatment time. Being, far from my Mom and away from the country, I had to be in touch on Email and Phone. CHARAKA did a wonderful job in making me feel my presence there. Doctors who treated were always available t for me whenever I wanted to talk about my Mom’s progress.

I want to Thank you and the Charaka team for treating my Mom. There is no doubt that CHARAKA provided an outstanding service and treatment and my personal Thanks to you.

I appreciate all that you did for my Mom’s treatment and will not hesitate to recommend CHARAKA to any of my friends and family. Overall my moms health is better and doing great.

(Avascular Necrosis (AVN) patient)

VIJAYA LAKSHMI, Hyderabad, 02-10-2012

After taking treatment with CHARAKA Ayurvedic Hospital, I found lot of relief in my hip joint pain. We are very happy that my pain has subsided without going for surgery.

Treatment was done for 45 days. Before the treatment I was suffering a lot with the pain. After few days of finishing treatment, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Staff treated me very well and with a kind heart. My best wishes and salutations to CHARAKA.


B.S. Laxmi, Vizag, 16-10-2012

I am a patient of Ankylosing Spondylitis. I took the Panchakarma treatment for AS in CHARAKA for 80 days with the medication.

I got a good improvement during and after the treatment for my pains as well as my regular digestion system, I followed particular diet prescribed by the Dr. Chandrashekhar garu. It showed me good result for my problem.

I have improved 100% of my pains. Last but not the least, the nursing and the service given by the staff was very friendly and good service they have done to make me physically fit.


Seema S, Australia / Hyderabad, 15-11-2012

I am a patient of chronic Ulcerative colitis, suffering from 7.5 years. I have shown in many different hospitals like Apollo, Arogya, Vidyasagar, Asian Institute and also took treatment from Dr.B (Homeopathy). But nothing was cured and I began steroids. I suffered from other side effects like Skin, Liver problems and I became Diabetic.

After coming to CHARAKA, within 1.5 months I got cure and reports became normal. It’s really a good Ayurveda treatment. The systematic step by step treatment benefited me.

Thank you Dr. Chandrashekhar for helping me and treating my case very curiously which has benefited me and got relief from different problems which I was suffering from long years.

I have no words to say but only I can thank you and give blessings to you, that you save my life and made me a normal person and given me smile and hope for curing me 100% from my disease.


Dr. S.M, USA, 17-11-2012

I want to drop in a testimonial so others can benefit from my experience as I did by reading the testimonials written by others at CHARAKA. I am 33 yrs old female diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2009 which is an auto immune disease which has no cure in Allopathy, so basically the treatment is to suppress the immune system to prevent flare up. I did not like the concept of suppressing my immune system with the medication and be prone to more diseases but did not have a choice.

I was put on steroids for few weeks but as my dosage tapered my Crohn’s flared up again, so my gastroenterologist decided to put me on Humira which worked great for my Crohn’s. I was on Humira for about 18 months and my condition was pretty stable. I developed a lot of major side effects with humira like psoriasis, arthritis and boils. I consulted concerned specialists for the side effects and was recommended more medication and none of the specialists were willing to believe that Humira could cause these side effects as the same medication is used to treat them. Being a dentist I was unable to work with my arthritis, so I decided to quit my job and try Ayurvedic medication.

I did some search online and decided to go with CHARAKA after reading the testimonials and I am glad I made a good decision. I was nervous to stop Humira as my Crohn’s would flare up without medication as it has happened before, but I stopped taking Humira and was on liquid diet for 2 months until I came to India and consulted Dr. Chandrashekhar.

I was really impressed by his knowledge about the disease and his treatment approach. My Crohn’s is pretty stable for a year now with Ayurvedic medication and modified diet. I was given medication for my psoriasis and boils for 2 months and my condition completely resolved and never recurred. The specialists that I consulted in USA for psoriasis and arthritis were surprised that my condition was cured with Ayurvedic medication as they are unaware of Ayurvedic approach of treatment and were curious if Ayurvedic treatment is available in USA.

During the course of treatment I got pregnant and the dosage of the medication had to be reduced, so Dr. Chandrasekhar had adjusted my medication dosage so that my condition is stable without causing any adverse effects on my baby. He also gave me medication to support my pregnancy as I had Incompetent cervix and was on complete bed rest. I am blessed with a healthy baby girl.

I feel that Dr. Chandrasekhar recommends appropriate and necessary treatment for the patient rather than treatment to make money as some of the doctors do.

Dr.Chandrasekhar is very patient, listens to your concerns and attends to our problems with utmost care. He is always available on phone to answer your concerns. The professional and empathetic approach of the doctor is commendable.

I thank Dr. Chandrasekhar from the bottom of my heart for helping me regain my health and would definitely recommend him to anyone. I feel he is one of the best doctors I have ever met.

My parents also underwent treatment at CHARAKA for sciatica and were pleased with the doctor and staff.


YV Ramana murthy, Hyderabad, 22-11-2012

I YV Ramana murthy, rtd SBI officer states that I have suffered Back pain during the year 2008. Taken treatment under allopathy doctors. Got relief. Unfortunately I have met scooter accidents 3 times during the period 2008 – 2012. Again back pain and leg pain started and unable to walk or stand at least 5 -10 minutes. I have approached the allopathic treatment and I have taken X-ray & MRI. Basing on the report doctors advised to undergo operation which I was not in favor.

In the mean while, I came to know CHARAKA. I have contacted the doctor along with my reports and discussed my problem. The doctor created confidence in my mind that problem can be solved by Ayurveda treatment.

I have under gone treatment for 45 days from 4-10-12 to 21-11-2012. I found now 80% of my problem solved and hope that continuing medicine 100% relief will be achieved I due course of time.

(SCIATICA patient)

Laxmi Prasad , Prakasham, A.P. 12-12-2012

I am suffering with the problem of SCIATICA from 2 years. I already consulted many number of doctors but no result. When I came to CHARAKA, Doctor treated me with Panchakarma.

I feel very happy in CHARAKA treatment. Nearly 70% of my problem cured in CHARAKA.


Sudha V, Hyderabad, 14-12-2012

I came in with severe pain in my lower back which was hindering my ability to walk. Orthopedic doctors had diagnosed it as a degenerated disc (L4/L5) and suggested surgery or steroid shots as a remedy.

After coming here for Panchakarma treatment for 40 days I feel good. The therapists have done a good job. With pathyam, medicines and the massages its an inside-out healing. I am hoping / praying that all this effort works and the pain never returns.

Its been close to 5 months and the pain has never recurred. It seems like a miracle.

Thank you Sir!


Sudhansu, Hyderabad, 14-12-2012

My mother-in-law was suffering from terrible pain in lower half of her body, mostly from waist to feet. She also complains about numbness, tingling sensation. She also had similar problem in her left shoulder.

After doing MRI, doctor diagnosed Herniated disc problem. We initially try allopathic and after one month of medication doctor advised to go for surgery. Before going for surgery we thought of any alternatives. Upon searching for Ayurvedic treatment, I found the CHARAKA AYURVEDA.

