(MND Patient)

P. Battacharjee Kanpur, U.P. 05-09-2008

Treatment started from 20th July. After completing the treatment of 1 and ½ months, result is satisfactory. Some improvements came in the legs.

Aditya, Secunderabad. 11-08-08

I have been suffering from ANKYLOSING SPONDYLOSIS since last 10 years. Because of this I used to feel pain and stiffness in neck, shoulders, lower back, hip joins. When attack used to come I used t have a tough time in doing my regular activities.

Before coming to CHARAKA I had severe problem in walking and had pain in neck, shoulders, and hip joints. During few days of the treatment, I could see the results and at the completion of the treatment my pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back was gone and it persists some times in only right hip joint.

(Written by Parkinson’s patient’s wife)

Mr. BMR Shastry, Secunderabad 11-08-08

My husband has got paralysis in 1994 and PARKINSON’S DISEASE in 2002. Till 2008 we used allopathic medicine, it was ok with lot of side effects. From 04-07-08, we started Ayurvedic treatment at CHARAKA, it was very much satisfactory. He improved a lot and speaking well. The atmosphere here and staff are good. With patience they will service and co-operative while doing the treatment. We believed that the Devotional attitude along with the treatment recovers the patient faster.

We felt that every patient coming here stay with complete health. We expect this will continue in the same way.

We are very thankful to Dr.Chandra shekar. Treatment gave us very good satisfaction.


Sathish Hyderabad 25-03-2008

I am suffering with LUMBAR SPONDYLITIS since last 5 years and CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS since last one year. I came to CHARAKA and consulted doctor on one of my friends’ suggestion. Doctor advised me to take MRI scan and scan showed multiple degenerated discs.

Doctor advised me to take AYURVEDIC PANCHAKARMA THERAPY and after taking 35 days treatment I am feeling 90% improvement in all my symptoms. I am feeling very much energetic and rejuvenated. Thanks to Dr.Chandra shekhar and thanks to CHARAKA.

Julia, Russia. 5-03-2008

I was suffering from MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) since last 15 years. Before I came here, I was feeling numbness in the left side of the head, arm. My both legs were completely numb especially on feet.

After almost 2 months of treatment the numbness subsides and my walk became steadier than before. I still feel slight numbness in the both the feet. But the positive tendency lets us hope for full recovery. We are regularly using the medicine that Dr.M.Chandra shekhar had prescribed.

I’m fully satisfied with the services and the treatment offered at CHARAKA and will recommend others suffering from different types of illness to have treatment here.