(MND Patient)

Mr. S.Mahesh, Anantapur. 16-03-09

In the month of May’2008, we have observed stiffness of right hand and shoulder. Immediately we consulted allopathic doctor in Kurnool. After using the medicines, stiffness got released little bit. In Dec’2008 felt further weakness overall and we took him to Bangalore and done the entire tests in BGS hospital which confirmed MND.

In Jan’2009 we thought Ayurvedic treatment is better and we joined treatment in CHARAKA.

After finishing this treatment his voice has improved a lot. Standing and sitting, walking has improved. Muscle re-growth has come. Fasciculations have come done. Breathing has improved a lot. Swallowing is also better. Muscle development is seen even in face and neck.

Staff behavior and service was good, especially Dr.Chandra shekar treatment was excellent. We are very satisfied by this.

Mrs. Fatima, Hyderabad. 15-02-09

I had RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS from past 10 years. Before in the initial stages the pains were very less but as the days passed all the pains increased.

I tried many treatments in Unani, Homeo, but I found not much improvement. Then after that with my relatives view, I started my treatment in NIMS. The treatment is going on from 8 years and still going on. But if I eat the prescribed pills, my pains would reduce, after that till evening the pains were normal. Until I eat those tablets, my pains would not reduce.

I came to know about CHARAKA, they did me messages and I found a good progress in my health my pains reduced and I stopped eating one of tabs which was a pain killer tablet now, I am feeling much better.

A very good improvement in my health since the treatment has started.

Hari Prasad, Hyderabad. 12-02-09

To be a victim of HAIR LOSS problem, I would suggest which I have taken treatment is excellent and my hair started growing within a day after taking the treatment without any side effects.

So now I am happy to tell that my hair growing well.

Mrs. Yamini Priya, Hyderabad. 12-02-09

My name is Yamini. I am 29 yrs old. I came to CHARAKA as I had severe pain in lower back and left leg. After consultation with Dr. Chandra shekhar I came to know it was SCIATICA and I was dealing with this pain from almost a year.

Dr.Chandra shekhar asked me to take PANCHA KARMA treatment. I took this treatment for almost 2 months. I under gone various massages which included herbs, medicated oils and rice, now I can say I feel better. now I don’t feel the pain in my back and legs, its really good and I can feel the change in my body.

Coming to the services offered at CHARAKA, the team is really good and dedicated, I have to really say thank to Dr. Chandra shekhar and his team.


Sudhakar, Hyderabad. 05-02-09

After 4 months of treatment 90% relief of pain.