We consulted the specialist and he suggested a 45 days course. Today after completing the course she feels good and seems like she recovered 80%.

The treatment is effective, the staff and therapist are good and professional.


Mrs. Annapoorna, Vijayawada, 16-01-2013

I was suffering with severe Knee Joint pains since longtime. I was not able to walk freely. I came to CHARAKA and consulted Doctor and took Panchakarma treatment.

After completing the therapy, I feel I am 90% better. Doctor and all the supporting staff speak very nicely. They gave very good treatment for me.

Thanks to CHARAKA and Dr Chandrashekhar garu.


Pranita (mother), Hyderabad, 30-01-2013

My daughter had undergone a brain surgery for Fits problem which she is suffering since birth. Immediately after the surgery she has the problem of hemiplegia left side.

We took 45 days Panchakarma treatment and she has recovered very fast and obtained 80% recovery. We are satisfied with the treatment at CHARAKA.

(ACL INJURY patient)

Praveen Kumar, Hyderabad, 02-04-2013

Completely satisfied with the treatment that I have taken for leg injury that is due to partial ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear.

Doctor and therapy staff both are very friendly and they are available all the time in mobile too. Cost and quantity of intake medicine is little bit high. Medicine takes little bit more time in resulting.

Overall the treatment is very good if you are able to ready to spend time & little money.


Arun Kumari (Son), Hyderabad, 26-04-2013

My mother (Smt. Aruna kuamri) had severe case of Jaundice and Liver de-generation. We came to CHARAKA after trying Allopathy treatment from top hospitals.

Dr. Chandrashekhar treatment my mother and she recovered rapidly within 3 months. She continued the medicines for 1.5 years and follows the diet for the past 2.5 years.

She is healthy now.


Darsh (mother), Hyderabad, 26-04-2013

Darsh underwent Craniotomy (right) in the month of January. As a result of which his left limbs were weakened.

There was a good amount of improvement after the treatment. Satisfied with the procedure.

(MND patient)

Sarveswar Rao (Daughter), East Godavari, A.P. 30-04-2013

My father is a MND patient. My uncle search for treatment in the web site. He found CHARAKA in web site, so suggested me to go to that clinic.

I consulted Dr. Chandrashekhar Sir. My father was taking treatment. After that treatment he feels good & healthy. I think God grace.


B. Ank, Hyderabad, 23-06-2013

Diagnosed with AS in 2010 year end. It started with neck stiffness & slowly started effecting the flexibility of the body overall.

By the time I came to know about CHARAKA, neck ranges got reduced and had severe pain in right hip region. Not only these 2 critical problems, I was also having often a catching effect on the entire back. If I sit for more than 20 minutes, there used to be similar catching effect in the hip region as well. Overall, 60% of body movements are combined with pains and restricted ranges.

In some book I read, it is said that any human have two lives, one of course birth given by parents, 2nd thing is the job that gives bread & butter for the regular living. I strongly believe, I found 3rd life through CHARAKA & Dr. Shekhar and strongly feel that I can the shores with light shown or given to me in CHARAKA.

I wasted 1 year (strongly believe now) else it would have been far better. Now I am positive in gaining the lost things back I am sure CHARAKA will help me there.

From bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank Doctor for all the guidance & patience shown in hearing my case and all the time given. I sincerely thank all the staff whose energy levels, dedication is un-matchable. Sincerely, I really saw people with such patience & respectfulness.

I feel I am 70% relieved now overall.


Asha Saraswat, Hyderabad, 04-03-2013

My name is Asha saraswat. I was suffering with L4/L5 bulge, after treatment my pain is 90% reduced and I am comfortable now.

Thanks to Dr.Chandra shekhar and his staff.

(SLIP DISC Patient)

D. Susheel Kumar, Hyderabad, 28-06-13

I was suffering from Slip Disc problem since past 3yrs. I took treatment for 48 days. Now I got relief up to 75%. Treatment done was very good.

Update (08/12/13) – After 5 months of treatment completion the pain has almost gone by 90% Thanks to Dr.Chandra shekhar and his staff.


Sudhakar, Hyderabad, 26-08-2013

I was suffering from lower back problem since quite long time.

To my luck I came to know about CHARAKA through my friend Mr.Kota Srinivas and I have under gone ”Panchakarma“ treatment for 45 day and during treatment I found very helpful co ordination from Dr. Chandra shekhar and as well as staff.

I strongly recommend as I could completely came out of my serious problem. Thanks to Dr.Chandra shekhar.

(LYME Disease Patient)

Hyma, USA, 13-09-2013

50% of improvement and feeling less inflammation. Still feeling tender in my hands and back. Felt lot of improvement after my treatment. Definitely I will come again.


Laxminarayana, Secunderabad, 15-09-2013

My problem was cold. If I take sweets or sugar or any cold products, I used to suffer a lot with cold.

After taking the treatment at CHARAKA for 1 year my problem was cured. Even I suggested my friends and colleges to consult CHARAKA if they have any health problems.

Thanks to charaka and Dr.Chandrashekar.


G.Kalavathi, Hyderabad, 21-09-2013

CHARAKA THE SPECIALITY AYURVEDA’s treatment is the best. We are satisfied we got results.

My mother has knee problem and back pain. After coming to CHARAKA we have taken Panchakarma treatment and we got the result of 70% and I thank to Dr.Chandrashekhar.


Srinivas Secunderabad 22-09-2013

I am Srinivas working as software architect. For past 3 years i have been suffering with cervical spondylosis. In the month of March 2013, I lifted heavyweight which resulted in significant pain in the neck, left hand and few fingers in the left hand. Initially approached allopathic doctor, went to physiotherapist also. But none of these gave any relief.

In the month of April (almost end) I approached Dr.Chandrashekhar (Charaka) for initial analysis and treatment. He noticed muscle loss in my left hand and also back of my body. He advised to go to MRI, ENMG. MRI confirmed C4/C5 getting bulged out. ENMG confirmed certain nerve related aberrations.

Doctor confirmed I could be in the early stages of MND (motor neuron disease). MND is a life threatening disease if not treated well with result in loss of life (this may take anywhere between 3-5 yr). There is no cure for this disease in allopathy.

Treatment started around in the month of May (Panchakarma, for the duration of 2 months, with special emphasis for MND). After 2weekss noticed that there is a slight improvement in the muscles growth in the left hand. After 1 Month the pain reduced by 50%, end of the treatment 80% of the muscle loss was recovered.

I also was suffering with Psoriasis, so doctor took care during the treatment that Psoriasis is under control.

Now after six months, I am relieved with 80% of the pain and Psoriasis is under control. I am very thankful to the Doctor, his employees for taking enough care during the treatment. The employees are very friendly and take care of patients.

Doctor advised certain food and mobility restrictions for the rest of the life to get fully relieved from the disease. Every month I visit him for general review and GBM (general body massage).

