(HAIR FALL patient)

Ayyannar, Hyderabad. 23-11-08

Really happy with the treatment and able to realize a good hair growth and including this, my digestion also becomes normal after the Panchkarma treatment. Really excited with the treatment.

Dr.chandra shekar really patience with the patient and figures out the exact problem and gives treatment exactly.

Reema ravindranath, Hyderabad. 26-10-08

Suffering from acute knee pain (0STEO ARTHRITIS). I was treated for 22 days for the same, there was considerable improvement in pain being relieved. The service rendered is very good.

(Written by MND Patient’s son)

Mr. Nawalgaria binod, Calcutta. 13-10-08

My father (Mr,Binod nawalgaria) was suffering from MND disease. The symptoms were from the last 8 months starting from mar-08,

The disease got diagnosed in the month of Aug-08. I took him to CHARAKA in the month of sep-08 and he took the treatment for 30 days.

During the period of 30 days of treatment there was no improvement though none of major deterioration was also not there.

Prasad. T.V, Secunderabad. 28-09-08

I have been suffering from PSORIASIS for the past 3 months and I have consulted 3 to 5 dermatologist of reputed firms of Apollo, Challa nursing home. But the results are nil.

Then I have undergone for homeopathy treatment for almost all two months and the results are nil.

I approached CHARAKA in a desperate situation and within one month the results are started and with in 3 months I have recovered fully. Now I don’t have any problem from psoriasis.

Ms. Aman, Hyderabad. 05-09-08

The treatment has been very satisfactory. The condition of my hair has improved to a great extent. The staff is extremely helpful.

All in all, a great experience