I hope in the next 6 months, I would be fully relieved from the disease.


V.V.Rao(Husband) Mumbai 26-09-2013

My wife Smt.Rajeshwari had severe allergy and itching in legs and hands. She suffered a lot for about 2 years. After consulting Dr. Chandra shekhar the problem started getting cured. She observed all the advices of the Doctor and taken medicine as prescribed for 2 years.

Now she is totally cured. We are very thankful to Dr.Chandra shekar and CHARAKA.

(SLIP DISC Patient)

Appala Swamy Hyderabad 18-10-2013

I was known of this treatment through website. Before taking treatment, I was suffering severe lower back pain. After Panchakarma treatment, 90% better than previous condition. Now I am doing my work in better way.

Thanks to CHARAKA and staff

(SLIP DISC Patient)

Priyanka Laxmi, Hyderabad, 18-10-2013

I was suffering with back pain since 2yrs. tried allopathy & homeopathy but problem didn’t get a solution. So decided to undergo Ayurvedic treatment though it is difficult and time consuming. Specifically speaking I had disc bulge in L4, L5& L5-S1.

Now after 45 days of treatment the pain has considerably reduced and apart from slight sensitive feeling in lower back. Everything is fine now. Dr. Said things will be completely fine in 1-2 months. Hoping for the best.

Thanks to CHARAKA.


Ranga Kumari, Hyderabad, 28-10-13

I was suffering with knee joint problem since several years. I have taken treatment for 21 days in CHARAKA.

Treatment is par excellent here, comparatively I am lot better now. Staffs have done good service.

Thanks to everyone.

(OBESITY Patient)

Devi, Secunderabad, 25-12-2013

I am devi aged 33 yrs, weighing 82.7 kgs. I have attended weight reduction program at Charaka institute.

Under the able guidance of Dr.Chandra Shekhar gaaru, my weight got reduced to 70 kgs by the end of the treatment.

The treatment includes body massage, medication and strict diet restrictions. I religiously followed diet restriction for maximum benefit. Body massage helped in toning the skin.


Suraj, Nepal, 09-01-2014

I was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) from the last 5 yrs. I tried allopathic medicine during this period but the condition got more worsening rather than improving. It was only short-term pain relief management, the progress of AS was continued during this time.

Initially inflammation/pain started in sacroiliac joints/pelvic region and gradually in lumber /spine and neck. Before coming to CHARAKA my condition was very difficult, neck was completely stiffed and difficult to move, similarly hip joints had chronic pain& even difficult to move/work. I was in very pity condition because of AS. I found there is no cure of AS in modern medicine/allopathic treatment. I got CHARAKA in searching internet and came for treatment.

After getting treatment of 92 days in CHARAKA, I am feeling quite comfortable. My spine & neck mobility have came again in normal condition, sharp stiffness in sacroiliac joints have gone down and little pain in this parts remain, there is light pain in back shoulder too.

I am satisfied with the treatment /therapy in CHARAKA. I found Dr. Chandra shekhar sir is highly Professional, supportive, cooperative and friendly. I hope he gave me new life and took out me from the hail of AS.

I am really obliged to CHARAKA family and especially to Dr.Chandrashekhar sir.

(SCIATICA Patient)

Mrs. Nanda, Hyderabad, 14-02-14

I am suffering from sciatica pain since three years. My daughter suggested to take the treatment in CHARAKA.

After taking the treatment in Charaka, I have cured a lot and 85% recovery is there. Thanks to the Dr.Chandra Shekhar. He is so friendly and cooperative. Management is also very nice and sincere. Yours faithfully


Abhijit. Rourkela, Odisha, 15-02-2014

From my childhood I am a true believer in Ayurveda and thus Ayurvada didn’t disappoint me at all.

I started my treatment in the first week of November 2013 and gradually my joint started responding to me well, all the pain from which I was grooving in pain was gone.

Now I am totally fine and thanks to all the staff who treated me and special thanks to Dr. Chandra shekhar who took arduous steps to cure me well.

I wish this institute all the best for its initiative and effort.


Ujjwal, Hyderabad, 26-03-2014

History: Was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 17. In last 15 years, hip joints on both sides and Upper back got severely affected. Every day movements depended upon allopathic medicine-sulphasalazine 1gm twice daily and other pain killer, almost 5-6 times every month. Also under took Homeopathy for 4+years with little relief.

Current: Underwent Ayurvedic treatment for last 3 month, which involved diet restriction, massages and medication. As on date I do not take any more allopathic medicines. I am able to work and perform all daily activities with ease and comfort. Early morning pains have almost gone overall health is also good. I am almost 90% better then what i was 3 months ago. The Doctor is very good and staff members are very helpful.

(SCIATICA patient)

Anjith Kumar, Hyderabad, 27-04-2014

I approached CHARAKA after try bunch of Allopathy options for my Sciatica treatment. I was suffering from acute pain and irritation in leg along with slight back pain.

The Panchakarma treatment for 40 days has given me complete relief (90%) from the pain. I liked the staff behaviour very much.


Md Jamaluddin, Hyderabad, 01-07-2014

I was suffering with pain in left hip joint for nearly two months from Nov’2013, on advise of a doctor MRI was done which reported inflammation in left hip joint later HLA-B27 test came positive and I was told that I was suffering from Alkylosing Spondilytis as a result all my joints will be effected including injured left hip joint. I was also told that there is no cure of this ailment.

I came to know about Charaka through internet and reviews regarding curing AS, luckily it was very near to my office and I went that day itself.

I went through 3 months of Panchakarma treatment with medicines as prescribed.

Presently Pain in my left leg is 95% OK and I am able to carry out my daily activities and makes me more confident.

I am highly indebted to Dr M. Chandra Shekhar sir for taking personal care and advice apart from treatment done which helped me to walk properly.


Kiranmayi, Hyderabad, 22-06-2014

I had a severe backache and couldn’t even move or walk comfortably. I had used English medicines for 10 days and couldn’t find any improvement.

I was really worried about this and eventually came to know about CHARAKA through internet and found very good reviews on Dr. M. Chandra Shekhar.

I was diagnosed with disc bulges for 2 discs and Panchakarma was suggested for me for 40 days. I strictly followed the diet and medicines prescribed by him, besides with Panchakarma treatment.

I definitely feel 80% improvement is there and can walk easily and can do my activities comfortably. Hope will be 100% very soon.

Really thankful to Dr. Chandrashekhar to listening to me all the times and directing the treatment in right way. Therapists and other staff are really professional, polite and cooperative in CHARAKA.


Soumya, Hyderabad, 20-07-2014

Considerably large difference experienced in my spinal cord pain and legs. Great care taken by the therapy unit team.

Constant observation of my pain and relief by Doctor helped me believe in what kind of therapy I am going through. Keeping track of medicines and daily discussions with direct Doctor was a great help.

Painlessness is now known to me, only after this treatment.


Mr. Vishal, India, 29-08-2014

I have AS. I got 1 bout of Uveitis in 2009 and found out that I am HLA B27+ve then. I was put on steroids and then eye inflammation subsided. In 2013 December I started getting lower back pains. After ignoring the pain for 2 months I got myself checked from an orthopedic surgeon who put me on NASID’s and made me aware about my condition. He also referred me to a rheumatologist who concurred his decision and educated me on modern expensive biologics, which again was only a immuno-suppressant for temporary symptomatic cure.

After having learnt the status of modern medicine in (not) treating chronic AS, I went from the usual denial phase, to frustration, to submissive acceptance, to finally at mental peace terms with my condition. I could function with painkillers but knew that was not how life was going to continue. After having started treatment at Charaka my journey from a non believer in Ayurveda began and over a period of 3 months which I invested in my health I have accepted Ayurveda as a way of life solely due my 98% symptomatic cure. I have gained 100% faith and am on a path to total diseases cure. Off-course I am off NAISD’s and pain killers 98% pain free!

I recommend anyone to give Charaka a try and see if your body accepts Ayurvedic treatment, especially for chronic diseases which are non curable with modern medicine. Also, I feel very proud to be born in India, a country with such superior ancient heritage and medical literacy which modern medicine is yet to surpass.

I consider myself very very lucky that I cam across Charaka. Additionally, I really appreciate the doctor who is one of the most humblest and patient people I have come across. He also has a great trained team of staff members who support his vision.

Hopefully in some years I can say, I had AS.


Mr. Balakrishna Shastry, Andhrapradesh, 16-11-2014

Suffering from Sciatica pain, severe numbness in lower limbs. Started Panchakarma at CHARAKA on 8th Oct 2014.

After one week relief of 25% and now after 40 days treatment 90% improvement and relief of pain and numbness.

Thanks to Dr. Chandrashekhar and his staff for excellent treatment. The staff are very supportive and courteous all along.

Thanks to Dr. Chandrashekhar for his patience and support in clarifying all our doubts. Very happy and satisfied with the overall quality of service.

(AVN patient)

Mr. Nagappan, Pune, 23-11-2014

Problem: AVN of both hips and muscular weakness in lower body.

After treatment, I got more than 60% relief. With exercises, I am confident of recovering.

My sincere thanks to all the dedicated staff and Doctor who helped me with this.


Mrs. Debarupa, Hyderabad, 10-01-2015

We are married since Dec 2008. But were unable to conceive normally. With the help of medicines and induction we conceived twice but had a miscarriage both the times.

After all these when we approached CHARAKA AYURVEDA, Doctor advised for Uttaravasti treatment. With the help of Uttaravasti we had a normal conception. There are no issues regarding pregnancy and it is going on smoothly.

We are really satisfied with the treatment we got here. Thank you Charaka.


Mr. Ramakrishna Sharma, Hyderabad, 21-01-2015

I am aged about 70 years, quite hale and healthy. Around last week of September 2014, I lifted a water brass vessel and after 10 days pain started in the lower portion of spinal cord.

Then I have gone to my allopathic physician who after examination informed me only due to muscle disorder pain is there and advised me to use pain killers.

There is no result and then I contacted my Ayurvedic Doctor Dr. Chandrashekhar who is our family doctor. He immediately started treatment with medicines for few days and massages. Even then pain was mounting on the spine due to which I was not able to walk and had to take support to walk. After seeing my serious position Doctor advise me to get MRI report.

After going through MRI scan and report, Doctor advised me to undergo massages (Panchakarma) for 45 days, use medicines, follow diet and also advised from time to time. At that time the position was, I was able to walk only with the help of two legs and two hands. To be precise, it is only like a goat or buffalo.

The treatment was started with massages, medicines and advises. It is like DEVOTION without break. Then comparable improvement was found week by week. Doctor was enquiring regularly, changing medicines, techniques in massage.

As on date I am in sound health position leaving 5% only to be recovered. I am highly thankful to Dr. Chandrashekhar and his CHARAKA team who are all devoted to duty, treating patients with care, diligence and kindness.

“Om dhanvantharaya Amrutha Kalasa Hastaya Sarvamaya Vinasanaya Trilokya Rakshakaya Om Narayanaya vidmahey Dhanwi Putraya Dheemahee Thanno Vaksha Prachodayat”


Mrs. U A Prasad, Hyderabad, 14-02-2015

I have taken a 24 day treatment for arthritis. I have experienced a positive difference of upto 70%. I am able to put my weight on my right knee (this was weaker than my left), walking straighter, less of a waddling gait.

The inflammation on both my knees is completely gone. I was very happy with the professional approach of the masseurs.

(PSORIASIS patient)

Mr. G N Rao, Hyderabad, 25-04-2015

I was suffering from Psoriasis for about last ten years. I have initially consulted skin specialist at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderguda. He informed that I am having Psoriasis and said that there is no medicine in Allopathy to cure it completely, only medicines will help to some extent i.e., inflammation etc. Later I tried Homeopathic medicine, though it helped a little i.e., didn’t spread much. Afterwards I tried Kottakkal Ayurvedic medicines for about two years, but didn’t help me much.

At that time, I came to know from the website of CHARAKA Ayurvedic clinic and from the reviews given by so many people. I came to the Doctor who told me that this will be cured completely, but it may take a little time.

I was very happy to note that about 70% cured within a month. There after I was following the medicines and diet restrictions strictly, and now on completion of two years, it has cured completely. Now there are not even scars on my body.

I am very much thankful to my Doctor, who was very cooperative and encouraging all through this period.

If my case helps to somebody, I would be happy.

Thanking you, Sincerely


Ms. S. HIRANI, Secunderabad, 06-05-2015

Problems: RA +ve, HLAB27 +ve, Pains in joints (hip joint, small joints & spine), Raised ESR, SGOT, Low Vit D, Degenerative L4 – L5, Not able to walk or climb a single stair, Totally on bed rest, Increased Knee pain, Not able to walk, get up or stand, Depression, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Rib pain & Stomach pain.

After Treatment: I can walk, bend, work with ease, vitamin deficiency was cured. My ESR became normal. My liver profile report shows all levels normal. My Cholesterol levels are normal.

To my surprise, my glucose test shows no diabetes. Stiffening has come down though sometimes it increases due to season. My knee pain has lessened. My RA shows –ve. These all changes reflected only after completion of treatment. So patience is the only mantra to follow.


Mr. Karthik, Hyderabad, 07-05-2015

Joined for Panchakarma treatment for the mentioned ailment on 28.02.2015. I was undergoing problem, pain at severe levels during the past 3years 8months. From the past 6 months it increased more.

Undergone treatment for 45 days, joined with severe pain. At the end of treatment, my pain is nearly 90% reduced and my treatment was satisfactory. During the treatment and at the end of treatment good guidance was provided to me.

It’s my opinin that the treatment provided here as satisfactory and excellent as my pain was reduced drastically to the extent of 90%.


Mr. Sabareesh, Hyderabad, 10-05-2015

I am Sabareesh of age 26 yrs. I have suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis from 5 years. I have consulted many hospitals but there was no use.

After that I have undergone Panchakarma treatment for almost 90 days and after that I was feeling better. I would like to thanks to Dr. Chandra Sekhar sir for my progress.

(SCIATICA patient)

Mrs. Srilekha, USA, 25-05-2015

I was suffering with Sciatica pain from past 2 years due to Pregnancy in my right leg. I used to suffer from pain throughout the day and night with restless sleep.

After joining CHARAKA I’m feeling much better. I can sleep well, lagging pain is been reduced. They keep changing the medicine as per the patient problem. Staff is good at attending the patients and taking care of them. Rooms are neat and hygienic.

Dr Chandrashekhar keeps in touch with patients to know their health condition. Thanks for healing me to reduce my pain. Thanks one and all.

(ICHTHYOSIS patient)

Mr. Santhosh, USA, 15-06-2015

I am Santhosh, was suffering with Ichthyosis skin disease. I came to know this address by looking into website. I came here 2 years ago and got the advise from the doctor and started with the treatment.

I have completed 2 years till now consulting with CHARAKA. Now I am feeling very good. Almost 90% of my disease is cured. There is no itching now. I am enjoying my normal skin.
Thank you CHARAKA.

(LISTHESIS L3/L4, L4/L5, C5/C6 patient)

Mr. Mohan Rao, Hyderabad, 16-06-2015

I have been suffering from pain in my left leg for more than 6 months. I was feeling pain throughout the day. I had accident 2 years back but pain started from October 2014.

I came here for Panchakarma treatment in last month. Now I got 90% relief in my problem. I hope I will be healthy like this for future.

I am very very thankful.

(PSORIASIS patient)

Mr. Meer Y Ali, Chhattisgarh, 19-06-2015

I was having Psoriasis for the past 5 years. I tried many treatments like Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda.

But after taking medicines from this gentleman I saw immediate results and 80% of my problem was cured and hopefully the rest 20% will be cured till my course ends.

Thanks a lot. GOD BLESS YOU.

(SLIP DISC patient)

Mr. Bharath, Hyderabad, 21-06-2015

Suffering from lower back pain and not able to sit continuously around 15 – 20 mins in any chair, Morning stiffness.

After the treatment I am able to see the change in pain. Feeling very comfortable with daily activities and morning stiffness also gone. Treatment and service provided here is very good and morally they supported in doing the pathyam. Also doctor use to take feedback on daily basis and immediate changes in the medicine based on the feedback.

Overall I will prefer & can say good treatment for lower back pain.

(SLIP DISC patient)

Mrs. Bhargavi, Hyderabad, 09-07-2015

Firstly, thank you for being very patient with me, for all the trouble I created with my irregularity.

You have an amazing way of taking care and giving the right advice, and of course it worked well.

Doctor, you are really patient, explains everything clearly and you really make feel everything is so small and can be cured.

The charaka team so damn good and they took care of me well. Today I am 90% pain free and feel lite.

(Rheumatoid Arthritis patient)

Mrs. Rani, Hyderabad, 14-07-2015

I went through Panchakarma treatment.

I am suffering for Athritis since 10 years. I could see results temparorily and added side effects as well with allopathy and homeopathy.

But after going through Panchakarma treatment with dedication and proper diet, I am feeling so much pain relief and also during this treatment I reduced weight from 4 to 6 kgs.

Overall I am feeling 90% better.


Mr. Show Reddy, Hyderabad, 14-07-2015

Problems before treatment:
1. Neck pain
2. Left leg foot paining more
3. Head is some times guiddiness
4. Daily 5 to 7 cigarets smoking

Treatment Period : 01-07-2015 to 14-07-2015

1. Neck pain almost O.K
2. Left leg foot paining 80% to 90% O.K
3. Head is no paining and no guiddiness
4. Cigarates completely stopped.

Thanks to Dr. Chandra Sekhar and Staff.

(ACL Injury patient)

Mr. Venkata Krishna, Hyderabad, 21-07-2015

I had a small accident on 19 Jun-2014.This led to damage of Anterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL). The damage was not major so I was recommended Physiotherapy for two months.

But even after Physiotherapy the leg was never fully comfortable. Then In June-2015. I Consulted Dr. Chandrasekhar. The Doctor explained me logically the real issue and the possible future repercussions due to the Injury.

Then prescribed a Treatment. The treatment was for 25 days during which the doctor was closely monitoring the progress on a daily basis.

After treatment there has been a marked improvement in my leg. I am highly satisfied by Services at CHARAKA.

(PSORIASIS patient)

Mr. S. Raju, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia, 30-07-2015

Suffering from Psoriasis from Dec 20110, having Diabetes.

Started treatment for Psoriasis from 10/11/2012. Followed the strict instructions of Dr. Chandrashekhar in particular to medication and diet restrictions.

Did see a remarkable changes particularly on scalp within 2 weeks. The scales on scalp reduced. Within 1 month, complete reduction of scales / deep red marks on skin, scalp, forehead and other areas of body. With continued medication and controlled diet, No recurrence of Psoriatic marks on body.

Many thanks to Dr. Chandrashekhar garu for his able guidance in reduction of psoriasis.


Mr. Javvad Hassan, Utter Pradesh, 02-08-2015

Hello, my name is Javvad. I am from Rampur, Utter Pradesh. One year ago, there is a pain in my lower back. Later I know that I was suffering from Slip Disc (L4-L5, L5-S1).

I have done many treatments; but there was no relief. But one day I was searching for Ayurvedic treatments on internet and then I saw CHARAKA AYURVEDA. So I came here.

Dr. Chandra Shekhar told me that this is 40 days treatment. Then treatment was started. After 6-7 days I found relief in my back. After 40-45 days my back pain is finished completely.

Thanks to Dr. Chandra Shekhar sir.


Mr. Gandhi Reddy, Hyderabad, 04-08-2015 ( Hyderabad )

I have been suffering from back pain for the past 1 year. I had been using allopathic medicines for the whole year. Pain seems to go away temporarily and used to come back even after a slight physical stress. I had stayed in my home for an entire year to have rest at regular intervals to cure my back pain.

After a lot of discussions with friends and family members, I finally decided to go for Ayurvedic treatment at CHARAKA. Dr. Chandra Shekhar advised me to go for the Panchakarma treatment.

I stay in a place for from the hospital. So, initially I was scared to travel daily from my home to hospital. Doctor said it would not be a big problem and convinced me to come.

Treatment started and I used to travel daily from my home to hospital (40km two-way). Initially pain reduced after a couple of weeks and started to come back (very lightly). Doctor said it is because of the stress induced by the therapy. Treatment continued for nearly 2 months.

At the end of the treatment, I was able to walk freely and cured up to 75% of my pain. I am thankful to Dr. Chandra Sekhar for bringing me back to my life. Waiting for more recovery in next 2 months.

Update: 03-09-2015
After one month, I am able to feel 85% – 90% recovery. I am really happy with the treatment.


Mr. T V Bhaskar, Hyderabad, 22-08-2015

I have heard the phrase, ‘health is wealth’ umpteen number of times. It did not strike me until I was affected by a severe cervical spondylitis. At 40 years of age, I am relatively young for this disorder. I had been to many hospitals and a good number of doctors have told me that my condition was severe and that I had hurt my back badly. I developed the pain in 2013. I don’t remember any particular instance of hurting my back. It was due to my life style. I used to work late and several times I used to sit long hours continuously at the computer and work. My MRI reports said that I had problems at C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7. Physiotherapy, traction and medication could not help me, though they gave me some relief.

As I was experimenting with different doctors, my friends suggested me to try Kerala Ayurveda. Initially I planned to go to Kerala and due to circumstances and time, I started searching for Ayurveda centres in Hyderabad. One of my friends suggested me to try Charaka Ayurveda at Secunderabad.

I am happy that I met Dr. Chandrashekar. He assured me that I was going to be alright and normal again. He suggested 45 days of treatment. Under his supervision I successfully completed the treatment. I feel great and feel normal again without any pain. I love sports and I slowly started playing football as well.

My impressions about Charaka:

I found Dr. Chandrashekar to be a thorough professional. He was quite strict with regard to the treatment but very kind in his approach and spends a lot of time with the patients.

I found Charaka to be purely treatment oriented centre. It is not a FANCY massage centre.

The staff at the centre are professional and they did a great job.

Health is wealth again. Thank you.


Mr. Pradeep, Bangalore, 03-09-2015 ( Bangalore )

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in Jan 2014. The disease started to influence a lot in my daily activities, creating more stiffness in the neck and back. So I went to Kerala for 21 day treatment after which my condition got more worse.

Then I came to know Dr Chandrashekhar of CHARAKA. In June 2015 I visited the hospital and they advised me around 75 days of treatment.

Once the treatment got completed I am able to move my neck. Prior to that, I was unable to see them face to face as my neck was tilted downwards. My case has improved about 75% and don’t see much pain in the neck and head now.
I recommended everyone diagnosed with AS to invest their time in CHARAKA so complete treatment would be possible.

Thanks a lot to the staff, Therapists and Doctor for having improvement by overall health.


Mr. Swaroop, Hyderabad, 05-09-2015

Initially there was stomach problem for 4 months before the AS started. Although HLAB27 was negative, there was inflammation in my left hip joint and the symptoms almost resembled AS. Started Allopathy treatment and I was put on Sulfazine. These medicines created more stomach related problem which I was not aware of although hip pain was subsided.

Before starting the treatment at CHARAKA I stopped allopathy medicines and majority of the stomach related problems disappeared and my hip pain was 90% better after starting the treatment.

Initially I was under the impression that Ayurvedic treatment will not be as effective as Allopathy and takes much time. I was surprised to see the results in a couple of days after starting the treatment. I personally thank Mr.Chandra Shekar and the hospital staff for their services.

I suggest everyone who are suffering from Auto-Immune Diseases to give a try Ayurvedic Treatment at CHARAKA and see the difference.


Mr. Arun Kumar, Tamilnadu, 09-10-2015

Sinnce 13.08.13 I had treatment in CHARAKA for Ulcerative Colitis. I was suffering from this disease for almost 4 years. Before coming to CHARAKA, I was having English (Allopathy) medicines for about 2 years. But English medicines are very heavy dosage and temporary curing.

The symptoms I had are

1. Stools with blood
2. Heavy pain in stomach
3. Frequent burping
4. Sometime vomiting sensation

After starting medicines in CHARAKA, I got some improvement in my health and in two years almost 95% of symptoms are reduced and I am feeling very good.

In my opinion CHARAKA is best place for getting treatment for these type of disease.

(LUMBAR CYST patient)

Mr. Abhiram, Khammam, Telangana, 14-10-2015

I am suffering from Lumbar Cyst. It’s a rare disorder. When I was suffered this for 2 years, I visited this CHARAKA Ayurvedic hospital.

Dr. ChandraShekhar Sir is very good doctor. I am really well satisfied after I visit him. Now I am normal.

I am so happy to be came here CHARAKA Ayurvedic. Thank you Sir!

(PCOS, Obesity & Infertility patient)

Mrs. Neha, Hyderabad, Telangana, 26-04-2017

I was suffering from PCOS from last 6 years because of which my weight increased and infertility. I took many treatments all types of allopathic, homeopathic, unani ,accupuncture don’t even remember how many things , but no results.my weight was increasing day by day and no monthly cycle, till I take pill for menses, it became a monthly routine for me. Then I decided to try with Ayurveda. I consulted Dr. Soujanya and started my treatment.

Firstly we did panchakarma (vamanam procedure) for detoxification and weight loss including massages for around 40 days, much weight loss but should follow strict diet. It worked miracle. Then after long time got my monthly cycle from where doctor started with Uttara basti treatment for next 3 cycles, which gave me relief from my pcos. And after that my periods are never disturbed ever again.

It took about 5 months for me for this treatment to get results(including Panchakarma) and overall my look changed I felt so energetic and healthy from inside.

Most Allopathic doctors say there is no treatment for pcos once it comes it will stay with u for life long and its genetical..etc(all wrong there is treatment).

I can’t thank enough to her and today also I am still in contact with her for any health issue, very much caring, very very encouraging and very tolerable.

All thanx to Dr.Soujanya and Dr.Chandrashekhar for introducing me to this natural system and making me believe it works practically.*:) happy*:) happy

(Slip Disc patient)

Mrs. N. Rajeshwari, Hyderabad, Telangana, 17-06-2017

My Daughter when she was 14 years had severe pain in the hands and legs. She was diagnosed as RA and with pain she had appeared her 10 th exams. When there was no improvement for around 6 months then we consulted another Specialist who had confirmed that my daughter is not having RA but could not diagnose as to what she was suffering from. She was unable to attend classes because of pain.

We came across Charaka while searching on internet. We consulted Dr Chandrashekhar who also had ruled out RA and had asked us to go for MRI and confirmed that she was having disc bulge. She was suggested 45 days Panchakarma treatment and assured that she would be cured 100%.

The entire staff of Charka are well trained and were very supportive. With the patience and support of Dr Chandrasekhar and his staff she has recovered completely and now is able to attend her classes.

We are very much thankful to Dr Chandrashekhar for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

(Ankylosing Spondylitis patient)

Mr. Rajesh, Hyderabad, Telangana, 22-06-2017

I am Rajesh, 32 years old and a native from Hyderabad.

All of the sudden in my normal life, I experienced a swelling in my left ankle and a terrible butt pain, even experienced a stiff neck and redness in my palm joints.

Consulted top doctors of Apollo and Yashoda, even after frequent visits, my ankle swelling and butt pain is not cured. But later, because of regular use of alopathy medicines developed body rashes, rashes used to appear for 15-20 minutes with severe intolerable itching and redness. It suffered me a lot for a week, I cannot played with my 3 year old daughter, since I used to see a rash in the place if she scratch me accidentally.

To give another try, I consulted Rheumatologist he after taking pelvis x-ray he diagnosed joints stiffness/swelling is due to Ankylosing Spondylosis and a skin problem as Dermographism or Skin Writing.

And said me that both of the problems doesn’t have any cure in modern alopahty medicines.

Thank GOD, when I explained my problem to my office college, I came to know that he also suffered with Ankylosing Spondylosis few years back and taken treatment at CHARAKA and got cured completely.

With his reference, I approached Dr. Chandra Shekar Sir, he suggested me to take MRI and few blood tests. Though, my HLA B27 test is –ve, but MRI reports clearly says that there is inflammation in SI joints and it is Ankylosing Spondylosis. So Dr. Chandra Shekar Sir suggested for a 90 days Panchakarma treatment. During treatment I used to call Dr. Chandra Shekar for all my questions, even at late hours, he is very approachable.

After completing 90 days of treatment, I really felt very confident, that I am on right path and taken a right decision to join CHARAKA.

I can see good results coming out, my health is becoming better. Ankle swelling and body rashes which suffered me a lot got cured completely, it been 2 months now I completed Panchakarma treatment and don’t even see a single rash on my body even if I scratch it intentionally, but pain also minimized to 90%.

I really thankful to Dr. Chandra Shekar and staff of CHARAKA, for giving me a new life.

(Ankylosing Spondylitis patient)

Mr. C. Akash, Hyderabad, Telangana, 10-07-2017

I was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis for past 5 years. I am 23 years old. It’s an incurable disease and can be only treated when it is at its extreme stage such as joint replacement, at most the pain can be relieved. I was posted in Hyderabad when my parents decided for Ayurveda treatment. We went to Charaka for consultation. The ambience, the aroma itself there was rejuvenating . I was guaranteed that I’ll be 90 % healed completely but the 10% depends on me. It took time for me to belief their ways of treatment as we are more accustomed to allopathic treatment with faster results. I underwent 3 months session.

In my initial stage I could only bend and touch till my shin. I barely ran, couldn’t play any sports instead I was not in a position to withstand any sudden discrepancies in my body alignment. Eventually, after undergoing continuous therapy, my pain was relieved and my body started becoming more complaint. Today I am able to play sports like badminton, swimming, even can touch my foot while bending straight. Whenever I find a chance I prefer taking a good spa from Charaka’s.

From my experience, one not only gets healed but also finds ways for a healthy living by inculcating good food habits and self-control. If you need a treatment which has no further side-effects then I must say it’s the best possible way to cure yourself.

(Slip Disc patient)

Mr. Vinod Kumar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 27-08-2017

I was experiencing unbearable pain in my lower back, which I consulted at various reputed hospitals and also visited many of the prominent physiotherapists who suggested me to undergo therapy which included Cold and Hot packs and indicated that it’s a muscle spasm which will be alright in some days. Things moved from bad to worse for me as I was unable to do my routine work and was feeling helpless with no ray of hope from any of the treatment I was undergoing.

I then decided to find ways through which backache can be treated effectively and one of the way I found was through Ayurveda and then my search for the best Ayurvedic expert lead to Dr.Chandrasekhar at Charaka, As soon as I explained my story of pain to Doctor, he advised for an MRI report, which clearly indicated a Disc Bulge which either would need a surgery or can be controlled through Panchakarma treatment. I decided to undergo the Panchakarma treatment under the supervision of Dr. Chandrasekhar with aptly skilled team regularly for next 40 days.

Today after 4 months I can say that I have recovered around 90-95%, which allows me to do my usual work and I can now play sports like badminton, cricket, running and so on. It gives me immense pleasure to get to back to my normal routine post my treatment. I am indebted to Dr. Chandrasekhar for his prompt diagnosis and recommending the most suitable treatment to handle the ailment in an efficient way under his constant guidance.

Once again, Thank you Doctor!

(Slip Disc patient)

Mrs. Prashanthi, Hyderabad, Telangana, 14-09-2017

Sir/madam! I am your patient with slipped disc problem.when I came there on 2-8-2017,I was unable to stand for more than 5min and unable to walk.Today I got 100%relief from that..I am very happy to convey my sincere thanks to doctors and staff of Charaka.I find the best treatment with atmost care.Also maintained good hygiene..l hope our Indian Ayurvedic treatment will again stand high in this world because of Charaka Doctor’s excellence in handling all types of diseases.Thank you once again..

(Ankylosing Spondylitis patient)

Mr. Koushik, Hyderabad, Telangana, 11-11-2017

I was severely suffered from joint pains ever joint like neck, knees, hand (fist), index finger, right fore finger, left hand shoulder. I was unable to walk those pains were very severe. since I’m pursuing Btech in hyd normally I used to walk from bus stop to home I used to take 10 mins home but with these joint pains I used to take nearly 35-40 mins.

After approaching CHARAKA I found What is the problem in me, then the treatment (Panchakarma) started. The treatment will be around 2-3 months and coming to our food activities food plays a main role for this problem, we should avoid outside food, junk food, bakery items, non veg, alloo, bendi, pickles etc food items should be avoided without fail otherwise we cannot have any result .

Now I m good with this problem , I can walk, run like before.


(Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH) patient)

Dr. RK, Hyderabad, Telangana, 13-12-2017

Dr Chandrashekar Iam thankfull to u and ur Charaka team for the support and the treatment at Charaka. Before I visited u I was in immense discomfort and backpain,as there is no specific treatment to arrest the progression of the rare disease DISH in our allopathy other than exercise, physiotherapy an fitness regime, I thought of alternative option an approached u .

After the Panchakarma treatment etc, now Iam fine by 80 percent. Finally results matter. Iam really thankfull to u dr Chandrashekar.

(Infertility patient)

Mrs. Shailaja, Hyderabad, Telangana, 16-01-2018

We are immensely happy couple to share this feedback.

Before consulting in CHARAKA, we took treatment for infertility from various hospitals for nearly 5 years. We tried IVF also but couldn’t be successful. We tried Homeo and Ayurveda as well.

After approaching CHARAKA, doctor advised us to take Panchakarma and Uttara vasti treatment. In 9 months time I conceived and now we are blessed with a baby boy.

We don’t have words to describe how happy and satisfied we are. We are very thankful to Dr Soujanya madam for her professional approach and excellent results.

(Ankylosing Spondylitis patient)

Mrs. Jayshree Agrawal, USA, 10-02-2018

I was having lower back pain and pain in my alternating legs very frequently from past 2-3 years but I did not know that I have AS. I am 27 years old. In July 2017, I was confirmed by a rheumatologist that I am suffering from AS. I used to get morning stiffness and pain at various joints like knees, shoulders, ankles, neck pain, back pain and the pain intensity was be very high. When I went to the rheumatologist, he told me that there is only way to control this disease is by taking biologics and disease modifying drugs. I imagined my Iife with those medicines on a regular basis and opted not to go with allopathic medicines.

I took treatment for alopecia from Dr. Chandra Shekhar earlier and got excellent results. I talked to him about AS and he told me that it can be treatable with ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma therapy with strict diet control. And it is also possible to get complete cure. I took panchakarma therapy for 60 days. After first four weeks of panchakarma therapy, my morning stiffness symptoms were gone. After 60 days of therapy, I found 95 % relief from pain and other symptoms.

I am extremely thank full to Dr. Chandra Shekhar and team for their efforts changing lives. The staff at Charaka is very cordial and hard working. I highly recommend Charaka for any chronic health related issues you are dealing with.

Thank you Charaka, keep up the good work

(Autism Spectrum Disorder patient)

Mrs. Sailu, USA, 18-02-2018

Diagnosis : Autism Spectrum Disorder.

My Son was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2.5 years. We tried the traditional therapies including speech therapy and occupational therapy with 0 improvement. We were told there is literally any cure for this disorder.
As days passed by, it became difficult for us to handle his hyperactivity. We found out about charaka through friends and approached Dr. Chandrasekhar. He told us he has to undergo panchakarma therapies for 45 days and take medication for 2 years. We were skeptic about the treatment at first, due to personal reasons. but later decided to give a try.

When we consulted Dr. Chandrashekhar and Dr. Soujanya, their positive words gave us immense energy to do the panchakarma therapies for a 4 year old, who was very hyper and couldnot understand what was going on with him. But the staff, doctors, treated him like their own kid and dealt with him. Doctor used to answer my questions regardless of time and his busy schedule. About after 15 days into the treatment, I could see him bonding more with me, his eye contact improved, his hyperactivity decreased (a bit)!

Its been almost 1 year since we started the treatment, He has come a long way through.! His communication skills improved, He can understand and follow directions now. We are indebted to the doctor and the therapists.

I know, Many are in the same boat as me, finding ways to help their children with spectrum. Going the Ayurvedic route is the best thing they could do.

(Sciatica / Slip Disc patient)

Mr. Arun K Pandey, Hyderabad, 09-06-2018

I had been suffering from sciatica pain from September 2015 and had been to multiple doctors. I had been prescribed a variety of painkillers and complete bed rest for a long period. Even after this my movement was completely restricted, walking for even 200 meters was a major ordeal. I underwent multiple MRIs and consulted specialists who couldn’t help improve my condition. I was then recommended to get in touch with Dr. Chandrashekhar.

Dr. Chandrashekhar listened to the complete issues and suggested that I undergo panchakarma for 45 days. I was sceptical given that I had undergone angioplasty a few years back as to if I’d be able to go through it. Dr. Chandrashekhar assured me that it was not an issue and that it would be the best course of action.

Under his advise, I underwent a 45 day course of Panchakarma and followed it up with regular visits first every 15 days and then every month for past 5 months. In course of the treatment, I saw regular improvement and am now relatively pain-free and have much-improved mobility. I would say I have recovered nearly 80-90 % of my pre-illness mobility and am almost completely pain-free.

In addition to the excellent medical treatment provided I must also mention the clinic. The clinic is located on the penthouse of the building with the outside and the insides maintained with keeping in mind to comfort and welcome the patient or anyone else.

I have found that the clinic is extremely well lit with ample use of natural light and is maintained very cleanly and neatly. Unlike other institutions of similar nature, there are no powders or pill strewn in the dispensary or at the receptionist’s desk. The receptionist is knowledgeable and personable, as well as efficient. Setting up an appointment is minutes task. The clinic’s medical staff, most notably the ones responsible for patient’s care are extremely efficient and professional. They are all extremely well trained and maintain the highest professional standards like not reusing the same equipment, maintaining excellent personal hygiene and maintaining excellent hygienic conditions in the clinic’s patient care areas. The treatment rooms for patients are equipped with all the necessary equipment maintained in the best conditions and the staff is well trained to use them. Even the most uncomfortable procedures are handled with the utmost care and professionalism. The most impressive thing about the clinic is the excellent hygienic conditions and truly excellent professional staff.


Mrs. Aruna, USA, 27-07-2018

I, Aruna, was in unimaginably health wreck by the time I met you on April 16th and discussed the treatment options prior to it while I was at US (March-April) when the allopathy medicine failed to fetched me results or cure my medical ailment at US.

The Ayurvedic Treatment started with a wish that if we recover at least 1% of sensation and movement we would have accomplished a lot.

I must say over past three months of relentless effort, research and dedication of the Crew(specifically Binni, Swapna, Archana, Besley, Sharanya, and Chilku and all the countless girls and boys who lifted when I was completely crippled) and the Doctors(Dr.Chandrasekhar and Dr. Sowjanya)….I am today confidently able to walk and get over my health calamity of paraplegia which haunted me over seven months and the injury that severely bothered me over nine months.

The Panchakarma Treatment started on April 17th 2018 and I got the first result of sensation by May 27th, and more coverage by June and ultimately I got the Total Sensation and Movement by July 6th, 2018.

Special Kudos to the entire team for the Perseverance , Utmost Care, Hygiene, Discipline and Magic Medicine during the treatment. I sincerely hope your Research Medicine reaches more and more people in need for a Holistic Cure via Natural Techniques and via the Gift of Ayurveda.

I faced several cycles during the treatment where I was tested to the core but kept up the Morale with Patience and I must say the Hard work and Scientific Approach to Cure the Medical Calamity bore fruit and I cannot thank Charaka Ayurveda enough to the core for giving me a new hope towards life and giving my feet back to me.

I sincerely hope, you keep up the Good work and Continue to serve the Humanity via this Gift of Indian Ancient Medicine with a Modern Touch.

If my Smile today inspires more patients of you(as told by a few patients at the corridor talk of your clinic), the Credit goes to you all.

Thanks for this Gift of Life and I pray I preserve it with as much care as it was given to me

(Sciatica / Slip-disc patient)

Mr. Mansoor, Hyderabad, 03-08-2018

I had a back pain which became severe after lifting some weights, I had sciatica pain radiating in to my right. I found Charaka in Google and consulted Dr Chandrashekhar. He did an accurate diagnosis and later MRI scan also confirmed a fairly disc protrusion. During Treatment: I had a 45 day Panchakarma treatment and medication. Dr monitored my progress and changed the medication accordingly throughout the treatment. After 2 weeks, my pain reduced by about 20-30%, by 4th week I was better by 50%, I noticed a very good progress in the last week of the treatment where I got 80 – 90% better and I could also sit comfortably without sciatica pain my leg. Overall Experience: I thank God for leading me to Charaka, I want to thank Dr. Chandrasekhar for the treatment and I greatly appreciate his commitment towards improving the health of his patients. Also, I want to thank the therapists and staff at Charaka everyone was very helpful and committed. I have suggested my colleagues to Charaka who are facing problems related to current living life style.


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